Coffee and Donuts Cake

By: Modhomeecteacher Nov 12, 2010

Right off the bat I like this girl's style. Heather from SprinkleBakes just combined everything delicious into this one fantasmagoriasmic cake. She found a Gourmet magazine chocolate cake recipe (which includes its fair share of brewed coffee), Swiss buttercream icing, cake donuts with a chocolate glaze, sprinkled it with espresso powder and silver sugar crystals. No more need for that 5-Hour Energy Drink, eh?Continue Reading

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Where To Find Shagbark Hickory Syrup Used by Chefs and Gourmets

By: Modhomeecteacher Nov 12, 2010

created at: 11/12/2010

Shagbark Hickory Syrup is made only in one place in the entire world; Nashville, Indiana. The extract is distilled from the bark of the hickory tree and dates back to the Native Americans from this region.  It's all the rage among chefs and home gourmets. "Its smoky, nutty flavor is less sweet than maple, more complex, and hauntingly unique."  Doubting Gourmet magazine even went on a fact checking adventure back in 2001 and found out that Hickory Works is in fact the only producer of Shagbark syrup in the entire world.Continue Reading

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Bedroom to Dining Room Makeover

By: Diy maven Nov 12, 2010

Corissa and Kris needed a dining room more than an extra bedroom, so they turned the latter into the former. Would beautiful results likeContinue Reading

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Round-Up: 8 Oh-So-Sweet Turkey Recipes

By: Diy maven Nov 12, 2010

Homemade sweets that look like turkeys but taste like that's some fowl I'd like to devour! Any of these exceedingly clever recipes would be a fun addition to the Thanksgiving table.

We start with Gimme Some, who tells us how to make Rice Crispy turkeys  using such things as candy corn, cashews and Whoppers! (Via.)Continue Reading

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Ultimate Thanksgiving: Potato, Potahto

By: Bruno Nov 11, 2010
Curbly's Ultimate Thanksgiving Potato Recipe Roundup

Potatoes are the bridge-builders, the peacemakers, the United Nations of the thanksgiving table. Some people hate Turkey. Others hate yams. Not everyone likes pie. But everyone likes potatoes. Mash-em, bake-em, roast-em, shake-em ... as long as they're not raw or made from a powdered mix, people will eat your potatoes.

Here's a collection of interesting, delicious-sounding, or well-reviewed potato recipes to help you tame theContinue Reading

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Ultimate Thanksgiving: The Vegetarian Edition!

By: Diy maven Nov 10, 2010

created at: 11/09/2010Happy Vegetarian Thanksgiving! That might sound like an oxymoron, considering the holiday’s nickname: Turkey Day. “How," meat eaters might ask, "can you possibly have a proper Thanksgiving without turkey?” As a practicing vegetarian for 20 years, let me just say we do just fine, thank you!

Side dishes, like stuffing and mashed potatoes and such are easy: you just leave out the meat and use vegetable-based broths to make ‘em. As for the mainContinue Reading

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How To: Set Up a DIY Photo Booth Using Your Computer (Free Software Download Included)

By: Bruno Nov 09, 2010

A DIY MacBook photo booth (use a colorful shower curtain or table cloth as a backdrop)

If you have a computer and a printer, then you also have a DIY photo booth just waiting awesome-ize the next birthday party, wedding, or celebration you attend. Some people think photo booths are lame or cheesy; I assure you, they are not. They're a ton of fun, help guests get to know each other, and make guestbooks great. 

Some friends of ours just got married (read about our DIY wedding gift for them here), and I wantedContinue Reading

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Delicious Dining Room Makeover

By: Diy maven Nov 05, 2010

Sarah turned her sad and dark dining room into a dramatic show stopper. Highlights include an eye-popping chevron rug, a wall o' fabric window covering and a floor to ceiling mirror. Continue Reading

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Yes or No: Cork Countertops

By: Diy maven Nov 05, 2010

Get Creative with ECO Supply's Suberra Cork Countertops

Cork! Recyclable! Renewable! Excellent anti-microbial properties! Wait...what? According to the manufacturer, yes. What say you? Would you give cork kitchen countertops a go???Continue Reading

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Make a Recycled Onion Bag Scrubbie

By: Modhomeecteacher Nov 05, 2010

What can you do with these empty onion bags? I usually toss them but I'm now on a personal challenge to save money on household cleaning products. (I've been shocked at how much I've been spending on this stuff.)  Continue Reading

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Ultimate Thanksgiving: Stuffing and Dressing Recipes

By: Chrisjob Nov 03, 2010

created at: 11/03/2010

Some people refer to it as stuffing, others dressing. Some folks roast it inside the turkey, and many in a dish to get a crisp top (and to avoid any food safety issues). But whatever you call it, and however it makes its way to the table, it has become a quintessential part of the Thanksgiving meal, and it's totally delicious. Here's a collection of tantalizing recipes that can match any menu or palate. We'll keep this post updated with newContinue Reading

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Power Carving

By: Modhomeecteacher Oct 29, 2010

The banner ad for Dremel up there at the top of Curbly got me longing to pull out my underused Dremel. Now there's a tool that's full of all sorts of DIY design potential, but not fired up very often. Pumpkin carving came right to mind, and before I knew it, I was face to face with the Dremel Pumpkin Carving Kit.

Continue Reading

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Some Weird (but wonderful) Kitchens

By: Diy maven Oct 29, 2010

French Provincial anyone?

Kitchens | Weird and wonderful kitchens | Unusual design | PHOTO GALLERY |   
The kitchen of Roald Dahl's dreams?

Kitchens | Weird and wonderful kitchens | Unusual design | PHOTO GALLERY | Reading

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Ultimate Thanksgiving: Turkey Recipe Round-Up

By: Bruno Oct 27, 2010
created at: 10/27/2010

It's still early, but we wanted to get this one out there early to give serious Thanksgiving aficionados plan-ahead time. What follows is a swift stroll through the thicket of turkey techniques you'll find on the Web. We'll keep this post updated with new ones we find over the next month (send suggestions to or leave them in the comments).

Oh, and be sure to check out all of our Ultimate Thanksgiving posts.Continue Reading

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Build a Mad Men Bar with Vintage Cocktail Ware and Classic Recipes

By: Megallancole Oct 26, 2010
created at: 10/26/2010

If all of this talk of fall entertaining drives you to drink, never fear, that's all you really need to be a great host. Building a stylish & chic bar can be your biggest asset during the cold and cozy seasons. Nothing welcomes someone into your home more than a freshly-poured drink on the rocks in a classic highball glass.

created at: 10/26/2010

I've assembled most of our barware from Etsy. Vintage highballs, drinks carts and ice buckets that would fit nicely in Don Draper's office create an air of elegance we're sorely missing these days. I say we bring the classic five o'clock cocktail hour back with finds like these.

Continue Reading

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