Tutorial: Strawberry Vanilla Dress

by Bloomsandbugs



You can read the story behind this series and the first part here. Click here to read the second, third and fourth edition of this series. As I was bouncing of ideas for this edition in my head, I thought back to what I made when I started sewing again. Duh!....why didn't I think of it earlier. It was a supecute halter-neck dress with a lined bodice. It looked great on little one and was pretty easy to make. You can...

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Totally DIYable LEGO Toy Box

by DIY Maven

Ogle Wooden Toy Box

I spent several hours on Christmas putting together various LEGO sets for my nephew, Gavin. After the first set, he grabbed the next and the next. I couldn't say no, as I, like Gavin, love the LEGOs. Which is why I'm thinking this LEGO brick toy box might be in Gavin's future. Called

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DIY Toy Kit for Adults

by Mod Home Ec Teacher

This DIY gift is sure to keep you and your tinkering-hungry significant-other busy during these cold, gray winter days. Not exclusively an adult gift, the box full of three simple building elements will also send a volt through the young tinkerer's creative wiring.  What you build is entirely up to you. That's a beautiful thing.

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Modern Doll Houses

by Alicia Lacy

created at: 11/21/2010

Recently, I stumbled upon these amazing doll houses (read: works of art) by Brinca Dada. Not only would I love to have one of them for our daughter Ayla, but I'd love to live inside one of them. They are simple and stunning. 

The company's philosophy is that "toys should be beautiful and fun." They believe they should be athestically pleasing to parents and inviting to children. They pride themselves on skipping the flash and noise, in favor...

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