Wednesday Night Upholstery: Before and After

by Mod Home Ec Teacher

created at: 2009-07-16

Classes are filling and expanding. I wish everyone could come to my home studio (basement) and learn fast and easy techniques to transform your Goodwill trashy furniture into upcycled beauties.  The new class started last night and each one brought a simple piece and a difficult piece. We got started on the easy ones first to get the feel of the tools, staple gun, and to fully understand why upholsterers charge the prices they do. Here's a perfect example of Beginner's Instant Gratification.

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Mid-Century Modern Classics...For Tots.

by Chris Gardner

Knoll Furnishings, the manufacturers of classic pieces by Eero Saarinen, Harry Bertoia, Alexander Girard, Maya Lin, and  Ludwig Mies van der Rohe (nearly all the MCM heavyweights besides the Eameses and George Nelson), is getting smaller.

"Created for the ones we love, knoll kids™ is a collection of spirited, modern furniture scaled for a younger generation. Each piece reflects our belief in the utility of modern design and commitment to...

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ATTENTION Curbly Users! Inspire Me :)

created at: 2009-04-24

My son is five, almost six. His room is very small, about 100 sq. ft at best, with a teeny tiny closet. As frequent a Googler as I am, I cannot seem to pull any inspiration for decorating a boys room. Girls rooms, SURE! Tons of ideas, color pallettes, and frilly accessories. But it seems like the only way to vamp a boys room is by picking a theme. He loves dinosaurs, creatures and camo. The bedding/curtain set is new and I'd like to work with...

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New! Planets Baby Mobile!

by Frithmobiles

created at: 07/19/2010

As nicely reviewed in The Daily Candy, this new baby mobile is getting some great attention!  A glow in the dark planet mobile designed and made by Julie Frith. Done similar to an Alexander Calder styled mobile form with linking balanced arms, this is a new look with a traditional art flair.  The planets are arranged in line and constantly glide, slowly moving with the air currents.  Hang under a center room ceiling light, this will become the...

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Clothes Pin Lamp

by Lilybee

Over a Readymade they have instructions for this interesting lamp. It might be equally at home over at weebabystuff as it's creator was inspired by the idea of diapers hanging out to dry. He says that it casts baby-soothing shadows in his little girl's nursery.

created on: 09/28/08

To make it you'll need:

  • Medium-size wire tomato cage
  • Small roll of 16-gauge wire
  • Ceramic socket
  • Hose clamp
  • 3 3/4” zinc plated D-rings
  • Electrical cord (preferably clear) with...

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Wee Baby Stuff

by Bruno Bornsztein

By now perhaps you've noticed the big ad in the side bar for Wee Baby Stuff (if you don't see it, try refreshing the page a couple of times). It's no secret that getting ready for a baby means researching, pricing, and buying a lot of gear. Wee Baby Stuff is a community dedicated to helping new and expecting parents figure out what to buy, and where to get it.

Alicia, Lilybee, and ModHomeEcTeacher have taken the lead, writing some great articles...

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Outdoor Fabrics are NOT Just for Outdoors!

by The Home

created on: 08/15/08
Your kids spend a few short minutes playing rough-and-tumble in the family room, and it looks like a hurricane has ripped through your home. How can you protect your furniture from this sticky-fingered, rough-housing onslaught? Upholster the room in fabric that can withstand a hurricane, of course.

Outdoor fabrics are no longer characterized by the rough, stiff canvases of decades past. New acrylic production processes are allowing outdoor...

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How To: Dye Pasta For Crafting.

by Chris Gardner

First, there was just plain old semolina yellow. Then, they got fancy (tacky?) and developed the tri-color by using spinach and tomato products to tint you rotini. Now, embrace the rainbow by coloring your pasta ANY shade you may choose with vibrant, punchy results. This is a great medium for kids, or for some tongue-in-cheek nostalgia...perhaps some macaroni macrame?


  • food colouring
  • dried pasta of any shape
  • rubbing alcohol
  • ...

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DIY - Baby Changing Table

by Suzyrenovator


created on: 08/13/08

I've always loved giving old or antique items a new lease on life by transforming them or re-purposing them for use as something other than what they were originally intended.  A perfect example - the dirty, old singer sewing machine base that was picked up for next to nothing at a flea market then left to sit in my garage collecting more dirt and taking up space until I could find a use for it.  When I became pregnant and began the fun...

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Softie Book Ends

by Lilybee

This weekend in Toronto was genuinely rubbish, wet and windy and yuck. The sort of weather that kicks good intentions in the pants. I had meant to Clear, Organize and generally Improve my closet spaces this weekend. (18 months is more than enough time to acquire a bunch of stuff). Instead I curled up reading, which lead me to make these fellows.

created on: 08/11/08

They are Harald and Alec, Heraldic Lions and book ends for my baby's room.

Here's what I...

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DIY Bubbles and Giant Bubble Wand.

by Chris Gardner

Welcome summer (it starts on Friday) with this easy and inexpensive bubble wand from Instructable member Egadsman. The materials only amount to $3, but I bet you could make them from ingredients you have about the house. The bubble potential promises diameters of two meters.


  • Two dowel rods
  • Spool of non-absorbent string
  • Tap

Click here for full instructions, including a recipe for bubble solution.

Via and photo.

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