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Print This: Wedding Puzzle Page for Antsy Little Guests

by M.E. Russell

Wedding activity pages | Free printable!

Weddings can be exciting, emotional, and/or stressful times for everybody involved - except for the younger guests. For them, the majority of the day is dull, dull, and duller. Sure, it's awesome when the cake gets cut, but little Johnny couldn't care less about the best man's speech. If you're planning an upcoming wedding and want to give the kids something extra to do during the quiet times, gather up some crayons and print a few off a few...

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Free Download: Mid-Century Modern Icons

by Alicia Lacy

We're rounding out our MCM week on Curbly with a booklet of twenty-four iconic modern design silhouettes, along with the vector files we used to make them! We chose our favorite designs by Eames, Nelson, Saarinen, and the best of the mid-century designers. Read on to see how to download the files - for free.

To download out MCM Icons:

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