Peach Crisp with Maple Cream Sauce

By: Modhomeecteacher Aug 20, 2010

created at: 08/20/2010

This isn't just any old peach crisp. Mr. Mod has some fruit trees and these were his prize peaches a few weeks back. At the same time, I was indebted to my hair stylist for correcting a less than satisfactory color job. The peach crisp was an act of kindness and gratitude which turned out to be the most flippin' unbelievably delicious recipe I've ever… Continue Reading

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Get-to-Know-Your-Apples Chart

By: Diy maven Aug 20, 2010

Take a bite out of these apples.

Have you ever found yourself ruminating over the apples in the apple aisle of your supermarket? If so, it probably went something like this: "Are Braeburns sweeter than Honey Crisp?" or, "Would Fuji's make a good pie?" With so many… Continue Reading

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2 Easy DIY Kitchen Cabinet Organizers

By: Diy maven Aug 20, 2010

Open your kitchen cabinets. Is there any wasted space in 'em? If the answer is 'yes' you are not alone, my friend. Personally, I'm wasting about 6" above my plates and bowls. Nothing but air! Now, with the help of DIY Life, we can reclaim that space.  

kitchen cabinet, shelves

The first project is Tiered Shelves. Think of them like making stadium… Continue Reading

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Make Popcorn Cupcakes!

By: Diy maven Aug 20, 2010

Popcorn? On CUPCAKES?? Well...yes and no. It just LOOKS like popcorn. Can you guess what it really is? The sweet concoctions come to us from Stephanie Lynn, who shows us how… Continue Reading

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DIY Weekend Project: Bold Dot Serving Trays

By: Modhomeecteacher Aug 19, 2010

I happened to come across this large red and white polka dot serving tray for $34.50 from Honestly, if you knew how many round birch laminate serving trays I've picked up throughout the years at Goodwill, you may think I'm a kook. Enough about collection addiction issues. This is a super easy DIY functional project you can start today, finish tomorrow and use on Saturday night. Here's how to make a knock off version of… Continue Reading

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Make Homemade "Febreze"

By: Diy maven Aug 17, 2010

Get out the funk with Instructabler killhannahfreak2's homemade Febreze recipe. Here's what you'll need to whip up a… Continue Reading

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How to Throw a Mad Men Cocktail Party

By: Diy maven Aug 13, 2010


The fourth season of Mad Men is in full gear and I'm not watching it. Why? Because I started watching the series on DVD and I want to continue watching it on DVD--sans commercials and stuff. (Spoiled, huh?) I am DVRing it, but now I'm torn. Do I watch it or wait for the DVDs which will come out in like a year?! Can I wait that long!? Oh the agony! People like those over at Chic and Charming can feel me. Last year they… Continue Reading

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8 No-Bake Summer Cakes

By: Diy maven Aug 13, 2010

Orange-Raspberry Dreamsicle Cake

Problem: It's hot out. Damn hot. The last thing you want to do is turn on the oven. But little Johnny's birthday is this weekend and you need to make a cake.

Solution: An ice-cream cake from Dairy Queen or--better yet--a homemade no-bake,… Continue Reading

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20 Recipes for Fresh Tomatoes with BONUS Tips

By: Diy maven Aug 13, 2010

Gazpacho Salsa

Tis the season for tomatoes! Whether they come from our own gardens or the farmer's market, NOW is the time to indulge in our tomato love. And just so we don't get tired of them--because that would be tragic--Real Simple offers up 20… Continue Reading

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How To Clean Burnt Food from a Pan

By: Modhomeecteacher Aug 13, 2010

Look, I'm no cook. My mom wasn't, and I'm not. Thus, there are many burnt pans in my world. The cook around here is the Mr. and he gets super annoyed when I get preoccupied and let food burn in a pan. (What normal person wouldn't?) I discovered a little secret if I can get to it before he… Continue Reading

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Gliding Wireless Salad Bowl Speakers

By: Modhomeecteacher Aug 13, 2010

DIYer Charles Visnic must have been wearing his thinking cap when he thought of hacking two Ikea birch salad bowls into a  gliding, two-way outdoor death star speaker. Wanna see the… Continue Reading

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Cindy's Kitchen Makeover

By: Diy maven Aug 06, 2010

Cindy's kitchen looked like it got lost in the 70's. After five months of work, she rediscovered its vintage-ness, thanks in large part to a fresh coat of… Continue Reading

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Edible Star Wars

By: Diy maven Aug 06, 2010

<i>Star Wars</i>™ Cookie Cutters

Ya gotta love Star Wars fanatics. From dressing up like their favorite characters to tattooing their flesh with classic imagery from the movies, they seem to be up for anything. If, like me, you can appreciate their unwavering allegiance to the series, then you'll also… Continue Reading

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Make Mixed Berry Pie Balls on a Stick

By: Modhomeecteacher Aug 06, 2010

Today is opening day at The Indiana State Fair, the fair that tops all junk food festivals in the world. One third midway, one-third exhibitions and 100% greasy, buttery or just plain deep-fried carbs. If they sold something like these mixed berry pie balls, I'd say they must have put a healthy eating initiative in place. Since it's doubtful I'll find this yummy treat at the fair, I'll likely whip up a batch of these juicy walking around pieballs and stash them in my bag for some Midway… Continue Reading

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Grilling for the Backyard Challenged

By: Modhomeecteacher Aug 06, 2010

Of course you could continue using your little Hibachi or mini Weber.  But all that bending over! Not so with the rail hugging BBQ Bruce. The Bruce offers comfortable waist high charcoal grilling for those restricted by vertical dwelling space. No more achin' back from bending and flipping.  Available… Continue Reading

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