DIYable Light Bulb Chandelier Ring?

By: Diy maven Jul 26, 2007

Until I was about 10 years old we lived in a home that had bare light bulb light fixtures. You know, 100 watts of incandescent glare screaming down from the center of the ceiling? If these Chandelier Bulbs from Kyouei Design would have been around, we could have transformed our heinous fixtures into something kind of spectacular. The ‘chandeliers’ are simple little glass rings that slip over bare light bulbs. Hanging from the glass… Continue Reading

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How to make a lamp out of old CDs.

By: Diy maven Jul 24, 2007

This is one of the reasons why I LOVE Curbly! The other day I wrote up a top ten list about using old CD’s to make stuff. Meg over at The Consumerist picked up the post and one of their readers posted a link in THAT post to this how-to post which I’m now posting here. Okay, maybe that explanation was unnecessary and a bit confusing....but how absolutely cool is this DIY CD lamp??????

Also check out Jim's C.D. Lamp #2Continue Reading

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How to: Light Your Workspace

By: Chrisjob Jul 13, 2007

No matter what your skill, medium, or project of choice, you've got to be able to see what you're doing.

Foot Candles: Lighting quantity or intensity is  measured in foot-candles (fc). So states Wikipedia, “The unit is defined as the amount of illumination the inside surface an imaginary 1-foot radius sphere would be receiving if there were a uniform point source of one candela in the exact center of the sphere. Alternatively, it can be defined as… Continue Reading

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DIY Chandelier Upgrade

By: Chrisjob Jun 28, 2007

"We all might dream of owning a Murano glass chandelier, but don't deprive yourself until that day arrives. This chandelier was a $10 yard-sale purchase and had a fairly ordinary bronze finish. With just a little spray paint, the chandelier was turned into a whimsical piece that fit seamlessly into a cheery kitchen. The body was painted sky blue and the bulb stems were painted gray, to give a bit of contrast. While this piece doesn't say luxe… Continue Reading

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Baby, Light My Garden Shed

By: Diy maven Jun 27, 2007

If you have a garden shed or workshop that is lacking in illumination, you might want to consider the ‘Light My Shed’ solar shed light. No fancy wiring required, just mount the solar panel to the outside of your shed and the accompanying fluorescent light–NOT LED–inside the shed. Available through, the ‘Light My Shed’ will set you back about 80 bucks.

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A Visual Riot?

By: Diy maven Jun 23, 2007

New from Unica Home is the ‘Pug with Velvet Bag’ lamp ($4,595) by Dietlind Priess. Per the website, the lamp is ‘an amalgam of fantasy, artistry, and humor.’ Besides the crazy canine expression, the pup is also sporting human hands. The figure reposes upon a velvet doggie bed–thus the ‘With Velvet Bag’ part–which, when touched, produces a barking sound. According to Priess, she strives for… Continue Reading

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Disco Ball Chandelier

By: Diy maven Jun 20, 2007

New from Front Design’s FOUND collection is the very twinkly Confetti Light. Constructed of about a dozen mirrored balls, the chandelier ‘spreads confetti of light in the room.’. Think it might be DIY-able? Then you’ll need disco balls. Check out for a great selection of sparkling spheres, varying in size from 20" ($84.95) to 2" ($4.49).

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Gaiam's Cork Lamp

By: Diy maven Jun 15, 2007

New from Gaiam is their Cork Lamp, which is ‘crafted from sustainable eco-friendly materials’. The cork used ‘comes from the tree’s bark, which grows back, while the base is made from fast-growing rubberwood.’ The lamp ($198) is a perfect example of the minimalist nature of organic materials.

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DIY Soda Bottle Chandelier

By: Diy maven Jun 08, 2007

Ingo Mauer’s Campari Light, constructed out of a 75 watt par lamp and about ten Campari soda bottles, is absolutely DIYable. The original will cost you $375, but a few bottles of your choosing, a flood lamp, socket, wire, cord, plug, plus a few other things I may have forgotten, and you’ve got yourself a very contemporary light fixture with a sense of humor.

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You want cream with that styrene cup lamp?

By: Diy maven May 21, 2007

Places and Spaces is featuring a pendant lamp constructed out of styrene cups that have been shaped via heat. Stuck together, the totally synthetic cups take on an oddly organic shape. Although I hope recycled cups were used in its construction, something tells me they weren’t. Available in 40cm and 70cm diameters, you’ll have to contact the website for the price.

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How and why you should lube your light bulbs.

By: Diy maven May 03, 2007

If you’ve ever screwed a light bulb into a socket and heard a grinding noise, you know the sinking feeling that comes with it. Has the glass part of the bulb separated from the metal part? Will the bulb come out of the socket if I try to unscrew it?

To combat this sticky situation and forestall distress, lube the threads of your light bulb with a bit of petroleum jelly; that’s Vaseline to you and me. Just a dab on the tip of your… Continue Reading

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How to Size a Light Fixture

By: Diy maven May 01, 2007

If you’ve ever shopped for a light fixture, your first concern was probably style, but then you were faced with size. Do you go for the big chandelier or the smaller one? And once you get it home, how far down from the ceiling should it hang? How far up from the dining room table? If these types of questions have kept you up at night, check out Hinkley Lighting’s nice tutorial on picking out the appropriately-sized light fixtures for… Continue Reading

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Art Piece? Chair? Light Fixture?

By: Diy maven Mar 23, 2007

It’s all three. Eudora, available through b9Furniture, is fabricated out of fiberglass. She is upholstered in fabric that is encased in resin. But her true beauty, illumination, comes from within. This is one cool chick and, at 3200 bucks, she should be. My first addition to Eudora? A lighted pillow that says "Do Not Sit On Me!"

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Modern Mansion Chandelier

By: Diy maven Mar 13, 2007

Erich Einder’s 36" x 11.75" Mansion Chandelier offers old world splendor for a modern aesthetic. Fashioned out of laser-cut aluminum and lit with halogen bulbs, this lacy light fixture tops out at a rather hefty $ 3,700 bucks. However, I’m thinking a clever DIYer with a scroll saw and some thin MDF (or balsa?) just might be able to replicate the look. Whaddaya think....yea or nay?

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Save the Chandelier; Save the World

By: Diy maven Feb 06, 2007

Aurora Lampworks of Brooklyn, NY is in the business of restoring chandeliers in places such as the Lyndhurst Mansion and the Federal Reserve Bank. They also refurbish and market period pieces as well.

Federal Reserve Bank, NY

Currently up for sale are a 1960's Lobmeyr Crystal Chandelier ($3550),

1960's Lobmeyr Chandelier

a 1950's German 14 light chandelier ($1830),

and a 1930's Art Moderne chrome fixture ($2425).

And for the fugal purist, check out this polycarbonate globe pendant for 75… Continue Reading

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