Encyclopedia of Spices

By: Diy maven Sep 17, 2010

Admit it. You don't know what to do with some of those spices that came with your cool new spice rack, do you? Don't feel bad. I don't either. Which is why having an encyclopedia of spices at our fingertips is imperative. And we… Continue Reading

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How to improve your mood with food.

By: Diy maven Sep 17, 2010

  1. Feeling sluggish? Eat spinach.
  2. Anxious? Salmon.
  3. Cranky? Apple with… Continue Reading
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Roundup: Birthday Cakes for the Handyman or Woman

By: Diy maven Sep 17, 2010

Today is MWT's birthday, so I'm in the cake mood. Thought it was about time to do a roundup of sweets that would appeal to my #1 handyman. 

This first one is chocolate cake with raspberry filling. Mmm. The tools are made of fondant and the tape measure is a rice crispy treat!

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Make an Easy Embroidery Hoop Birthday Banner

By: Modhomeecteacher Sep 15, 2010

View this gallery at The Indianapolis Star: DIY Journal: Party decor
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25 Things Chefs Never Talk About

By: Diy maven Sep 10, 2010


Generally speaking, I don't wanna know what goes on in the kitchen of my favorite restaurants. It's kinda like that whole sausage making analogy--you don't really want to know how it's made, because if you do, you just might not ever eat it ever… Continue Reading

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Top 10 DIY Food-Geek Projects

By: Diy maven Sep 10, 2010

Top 10 DIY Food Geek Projects

Cooking is inherently a DIY thing, but these 10 projects kick the food-making experience up a notch....or… Continue Reading

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Make a Hanging Pocket Weekly Recipe Organizer

By: Diy maven Sep 10, 2010

I admire people who take the time to plan their meals for the upcoming week. For me, meal planning amounts to, "What do you feel like eating tonight?" If I had a cute, hanging recipe organizer, complete with days of the week abbreviations, I just might start to plan meals… Continue Reading

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Kitchen Makeovers on a Budget

By: Diy maven Sep 03, 2010

HGTV's Front Door helps people sell their homes with smart staging and decorating tips. They also provide some invaluable advice and inspiration to people who are looking to re-do their diggs on a budget. Today we take a peek at a few of their… Continue Reading

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How to Turn an Altoid Tin into a Mini BBQ Grill

By: Diy maven Sep 03, 2010

Altoids Sours BBQ Grill

How cute is this teeny tiny Altoid Tin BBQ grill? The maker was inspired by the eBQ, but instead of using the standard rectangular tin, vmspionage used a Altoid Sours… Continue Reading

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Recipe Roundup: Food on a Stick!

By: Diy maven Sep 03, 2010


It's State Fair time here in Frostbite Falls Land, which means it's also time to shove stuff on a stick, cook it and eat it. So, loosen your belts, un-do that top button, sit back and get ready to… Continue Reading

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Are There Other Appetizers Besides Doritos?

By: Modhomeecteacher Sep 03, 2010

created at: 09/03/2010

No kidding, my mouth is watering here at 8:11 am as I'm looking that these photos of Smitten Kitchen's eggplant salad toasts. I know recipes aren't really the Curbly thing, but I am seriously cooking challenged. It's not that I can't cook, it's that I don't want to… Continue Reading

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10 Tips and Tricks from Culinary Pros

By: Diy maven Aug 27, 2010


  1. Use a PedEgg as a lemon and lime zester. 
  2. Spice up your fries with Old Bay… Continue Reading
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Heat 15 pans at once with the William.

By: Diy maven Aug 27, 2010

This Stove-Top Concept Lets You Cook 15 Things Instead of 4

For what reason someone would need to heat 15 pans at once, I cannot imagine. However, if the need should arise, the William stove can do it. It's pretty sophisticated piece of kitchen equipment, to say the least. To get the full William experience, check out this… Continue Reading

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Peach Crisp with Maple Cream Sauce

By: Modhomeecteacher Aug 20, 2010

created at: 08/20/2010

This isn't just any old peach crisp. Mr. Mod has some fruit trees and these were his prize peaches a few weeks back. At the same time, I was indebted to my hair stylist for correcting a less than satisfactory color job. The peach crisp was an act of kindness and gratitude which turned out to be the most flippin' unbelievably delicious recipe I've ever… Continue Reading

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Get-to-Know-Your-Apples Chart

By: Diy maven Aug 20, 2010

Take a bite out of these apples.

Have you ever found yourself ruminating over the apples in the apple aisle of your supermarket? If so, it probably went something like this: "Are Braeburns sweeter than Honey Crisp?" or, "Would Fuji's make a good pie?" With so many… Continue Reading

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