25 Biggest Decorating Mistakes

by DIY Maven

Recently I caught a re-run of a special that had appeared on HGTV a while back. A panel of decorators discussed the 25 biggest decorating mistakes people make. From least offensive to most, here’s the experts’ list.


25. ‘Contour’ toilet rugs

24. Too many photos displayed

23. Ignoring your entry way/foyer

22. Exposed cables—of the media variety

21. Out of place, themed rooms (a Bali bedroom in Alaska would be a no-no)

20. Outdated...

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31 Cheap Decorating Tips

by DIY Maven

Domino has put together a slide-show of 31 cheap and creative decorating tips. Some are easier than others, but all are inspirational. Two ideas that really appealed to me....


Lavanya put a softboard up inside the chimney of her non-working fireplace. She then wrapped wire around toothpicks that she slipped under the softboard. From the wires, she hung glass balls into which she placed tea lights. Lovely effect!

created on: 07/10/08

Sandie wanted to hide her...

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Maven's Top 5 How-To's of Christmas Past

by DIY Maven

The holidays are all about tradition, which means we end up doing the same stuff every year. Including decorating and crafting. As I perused my posts from the last Christmas season, I picked my top 5 favorites. If you weren’t a member of Curbly then or if you were but need a refresher, here they are.

5) Greeting card gift 'pillows'.

4) Newspaper wrapping paper + pinwheel bow.

3) Clothespin greeting card wreath.


2) Elegant...

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Make your own personal color fan deck.

by DIY Maven

Paint manufacturers sell color fan decks to interior designers. The decks will generally include the entire color palette of that individual manufacturer. Making a simple personal color fan deck is a very helpful–if not imperative–in DIY decorating.

First, accumulate all the paint chip strips of all the paint colors used in your pad. If you don’t have the original colors, you can always find similar colors at your local paint store.

Then, using a...

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