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Curiousity Planter: How to Make a Simple DIY "Bone" Vase

by Kayla Domeyer

Hello everyone in Curbly world! My name is Kayla and I can't really say just how excited I am to be guest posting for Curbly. I've been a fan for a long time, and just recently reached out in hopes of being able to share something beautiful with you. The response was more than I asked for, and I'm going to be sharing FOUR posts with you all this week.

DIY Bone Vase using Air Dry Clay
Photo: Kayla Domeyer

One of my favorite things to work on when in art class in high school was clay projects, and this DIY Bone Vase takes me back to those days. It's got the vibe of one of those old "curiousity shoppes," but you don't have to source any unusual animal parts.

 There is something really satisfying about the weight and cold feeling of wet clay as you manipulate it into shapes and textures. It is just like a squishy stress ball that you can eventually turn into something beautiful. I've toyed a lot with making salt dough projects (like DIY baby hand dish), but it just isn't the same as wet clay.

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Make It: DIY Small Homework Station

by Jennifer Farley

DIY Small Homework Station

School starts in two days at my house and we've been running around getting ready for my son to start the third grade. Although it is not much, my son is becoming the age where homework and projects need to get done at home. My dining room table has been the landing zone for everything. After homework was finished, it continued to remain all over my dining room table, making it a mess. This year, I decided to make a fun and organized place for homework and craft projects so I could take my dining room table back!   

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How To: DIY Hanging Clay Planter

by Lidy Dipert

DIY Hanging Clay Planter

Plants are everywhere these day it seems- don't you think? Just browse Pinterest and before long, you will see the influx of images where plants are the star of the show. Bringing plants into the home, big or small, are a sure way to add warmth and interest into any space. And this simple DIY Hanging Clay Planter is a fun option for displaying small plants! 

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How To: Make a Child's Play Tent in 5 Minutes!

by DIY Maven


5 minute child's tent feature image
Photo: Happy Serendipity

If you have a couple of bored kiddos on your hands who are "over" their usual summer activities, then this 5 minute DIY tent is the answer to your prayers. Not only is it as cute as a button, it's foldable and can be easily stored or brought in the house when the weather turns. And it only takes 5 minutes to make--per the maker, who, by the way is German so you'll have to do the...

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Get The Look For Less: Rustic Natural

by Faith Towers
Get The Look For Less: Rustic Natural
Photo: Magnolia Market

Rustic home décor has become popular lately, and not just in cabins or mountain homes. Natural elements like wood, glass, iron and wool fill these spaces, and with a bit of strategic decorating they can be totally chic and stylish. And while they can have the tendency to be pricey, we've culled through the internet to find some affordable options. Keep reading to check them out.   

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How To: Make a DIY Asterisk Clock (for under $10.00)

By Chris Gardner

created at: 04/12/2011

There's nothing like an iconic mid-century classic to set your home apart. Your home can be as contemporary as can be, but add even one Saarinen or Eames piece to your space, and you've connected with a movement. You've invested in a piece that, fifty or sixty years later, looks as elegant, playful, and amazing as it did when it was first unveiled.

'Cept, here's the deal: these guys can be expensive. While you're paying for comfort and style, you're also paying for the time of some of the most talented artists of the 20th century, quality materials, and, true, some copyright.

So, get creative, and make your own mid-century classic!  

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Make It! Mid-Century Modern

by Alicia Lacy

This week, we're diving down deep into mid-century modern love on Curbly and we're re-sharing our "Make It! Mid-Century Modern" eBook. It's full of mid-century inspired masterpieces you can make at home. 


The book features twelve MCM-inspired how-to projects will show you how to make a Calderiffic MobileEames-embroidered napkins, a fantastic Girard-ish ottoman and more!.

Each article includes...

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