Eye Candy: Enviable Entryways

By: Diy maven Jun 30, 2011

created at: 06/30/2011

This might come as a surprise to those of you with entryways, but some people don't have them. Oh, sure, there's a door, but it might swing open right into a living area. Or worse yet, it might swing open right into a living area that's carpeted. As someone who used to own a house with just this kind of arrangement (carpet and all), let me tell you, they're irritating. No space for people to congregate as they enter and exit. No place forContinue Reading

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12 Ways to Beautify Your Porch for Summer

By: Diy maven May 24, 2011

created at: 05/24/2011

If you have a porch, I envy you. I've always wanted a porch and feel all homes built from this day forward should have one. So, if unlike me, you do have a porch, here's 12 waysContinue Reading

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DIY Idea: Make a Mudroom Shoe Rack from Pallets!

By: Capreek May 09, 2011

created at: 05/09/2011

As with mason jars, there seems to be no limit on what you can do with a discarded pallet.  We've shared quite a few projects in the past, but this may be the simplest/easiest of the bunch!    Continue Reading

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The Most Interesting Front Door Ever

By: Diy maven May 03, 2011

This entry door is--hands down--one of the most interesting I've ever seen. Makes you wonder what the rest of the facade looks like, no? Well, here it is:Continue Reading

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5 Inspiring Hallway Makeovers

By: Diy maven May 02, 2011

created at: 05/02/2011

Have you noticed that hallways are often overlooked thoroughfares of the common abode? My center hall was forgotten for years, and then a while back we decided to turn it into a 'gallery'. New paint, light fixture and some of my original photographs  was all it needed to make it a place in which people now linger versus pass through. In a continued effort to bring awareness to the oft-neglected hallway, take a gander at these simple but oh-so-effective makeovers.Continue Reading

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Eye Candy: 5 Modern Porches

By: Diy maven Apr 27, 2011

What do you think of when you hear the word 'porch?' Wicker? Boston ferns? Porch swings? All are perfectly appropriate for such an environment, but what if the porch-owner has a modern aesthetic? Those traditional porch staples might notContinue Reading

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How To: Create a Clean, Functional Mudroom

By: Chrisjob Feb 09, 2011

created at: 02/09/2011

What was once an extravagance for newly built homes of the 1980s and 90s has now become essential to the way contemporary families live: the mud room. A place to keep coats, shoes, pet paraphernalia, backpacks, sort through junk mail, and perhaps even do laundry. A transitional room, a liminal space, if you will, to help translate your home to the rest of your life.

But the high traffic can create a bit of chaos, and the mud room can often become a "junk drawer" for your entire house, creating piles of items that don't have another place.   Continue Reading

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High Voltage Hallway Makeover

By: Modhomeecteacher Feb 07, 2011

Facing this kind of mess when you come and go would be enough to make you stay away, right? Hallways are like the overworked stepchild of the house; not being a destination room, they tend to suffer from neglect.  Cat, author of TheGoldenTouch blog, took charge, decluttered, organized and gave this sliver of her client's space a jolt of electric personality.Continue Reading

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Make this entry way storage unit

By: Diy maven Nov 01, 2010

Pretty Handy Girl has outdone herself with this entry hall organizer. The Pottery Barn-esque unit can transform any entry hall into that 'mud room' you've always wanted. And get this, PHG tells us the entire project took Continue Reading

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6 Places Where Land is FREE

By: Diy maven Oct 26, 2010

Yes. You read that right. There are STILL places in the U.S. where land is free. And, yes, there is a catch. You have to agree to build a house (or plop a mobile home or, sometimes, a business) on the land. The concept of giving away free land isn't new, as back in the day the governmentContinue Reading

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Ugly Sunroom Makeover

By: Modhomeecteacher Oct 11, 2010

created at: 10/11/2010

In these parts, you need to suck every bit of sunlight out of the day to make it through the winter. An hour in the sunroom can do wonders.  The homeowners flipped this sunroom from a hideous sidenote to an unbelievably inviting hangout. And, they accomplished this  transformation on an itty bitty  budget. See, it can be done. Continue Reading

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Sewing Table turned Entry Table

By: Diy maven Aug 23, 2010

small-entry-table beforeIn the last edition of the Curbly Make It! library, "Make It! Secondhand Chic", I turned an old sewing table into a laptop table. Since I didn't need a laptop table, I'm now using it as a little table at the landing of my stairs. Restored Style and I were, apparently, on the same wavelength.Continue Reading

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Porch Re-Do with Slats!

By: Diy maven Aug 12, 2010

Morgan's porch lacked privacy. It also provided no relief from the afternoon sun screaming into Morgan's living room. The answer to these conundrums? Slats. Continue Reading

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How to Makeover a Concrete Porch

By: Diy maven Aug 09, 2010

porch makeover

Kathy's porch was looking a little under the weather, so she decided it needed a little doctoring. Although she had a few things to deal with, including peeling paint and cracked concrete, Kathy was undaunted. She collected her suppliesContinue Reading

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How To: Make an Easy, Hand Painted, Delightful Doormat

By: Chrisjob Jul 16, 2010

Looking down onto her front porch, Jennifer had an epiphany. "It's July," she observed, "but that's a Halloween-themed welcome mat." So, she grabbed some paint and got to work.

The results? A fun and playful welcome mat that spans the divide between handmade and standing up to the elements. Using some soft fabric paint, she created a bold border, then used an embroidery pattern to give the whole thing some character.  

   Continue Reading

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