Make it: Hip Hemp Pendant Lamps

by Kelly B

The entryway to my home is small, but I love the idea of having some sort of statement piece present. Every space needs a little interest, but because all the real estate I can offer is in ceiling height I'm mainly limited to a killer light fixture. The second I saw this project for hemp pendant lamps I knew I'd found the one to fit my style. And my champagne tastes can rest easy, knowing that I'll be spending less than on a nice dinner out!

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Curbly Original
How To: Make a Sandwich Station from a Recycled Drawer

by Miki40

created at: 06/14/2011

Let’s begin with a logic experiment:

  1. I am not a morning person.
  2. I love drawers. In fact, it’s a borderline fetish.
  3. I am a mother.

How does 2 help me with 1 even though I am 3? Easy. I made a Drawer Sandwich Station.  My DSS helps me prepare sandwiches for my kids for school in no time.  Everything I need is spread before me, ready to be used, and in less than a minute I am done.    

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Seriously Cool DIY: Sprout a Sofa

by Craftmel

created at: 06/13/2011

How's this for yard art?  I'm absolutely certain the Jones' next door don't have a grass couch in their backyard.  This puts a whole new meaning on "green-living."   

The people at ReadyMade give a detailed how-to on their website.  It requires some work and getting a bit dirty, but I'm thinking it would be totally worth it to make a few of these before a big party, or other outdoor event. 

I just don't want to...

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Designer Q&A: Ask Me Anything! (and Win Free Stuff...)

by Redefinehome

Designer Q&A with Linsi Brownson

Hey everyone, it’s my first time writing here on Curbly so I wanted to introduce myself. My name is Linsi Brownson, I’m an interior designer and owner of the online boutique Redefine HomeToday I’m here for a little designer Q&A session. Send me your questions, anything from how to pair your grandmother’s antique settee with your contemporary home to creative uses for everyday objects. I’ll answer these in a follow up post next week.


Please leave me your question(s) in the comments. Make sure to include a photo (or a link to one) where possible. If I choose your question to the answer next week, Curbly will send you a free copy of all three of their "Make It!" eBooks ($30 value)!

My design philosophy is all about creating a home that is curated rather than decorated.

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IKEA Hack: Angie's DIY Rustic Modern Entertainment Center Created from...Kitchen Cabinets!

by Chris Gardner

Curbly reader Angie and her guy, Randy, just completed this amazing handmade Scandanavian-inspired media unit. She says, "When we completed our basement, we were in need of an entertainment center. We shopped around and looked at everything out there and we just couldn't find anything we really liked. I also found that the average entertainment center didn't have enough depth for the important part of the the entertainment center, really nice audio components. :) From looking around, we determined that we liked the look of the low profile entertainment centers with wall mounted we set out to build one.

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The MadMen Effect: The TV Show's Mid-Century Impact on Home Decor

by Chris Gardner

As AMC's Mad Men emerged as one of television's most beloved and well-recieved dramas, its stylish, 1960s aesthetic crept into our lives in other ways: women's dresses moved towards the high-waisted, eyeglasses became fuller and more austere, and many developed a new interest in the classic cocktails and high-balls from the two-martini lunch era.

And of course, the wonderful set dressing and styling has had quite the impact onto trends in home decor.   

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Kapow! Upholstery With a Bang!

by Capree K

created at: 05/04/2011

Did you hear that?  That was the sound of my mind exploding at the awesomeness of these upholstery designs by Eleanor Young.  This UK-based textile artist and upholsterer creates striking contemporary pieces inspired by architecture and fragmented shapes.  I love her bold patterns and color combos, especially!  

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