Emoticon Pumpkins

By: Diy maven Oct 25, 2008

Could anything be more perfect for the office at Halloweentime? I think not. The creation above is part of SMN's photostream at flickr, but you can find free jack-o-lantern emoticon templates at jack-o-lantern.com.

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Free Halloween Papercrafts!

By: Chrisjob Oct 24, 2008

Be prepared to be scared and crafty. Papercraft blog Paperkraft has collected some amazing, free papertoys to create just in time for this Halloween season.


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The 10 Spookiest Homes in the United States

By: Diy maven Oct 24, 2008

In an effort to combine two of my favorite things, Halloween and real estate, I give you The Spookiest Homes in the U.S.!

First up, the house at 112 Ocean Ave, Amityville, NY. Okay, we all know the story behind this one. You know, the house from the novel and movies? The facade of the structure and the street number have been changed since the Lutz family ran for their lives after their long 28 day occupation.created on: 10/24/08

The Grant-Humphreys MansonContinue Reading

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Add Temporary Spookiness/Festiveness/Smushiness to Glass

By: Lilybee Oct 24, 2008

It turns out that glass cleaner takes stamp ink off of glass. Seems obvious I know, but after reading it over at Martha's I was all 'Huh, who knew?' and now I'm thinking  cobwebs on the windows for Halloween, holly on the eggnog bowl at our Santa Parade brunch, teeny hearts on candlesticks for Valentines... Well, the possibilities are endless.

All you do is clean up your glass, whip out your rubber stamps and… Continue Reading

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Spooky Food!

By: Diy maven Oct 22, 2008

CraftyCrafty has assembled a gallery of eery edibles. Some cute, some creepy and some downright gross!





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DIY PhotoPumpkin Carving Techniques.

By: Chrisjob Oct 21, 2008

I remember the first halloween that 'art' pumpkin carving books became widely available...everyone in my neighborhood carved the same three patterns...witch-on-a-broom profile, three ghosts with boo, or cutesy scarecrow face. So, while they weren't the old triangle-eyes and toothy smiles of yesteryear, the variety was as hollow as the pumpkins themselves.

Certainly, modern books have improved on the patterns, but sometimes, you just… Continue Reading

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Make Your Own Melon Brains.

By: Chrisjob Oct 21, 2008

It's always marvelous to see what can be created with a bit o' produce and a knife. This autumn, besides all the brilliant jack-o-lanterns (which are created, after all, with produce and a knife), the watermelon brain joins the flanks nicely. Click here for a full how-to from Scoochmaroo.

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Creepy, Crafty Glow-in-the-Dark Yarn.

By: Chrisjob Oct 21, 2008

Perfect for upcoming Halloween crafts, safety, or for the emerging knitting/rave scene (it could happen....), Bernat's has introduced glow-in-the-dark yarn. Available in six shades, it'd be great from the obvious spider-web creation to full-blown crocheted trick-or-treat costumes (though I suggest you get started). I look forward to seeing some finished and fully-charged projects.


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Halloween How-To: The World's Best Fake Snot Recipe.

By: Chrisjob Oct 20, 2008

Just in case, there'd ever, ever, EVER be a reason you'd need some, here's Makezine's most favorite recipe for: fake snot.

Just in case.

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Bat Decor

By: Diy maven Oct 20, 2008

Welcome trick or treaters into your frightful foyer with these fluttering bats this Halloween. The link to the PDF in the original post at My Home Ideas is no longer working, but this printable might do the trick! (Photo credit: Brian Francis)

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Bleeding Candles!

By: Diy maven Oct 16, 2008

They look like any white pillar candles...until they're lit, that is!! As they melt, they ooze bloody wax down their sides. Delightfully creepy!! Available at Wrapables ($8 for the small, $11 for the large). Via.

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Mad Scientist Mixology: Halloween Cocktail Recipes.

By: Chrisjob Oct 14, 2008

A giant bowl of wispy punch is certainly festive, but a true ghost-host offers their guest customized cocktails that suit their own tastes. Here's a few ideas to get your fall festivities popping.

Garnishes: ANY mixed drink can get a scary-fun makeover with a frightful garnish. Simply mix up drinks per usual, but sink one of the following into your highball or martini glass:

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Make a Fish Bowl Jack-o’-lantern

By: Diy maven Oct 14, 2008

Bella Dia shares a very clever way of making a perpetual jack-o’-lantern out of a fish bowl. All you need is a round fish bowl, some orange and yellow tissue paper and some Modge Podge. The procedure is so simple, a pictorial tut is really all you need! Via.

Apply yellow tissue paper with Modge Podge to the face area and let dry.

Cover everything, excluding the pumpkin's features, with orange tissue paper. Let… Continue Reading

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Go Origami this Halloween

By: Diy maven Oct 13, 2008

Origami Club has no less than 12 (13 if you count the witch's broom) folds perfect for a little Halloween cheer. Each example includes a diagram AND and animation of the folds, which is perfect for beginners.

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How to make creepy spider web balloons!

By: Diy maven Oct 08, 2008

Perfect for your haunted Halloween party, these spider web balloons–complete with spiders–are clever and easy to make with just a few supplies. Their ‘secret ingredient’ is something called Hi-Float.

Along with the Hi-Float, you’ll need:
11-inch clear latex balloons
Some small rubber spiders.
Clips or plastic disks to seal the balloons.
Air or helium (the second of which is optional)

To make them:
Head on over to… Continue Reading

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