How To: Salvage and Season Cast Iron Cookware

By: Chrisjob Jan 03, 2012

created at: 12/28/2011

This week we're giving ourselves a bit of a break after a hectic and awesome finish to 2011. We've dug out some oldies but goodies from the Curbly archives that you may have missed. Today - check out this original how-to for giving new life to the world's best cookware: cast iron.… Continue Reading

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Best of Curbly: Top Ten Kitchen Makeovers of 2011!

By: Capreek Dec 20, 2011

Best Kitchen Makeovers of 2011 (sponsored by Caesarstone)

It's Top Ten time, people!  We're celebrating a year of inspiring makeovers and DIY ingenuity with a look back at some of the biggest and best kitchen updates of 2011.  From minor to major, we've selected the ten most impressive kitchen transformations of this past year.… Continue Reading

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Now THAT'S a Pink Kitchen

By: Diy maven Dec 20, 2011

created at: 12/20/2011

I have nothing against pink. Really, I don't. But--you knew that was coming, didn't you?--when I saw this pink kitchen in a custom millwork's gallery recently, I let loose a 'whoa'. It wasn't for the color itself but for the extent of its use. Refrigerator panel, backsplash and walls? What do you think? Is it pretty in pink or positively… Continue Reading

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Design Blogger Wish List: Faith Durand, Managing Editor of Apartment Therapy's The Kitchn

By: Chrisjob Dec 15, 2011
created at: 12/15/2011

created at: 12/15/2011This holiday season, Curbly asked our friends, peers, and favorite design bloggers to stop by, have some hot cocoa, and tell us what gifts they'd like to receive this year. Today, we're excited to welcome the managing editor of our favorite food blog, Apartment Therapy's the Kitchn - Faith Durand.

One of the problems (and delights) of working for an endlessly inspiring site like Apartment Therapy is the stream of new products and beautiful things that I see every day. It makes it both easier and harder to make up my holiday wishlist. On the one hand, I see trends and styles come and go, helping me pass over cheap impulse purchases that I know won't last the test of time. But I also see so many beautiful, hopefully classic things for the home and the kitchen. Here are a few that have stuck with me this year. If Santa is around, I hope he's listening.    … Continue Reading
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How to: Make a Contemporary, Glittery Holiday Tree Centerpiece

By: Chrisjob Dec 01, 2011

created at: 12/01/2011

Truth be told, I've never actually owned, made, or utilized a dining table "centerpiece." See, I'm lucky enough to have any dining area at all in my urban apartment, in which I barely manage to fit a small table big enough for four. Once the table is set, filled with glasses, place mats, and the like, there's no room for extra decor. I would need an actual dining room, with an actual dining table.

But, this holiday season, I decided to make one anyway. Small space concerns be darned, my table deserves to be as decked as my halls. (I don't have a hallway either...) And since I've decided to embrace the glitter, I figured this was the perfect opportunity to get sparkly. 

This project took less than ten minutes of work, and cost me well under $10.00 in materials. That's a lot of glittery cheer for the effort, in my book.  So, there's no reason not to make… Continue Reading

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Gift Guide: 16 Great Gourmet Gifts for Home Chefs and Food Lovers

By: Bruno Nov 15, 2011

2011 Curbly Kitchen and Foodies Gift Guide

Somehow I managed to score this gift guide assignment again this year (see my post from 2010), even though Chris is clearly the more qualified person to do it (I mean, c'mon, he makes stuff all the time, like donuts and romesco sauce).

Nevertheless, I am nothing if not a shameless amateur, and I like to think of myself as food-literate. So, fueled by this decidedly non-gourmet turkey sandwich I whipped up for… Continue Reading

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Before & After: A Stunning Kitchen Makeover!

By: Capreek Nov 14, 2011

created at: 11/14/2011

I'm not going to lie, this 'before' photo is a little scary... and probably a little sticky.  And smelly, too.  And, well, there's a whole lot o' yellow going on up in there.  The 'after', though?  Oh, the after rains down buckets of awesome--and wipes that sticky, smelly, yellow mess right off the… Continue Reading

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Test Lab: Work Sharp 3000 Tool Sharpener Review

By: Chrisjob Nov 10, 2011

After hanging out in the DIY scene for a few years, I've realized something: a lot of creative projects are simply involve cutting or shaping raw materials and then putting them back together again. Of course, there are "from the ground up" projects, like painting or crochet, but sewing, cooking, woodworking, paper crafting, and many more require means to break down materials like wood, fabric, or vegetables into specific shapes before putting them back together in the way you want.

created at: 11/09/2011And that, friends, requires sharp tools. Any time you use a blade, you break down the edge, twisting the metal out, dulling it and making it less useful. Even cutting regular paper with scissors. created at: 11/09/2011But here's the thing - not only are sharp blades more effective, they're actually safer. So, having sharp tools, like scissors, kitchen knives, carving tools, saw blades, chisels, and paper cutters allows you to work faster, and cut yourself less. 

Enter the Work… Continue Reading

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Before & After: A $50 Kitchen Makeover

By: Capreek Nov 07, 2011

created at: 11/07/2011

We're in the throes of our own personal kitchen makeover (more on that later), so my makeover-o-meter is operating on full power: everywhere I turn, spectacular makeovers of all kinds are waving their hands and shouting my name!  The inspiration is almost overwhelming, which is why I stopped dead in my tracks when I spied this $50 kitchen makeover.  Yes, folks, FIFTY… Continue Reading

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Eye Candy: 6 Colorful, Playful Kitchens

By: Diy maven Nov 04, 2011

Rainbow bright kitchen

These delightful kitchens look like they could have been inspired by children's play kitchens. Bright, colorful and fun! 

Although putting pink and red can look a little Valentine-y, the kitchen above certainly… Continue Reading

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Before & After: A Kitchen of Amazing Awesomeness!

By: Capreek Oct 17, 2011

created at: 10/17/2011

You may think the title is an exaggeration, but folks, I swear it's not (it's also what the homeowner calls it and, frankly, I have to agree)!  So, are you ready to ditch this frightening 'before' and get on with the 'after' party of amazing awesomeness?!  Let's… Continue Reading

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Not So Lazy Susans

By: Kellyb Oct 06, 2011

created at: 10/05/2011

For as long as I can remember there has always been a lazy susan on my grandmother's kitchen table. It started with something plain and wooden, and at some point moved on to something more ornate and handpainted with flowers. Pointsettias if I recall correctly. These are not my grandma's lazy… Continue Reading

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DIY Gemstone Drawer Pulls

By: Kellyb Sep 30, 2011

created at: 09/28/2011

Sometimes updating a room is as simple as paying attention to the little things. Switching out paint color, accessories, and linens among other things can make a big impact for little cost. A little time and effort can go a long… Continue Reading

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Luscious Chocolate Kitchen

By: Diy maven Sep 30, 2011

This kitchen/dining room combo from designer Judith Balis just might be the perfect decor for the chocoholic. Whether you're a fan… Continue Reading

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Dramatic Bistro Kitchen Makeover

By: Diy maven Sep 26, 2011

created at: 09/26/2011

Isabella's kitchen was cramped and totally forgettable. With the help of designer Cameron MacNeil, it's now open and inviting with a contemporary bistro feel. Some of the makeover highlights include marble countertops, a drawer dishwasher, a… Continue Reading

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