Gift Wrapping 101.

By: Chrisjob Dec 12, 2007

"It happens several times each year: gift-giving. Whether it's for the holidays, a birthday or a wedding, nothing can make your presents stand out more than a flawless wrapping job. If you've never tackled a present-wrapping project before or your idea of giftwrap involves a roll of duct tape, this page is for you. Even if you've wrapped a few times, you might find some new ideas here. Just a few simple steps and anyone can wrap like a pro!"

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A No Cost, Tangle Free Way to Store Holiday Lights.

By: Chrisjob Dec 12, 2007

Tree lights are notoriously nefarious. They get twisted and tangled and knotted, and the bulbs burn and short out. Some folks even avoid the frustration and purchase new sets each year. But with a little planning 'round New Years, your lights can be in perfect shape come tree time.


  • Rectangle of cardboard or shirt box lid/base
  • Utility knife
  • Cutting surface:scrap plywood, healing cutting mat, or… Continue Reading
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3-D Paper Snowflake.

By: Chrisjob Dec 11, 2007

Okay, so this was cool enough to make it to Curbly last holiday season, twice, (see here and here), but it's too excellent and easy not to point out again for a whole new group of Curbliers whom might not have been around last December (including me!)



  • 6 sheets of square paper 
  • tape
  • stapler
  • scissors

I'm off to make at least five.

Read the complete how-to from WikiHow.

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Ugly Christmas Tree Lights–the Website

By: Diy maven Dec 11, 2007

I stumbled upon Ugly Christmas Tree Lights this morning, which is a website devoted to all those houses that grab our attention at Christmastime. Although the pictures are very entertaining to peruse, even better are the cranky e-mails the site gets. One writer even compares the site’s creators to Nazis. (Makes me wonder just who’s on Santa’s naughty list.)

Bricks 'n Plastic' by pushmearound; 'Velvet Rope' by Mandy Bird.


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Gift Guide For Geeks.

By: Chrisjob Dec 10, 2007

Technology web magazine Engagdet offers their 2007 gift guide for all things electronic and breakable.




  • Gifts for him
  • Gifts for her
  • Gifts for son
  • Gifts for daughter
And thankfully, there's little gender presumptions to be found. 
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How Mr. Bean Does Christmas

By: Diy maven Dec 10, 2007

Take a break from the holiday bustle and watch Mr. Bean get in the spirit of the season fighting crime and putting a jazzy spin on a familiar tune. 


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How To Remove Soot and Smoke Stains From Your Fireplace.

By: Chrisjob Dec 08, 2007

The winter time is the right time for nestling besides the glow from your fireplace. Unfortunately, the escape of smoke can often leave deposits on the stones or bricks on your hearth, To clean them, simply dissolve Tri-Sodium Phosphate (TSP) into a bucket of water, following the directions on the package, then scrub it down with a firm-bristled brush. Repeat as necessary, then rinse.

Photo from
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Make a Pop-Up Reindeer Card.

By: Chrisjob Dec 08, 2007

Matthew Reinhart and Robert Sabuda are master pop-up artists, and here they share tips and templates for making a pop-reindeer for holiday greetings.

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Happy Hanukkah, Curbly!

By: Chrisjob Dec 05, 2007

Hanukkah, meaning "dedication" or "the consecrating", started last night at sundown.

Here's a brief version of the Hanukkah Story to make your brainsponges a little more soaked...

The reign of Antiochus IV, also called Antiochus Epiphanes, was a particularly nasty one, especially for the Israelites living in Judea. His forced Hellenization (the influence of Greek megaculture) of Jews was extreme and too often violent. Though their numbers were… Continue Reading

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Turn Your Digital Photos to Personalized Holiday Greetings.

By: Chrisjob Dec 05, 2007

PC World magazine offers a basic, but quite useful, how-to for creating holiday greeting cards with your own digital photos.

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Christmas Tree in a Box

By: Diy maven Dec 04, 2007


This Christmas Tree in a Box may not be a real Christmas tree, but it has a certain authenticity not found in those euphemistically labeled 'permanent' trees. (Who are they kidding? They're FAKE.) Anywho, at only 15 bucks, this 2 foot paper number might be just the way to go in lieu of the more expensive, messy and cumbersome real alternative. Besides the tree itself, you get an 80-page book titled 'Christmasmania!' which includes ChristmasContinue Reading

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Spice Up Your Home With a Dried Apple Wreath.

By: Chrisjob Dec 04, 2007

Francesca Clarke from DIYLife remarks:

"Dried apples and cinnamon give that cider smell that is so closely associated with the Christmas season. I wanted to add a little spice to the house and try a new craft so I decided to make a dried apple wreath. This was not as easy as I had anticipated. The main reason being that I seriously lacked common sense when reading the directions! The first dried apple recipe that I found suggested baking them at… Continue Reading

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Replant Your Christmas Tree, and Use It Year After Year.

By: Chrisjob Dec 03, 2007

"Long to watch this year's Christmas tree get bigger every year? Simply pick a variety of tree that's right for your climate, take good care of it during the holidays, plant it well and it will grace your garden for decades to come. Gardening by the Yard host Paul James talks about the best varieties for later planting and gives tips on how to take your living tree through the holidays and beyond."


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DIY Mid-Century Modern Tree Ornament (for under $1.00!)

By: Chrisjob Dec 03, 2007

I came across these charming ceramic ornaments a few weeks ago, and I instantly fell in love with there playful spacey-ness and simple elegance. $35 for the pair isn't prohibitively expensive, but as usual, I reckoned a DIY attempt was worth a shot.

Total cost: $0.73, plus a bit of spray paint.


  • Ping pong ball
  • Small nail and scrap wood or cardboard
  • Electric drill or drill press
  • Varying drill… Continue Reading
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Make No-Bake Graham Cracker Cottages

By: Diy maven Nov 30, 2007

Forget the hassle of making gingerbread and go right to the fun part...the decorating! The main components of the cottages’ construction are royal icing and graham crackers. Can’t get much easier than that. Visit Martha for the basic how-to and for inspirational pictures to get you started.

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