The Easiest Way to Try the Shibori Dyeing Technique

Brittni Mehlhoff
Photo: Rachel Brewer

If I had to choose one DIY trend / technique that I never get tired of, it would have to be dyeing. Mostly because it's a very easy process that (truly) anyone can complete. Plus, the before and after transformation is generally pretty dramatic. There are lots of options when it comes to dyeing too, from traditional dyeing to over-dyeing to dip dyeing, etc. 

The one that I've been most interested in as of late though is Shibori dyeing, which basically means shaping and securing the textile before placing in a dye bath. I've simplified the process to make it easy enough for even the most beginner level DIYer to handle, and used rubber bands to create interesting designs in a matter of minutes. Click through to see how the pillows turned out and do some last minute decorating before the holidays roll around.


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