Softie Book Ends

By: Lilybee Aug 11, 2008

This weekend in Toronto was genuinely rubbish, wet and windy and yuck. The sort of weather that kicks good intentions in the pants. I had meant to Clear, Organize and generally Improve my closet spaces this weekend. (18 months is more than enough time to acquire a bunch of stuff). Instead I curled up reading, which lead me to make these fellows.

created on: 08/11/08

They are Harald and Alec, Heraldic Lions and book ends for my… Continue Reading

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How To Make An Adorable Natural Mobile with Handmade Fabric Birds.

By: Chrisjob Jul 30, 2008

Wow. Creativity, beauty, and a bit o' function...everything great design is all about. Michael from Spool Sewing offers a free how-to and pattern to create this amazing mobile from fallen twigs, some fishing line and eyehooks, and leftover fabric scraps. The fabric bird pattern alone is worth a million. Via.


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DIY Bubbles and Giant Bubble Wand.

By: Chrisjob Jun 15, 2008

Welcome summer (it starts on Friday) with this easy and inexpensive bubble wand from Instructable member Egadsman. The materials only amount to $3, but I bet you could make them from ingredients you have about the house. The bubble potential promises diameters of two meters.


  • Two dowel rods
  • Spool of non-absorbent string
  • Tap

Click here for full instructions, including a recipe for bubble solution.

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Pimp My (Toddler's) Ride.

By: Chrisjob May 15, 2008

Hemi Housewife wasn't quite satisfied with the baby blue and orange of her son's Little Tykes cruiser, so she spiced it up. Twice.

Then, check out the other models, particularly this Hawaiian coupe.

Via Crafty Crafty.


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Curbly Video Podcast: Give Old, Shabby Furniture a Fresh, Modern Facelift.

By: Chrisjob Mar 24, 2008

My three-year-old niece just moved from the nursery to her first “big girl room,” and the only thing holding back her new space’s style is this worn dresser from the 1960’s. It’s in good shape, but the finish is tired, and there are several broken pieces that are simply unacceptable for a toddler’s room. So, as a birthday gift, I wanted to turn this tattered piece into a sparkling pop bureau that suits… Continue Reading

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Amazingly Intricate, Handmade Felt Plush Toys by Muju.

By: Chrisjob Mar 24, 2008

Oh my goodness, oh my goodness. I am totally impressed with these felt creations by Etsy artists Mrs. and Mr. Muju. I don't really  know what they are, and that makes them all the more desirable. The detail is incredible, and the lines are near perfect. That's some fine scissor work, Mujus. Hooray for felt!

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Melted Toy Soldier Bowl.

By: Chrisjob Feb 25, 2008

Designer Thorsten Van Elten created the 44" diameter  "War Bowl" from melted plastic soliders. The $225 price tag warrants a DIY attempt: perhaps you could warm the army men in the oven, then flip the softened sheet onto a large bowl for formation? Thanks, BLTD!


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How to Make a Watergun Alarm Clock: Video Tutorial.

By: Chrisjob Feb 23, 2008


Need a little "inspiration" to wake up in the morning? Why not solder a squirt gun to your alarm clock and spritz up your morning rituals.

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New from Blik Wee Re-Stik

By: Diy maven Feb 11, 2008

Blik, those purveyors of wall decals, have some new Re-Stik’s for the Wee crowd. Removable and repositionable, like all their Re-Stik’s, these high-contrast geometric shapes and friendly, hand-drawn animals are said to be fascinating to new-borns, older kids and their parents. The $38 packages include 31 decals for the Dino collection, 47 decals for the Garden collection, and 78 decals for the Jungle collection. Visit Blik for… Continue Reading

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The Brick Testament: The Bible Told in Lego.

By: Chrisjob Jan 31, 2008

"When it comes to telling stories with Lego, Brendan Powell Smith isn't messing around.  He turned to the greatest story ever told for inspiration.  The Brick Testament is a collection of photos illustrating [Biblical narratives] using only real Lego pieces from the 60's to today."

In total, The Brick Testament has Legoed over 336 Biblical stories.

Click here to check out the Brick Testament Book on Amazon.

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DwellStudio Designs Available at Target.

By: Chrisjob Jan 23, 2008

I hadn't watched TV for almost three weeks. and the first commercial I saw when I turned it on featured some choice modern bedding and baby gear. "Who with such taste would advertise on the Food Network at one in the morning?" I thought. "Ikea? Room and Board?" Nope, Target.

Apparently the retailer has teamed up with DwellStudio for exclusive releases of bedding, a nursery collection, and kitchen/dining materials.

Grassroots Modern provides these… Continue Reading

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How to Make an Incredible Paper Toy Transformer!

By: Diy maven Jan 14, 2008

Cut one piece of 12 x 24 cm paper into 8 - 5 x 4 x 3 cm strips. Fold and tape together in the sequence specified and voila, a paper transformer! Warning: the video’s fast, so you’ll want to watch it a couple times.

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Atari Controller Candle Stick.

By: Chrisjob Dec 20, 2007

" Candles are very seasonal right now - although this Atari 2600 controller candle holderis unlikely to appear on your mum's mantelpiece.

Shaped like the base iconic games controller from Atari's must-have console of the early 80s, it holds your candle - which uncannily looks like the stick.

I'm not sure what this is made of - but with a price of £50, I sense ceramic rather than plastic."

50 GBP? No sir. Go grab a busted controller from the… Continue Reading

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Create Your Own Frosty the Snowman Puppet!

By: Chrisjob Dec 14, 2007

Puppet master Sean Johnson offers a very complete tutorial to make a snow man puppet like you see in the photo above. If you need a bit of adorable motivation, check out Frosty in action in the Frosty's 12 Days of Christmas video podcast.


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Build a Four-Story Tree Play House?

By: Diy maven Dec 11, 2007

Forget the Victorian doll house; give me one of these! The Four-Story Tree House from Hammacher Schlemmer ($129.95) is about 4 feet tall and comes with a retractable ladder, bridge, trap door and a pulley and bucket elevator for hoisting supplies. Made of pine and plywood, I’m thinking this just might be DIY-able. Some wood, a faux sprig of greenery plus a little creativity and you’d have something even Tarzan--and Jane--would envy.

 … Continue Reading

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