10 Ways to Save Money by Going Green.

By: Chrisjob Jan 06, 2009

It's hip, it's good for the environment, and even corporations like WalMart and Pepsi are getting into it...and, it can save you money. Inhabitots points out ten ways that living more eco-friendly can use less of the earth AND your resources.







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Homemade Household Recipes to Keep Money in Your Pocket During a Recession.

By: Chrisjob Nov 22, 2008

Clamping down on spending during tough economic times often means letting go of some extras, particularly some pleasant, but technically unnecessary, personal care products. So Gomestic offers this solution: don't buy them at all. Make 'em.

With recipes from DIY facial astringent to playdough and houseplant fertilizer, you can continue to have the things that make your life a little more beautiful.

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How To Keep Fruits and Veggies Fresh With Proper Storage

By: Chrisjob Oct 20, 2008

So...apparently its not as simple as putting things you want to be crisp in the 'crisper'...no wonder my SoySnaps keep getting soggy.

Buying fresh produce is essential to not only a healthful, but tasty, lifestyle. But unlike their frozen, or (blech!) canned varieties, fresh fruits and vegetables can become spoiled if not used quickly enough. Divine Caroline offers this handy chart and other storage tips to protect your investment andContinue Reading

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10 Things You Can Like About $4 Gas.

By: Chrisjob Jul 18, 2008

Oh, Time magazine...always the optimist. Gas prices are changing the way we live. Here's ten reasons why you should care. Via.

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What You Should (and Shouldn't) Buy Organic.

By: Chrisjob Jul 10, 2008

Organic foods and produce are healthier for consumers and the environment, but they can be expensive and acrue large transportation costs. Greenopolis has collected a list of those things that are worth buying organic, and those that its best just to try to buy locally when possible.

No Need:

  • Avocado
  • Banana
  • Pineapple
  • Kiwi
  • Mango
  • Papaya
  • Asparagus
  • Broccoli
  • Cabbage
  • Onions

Yes, Indeed:

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Ten Healthy Foods for Under a Dollar.

By: Chrisjob May 21, 2008

It's easy to justify junk food habits with a "it's way cheaper." Not anymore, potato chip monster. Web MD has assembled ten healthful foods available to you for under one US dollar. Lotsa fruit, lotsa grains, lotsa flavor.

1. Apples

2. Bananas

3. Baby Carrots (in bags)

4. Canned Beans

5. Canned Tomatoes

6. Oranges (extra large navel oranges)

7. Pears

8. Lentils (dry)

9. Pearl Barley (dry)

10. Yogurt (plain, lowfat, or fat-free)

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25 Money-Saving Kitchen Tips.

By: Chrisjob Mar 03, 2008

The Urban Vegan offers some excellent ideas to save money and prevent food waste. The tips are intended for vegans, so that means that they can apply to everyone...unless you manage to survive on nothing but meat.

1. Bake your own bread.
2. Freeze your assets.
3. Cook beans from scratch and freeze them in ziplock bags.
4. Consider the long-term financial implications of organic.
5. Make your own faux meats.
6. Pack your own lunch.
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Nine Things to Buy For The Billionaire on Your Christmas List.

By: Chrisjob Nov 19, 2007

It seems that this list would better titled, "Nine Things for a Billionaire to Buy For You, If You Happen to Be on a Billionaire's Christmas List"... Still, an interesting look at the excess of the holidays.

1. A ride around town: Bugatti Veyron $2 MM

2.Something for that empty wall: Modern Art $8 MM+


3. A bath toy: A Super Yacht up to $200 MM - $300 MM


4. Some beach gear: A Submarine $80 MM


5. A weekend getaway: A private island $10 MM - $100 MM

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Easy, Green Ways to Save Gas This Thanksgiving.

By: Chrisjob Nov 16, 2007
"Fueling the family car this Thanksgiving holiday promises to be costlier than ever before. Making matters worse, it comes at a time when much of the economy is beset with uncertainty. With millions of people headed for Grandma's...or to the mall on shopping errands...gas mileage and gas dollars (not to mention carbon emissions) can add up fast.

This makes Thanksgiving an ideal time to try out a few perfectly painless green tricks to help saveContinue Reading

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When Saving for Your First Home, "Every Penny Counts."

By: Chrisjob Jul 30, 2007

Have a looksee at this article from Sunday's New York Times. (Yes, I did complete the crossword puzzle.)

 Christine Haughney details the experience of four homebuyers struggling to save up for a home in a city where the average Manhattan studio costs $450,000.

Unfortunately, the article concludes, there's no magic involved. Spend less, and save more, and when you want to make a purchase, continually remind yourself, "I want a home."

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25 Cheap Ways to Keep Your House Cooler.

By: Chrisjob Jul 29, 2007
"Sure, go ahead and turn that thermostat up to 80. You'll be sweaty and still shelling out a bundle -- unless you take other steps to make summer heat more bearable and reduce stress on your air conditioner.
Most of these cost little or nothing. Thank the U.S. Department of Energy's Energy Savers program, which provides most of these tips (and more) on its own Web site."
The finance geniuses from Sympatico offer low-investment tips for keeping theContinue Reading
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20 New Tips For Garage Sale Success

By: Chrisjob Jun 12, 2007

First, read this post from my good friend, BadBadIvy.



Then, check out A Yard Sale Checklist from finance blog GetRichSlowly.com. Last season, they suggested ten tips for yard sale prowess, such as:

    A group sale is better then selling alone. More stuff draws more traffic.

    Do not bad-mouth your items

    Be willing to bargain, but be less flexible at the start.

This year, author J.D., fresh from a neighborhood garage sale weekend, offers 10Continue Reading

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