Make It: DIY Gold Urchin Decor Hack

Lexy Ward
diy gold urchin decor hack

I'm sure you've noticed the gold sea urchin. Those little guys are a hot commodity in the world of design and interior decor. But they're fragile, and they can cost a pretty penny. So how do you take the look for a test drive? With this easy peasy urchin hack, or course! Can you tell which one was handmade and which was a store-bought item?


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How to: Easy DIY Gilded Fall Centerpiece

Faith Towers

DIY Gilded Fall Centerpiece

Everybody loves to have a pretty centerpiece on the table, but who has the time to create a whole new centerpiece for every single season and every single holiday? I know I certainly don't, which is why I came up with this solution - a beautiful gilded arrangement that only uses long-lasting elements that won't die or rot within a week - such as faux flowers, succulent plants and uncarved pumpkins. Read on to check out the surprisingly chic final product.   

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Make It: Easy DIY Glitter Accent Bowl

Capree K

created at: 02/11/2013

I'll admit it, I'm a sucker for decorative bowls (And throw pillows! I loves me some throw pillows. Oh, and blankets. And probably ten thousand other things, let's be honest. Anyway, back to bowls...). There's always a use for them, whether they're actually holding anything or just looking pretty. These DIY glitter bowls definitely fall into the latter, straight-eye-candy category, which is fine by me!     

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Roundup: 10 Awesome DIY Metallic Vases and Planters

Capree K

created at: 01/14/2013

Who doesn't love a pop of shiny, metallic goodness? This design trend has been hot for a couple years and, judging by the huge amount of gold and copper DIY projects we keep seeing, it doesn't appear to be going out of style anytime soon. If your own space could use a little touch of shine, check out these easy vase and planter projects -- they'll add just the right amount of flair to desktops, counters, or windowsills!     

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How to: Give a Wine Bottle a Custom Typographic Makeover

Chris Gardner

created at: 02/07/2012

At this point in my relationship, we're sorta past making a big deal for Valentine's Day. As I look back, we never really did much, but these days, it's simply a reminder that we're a pretty great fit for each other, and that every day feels special. I'm grateful that I don't have show up with gems and jewelry, but can we'll likely just stay in, make a thoughtful dinner together and treat ourselves...perhaps with a bottle of champagne.

Of course, as a crafter, I can't just leave things alone, and it's precisely because there are no expectations that I wanna do something a little extra. So, this year, I'm customizing our celebration bottle with a special message in type.

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