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How To: These DIY Tropical Leaf Coasters Are Simple and Stunning

by Jessica Gregg

tropical leaf coasters and a cup of coffee with a yellow background

My family and I just returned from a sunny, beach trip to Florida. My kids packed an abundance of shells to bring a piece of the beach home with us, but the tropical plants and trees I longed to bring home were too big and deeply rooted to pack in my suitcase. Plus, the dry, cooler climate of Colorado (combined with my lack of growing skills) would have doomed the plants upon their arrival.

So naturally I went to the next best thing for tropical vibes in my home - DIY tropical leaf coasters. Now, I can enjoy my cup of coffee in the morning, or a cocktail in the evening with a touch of the tropics on my table.

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Roundup: 7 Bright and Modern Pieces You'll Love for Outdoor Living

by Lidy Dipert

Roundup: 7 Bright and Modern Pieces for Outdoor Living


The first day of summer might still be a couple months away, but that hasn't stopped us from getting prepared for those relaxing afternoons lounging in the sun or evenings winding down with a tasty cocktail in hand. Afterall, it's never too early to get out and enjoy this incredible weather, so here are some must-have pieces to really brighten up your day...and patio!  

Roundup: 7 Bright and Modern Pieces for Outdoor Living

1. There's nothing wrong with...

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Roundup: My Top 5 All-Time Favorite Designers

by Stephanie Lee
My top 5 favourite inspiring designers - Leah Bartholomew
Photo: Leah Bartholomew

There was a time in my life where if you'd asked me who my favourite artist or designer was, I wouldn't have been able to name a single one. Which is so odd, because nowadays I have a list of favourites as long as my arm whose styles influence me in so many ways, from how I craft, to the way I decorate for parties to how I envisage my dream home will look.

Regardless of whether your not you design or create art yourself, having a list of people whose aesthetics you admire can really help to inspire you at times when you find yourself in a creative rut. Read on to see some of my favourites! 

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Tips For Landlords to Make A Rental Property Renter Friendly

by Jennifer Farley
Renter Friendly Rental Properties
Source: Style Me Pretty

We are a DIY culture, therefore, landlords are not necessarily unknown people who seem intimidating. Landlords are more than likely a next door neighbor...or maybe even you. My husband and I are landlords. Our goal is to make our rental property a place where people really want to live. Here are some budget friendly updates that, in our experience, have renter appeal. If you do only one or all of these things your rental has serious potential to be "renter friendly" for the longhaul.   

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