Before and After: Holly's Amazing Closet Office Makeover

by Chris Gardner

created at: 09/13/2011

Holly of the Almost 40 Year Old Intern writes, " I am in the midst of a career change, going from being a movie marketing execto starting over as an interior design intern at 39." So, friends, you better believe Holly needs herself a fine home office. But, as a city dweller in Los Angeles, spare bedrooms or designated workspaces aren't always just available for the taking, so she got creative, and built and amazing office in her closet. It's not big, but it's so lively that no one would mind spending the day in there.  

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DIY Clock Idea

by DIY Maven

created at: 08/17/2011

This clock, available at The Museum Shop of the Art Institute Chicago, is called the Do-It-Yourself Flower Wall Clock. The DIY thing about it is that you arrange the petals in any way you choose. However, those petals really reminded me of the

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From This to That: More Clever Repurposing DIY Projects

by Bruno Bornsztein

This July, we're focusing on all things thrifty, recycle-y, and makeover-y. Last week, I rounded up a bunch of cool repurposed projects, and this week, well, I'm doing it again (notice a trend?).

First up: DIY-Maven's craft room arty abacus uses spools of thread in a creative way:

Art abacus using spools of thread

Have a spare wine barrel lying around? How about turning it into a delicious-smelling coffee table (or, better yet, a wine table, if that weren't a...

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Our Simple Spray Paint Porch Makeover (Part 1)

by Alicia Lacy

This month, Krylon is sponsoring a series of thrifty, creative DIY projects:

Our porch, (long) before the makeover
I often say our porch is my favorite room in the house. It was horrendous when we moved in; floors covered in green artificial turf, holey screens heavily framed in rotting wood, paint chipping, and floor slanting. (It's still slanted, "for drainage.") The above photo was taken in the winter, making the porch even more drab, but it certainly gives you an idea of our...

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Functional Art: A Garage Sale Find Gets a Painterly Makeover!

by Capree K

created at: 07/11/2011

We've all seen them; they're at every yard sale and garage sale across the globe: plain, boring, or otherwise uninteresting pieces of furniture.  But if there's one thing to be learned from our many Makeover Monday posts, it's this: think twice before you pass them up!  With a little creativity and skill, the potential to transform those forgotten pieces is virtually limitless!  

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From This to That: 8 Clever Repurposing DIY Projects

by Chris Gardner

Everyone loves a good makeover. We love seeing shabby, worn furniture transformed, or an entire room refreshed and brought back to life. So, what's better than a good makeover? One that sticks to the principles of creative reuse and recycling, limits waste, and doesn't costs buckets of money.

This July, we're focusing on all things thrifty, recycle-y, and makeover-y. To kick it off, here's a collection of not-so-awesome things becoming awesome-r other things:

This shabby door

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