How to Make an Envelope for your New Accordion Photo Album

By: Diy maven Jul 16, 2009

created at: 2009-07-16

So yesterday I showed you how to make an accordion album. Today is the finishing touch: an envelope in which to keep it or give it. I've done all the hard work (made a PDF), so it really couldn't be… Continue Reading

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Curbly Video Podcast: How to make an accordion photo album.

By: Diy maven Jul 15, 2009



This is a really fun and effective way to make a little photo album--all without using glue or adhesive in its construction. It’s a great way to showcase your photography. It also makes a great ‘brag book’ for images of your favorite children--furry orContinue Reading

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"Real Oilcloth" and How to Make It

By: Modhomeecteacher Jul 03, 2009

created at: 2009-07-03

photo image:

Why do they call it "oil"cloth? Probably because the recently advertised "real oilcloth" that is all the rage is made from cotton fabric covered with a petroleum based coating. However, genuine oilcloth, the real thing  grandma had on her kitchen table was made from cotton duck, canvas or linen… Continue Reading

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How to Make a "Fry Box"

By: Diy maven Jun 29, 2009


fry box favor by Jaime Ward

Perfect for party favors or small gifts, these fry boxes are a snap to whip up!

  • heavier weight scrapbook paper, sized 8.5" x 11"
  • a printer
  • a… Continue Reading
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How to Decoupage a Notebook

By: Diy maven Jun 26, 2009

created at: 2009-06-26

Grave Violet makes those inexpensive composition notebooks look like a million bucks! She assures us it's very easy to do, which makes it ever better.

Continue Reading

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How to Make a Sour Cream Container

By: Diy maven Jun 23, 2009

These little sour cream containers are a perfect and unique way to give treats or even small gifts. And how cute would they be for wedding or shower party favors?! They look super easy to make… Continue Reading

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How to Tie-Dye Tissue Paper

By: Diy maven Jun 22, 2009

Things to make and do - Tie-dye tissue paper

This clever idea comes from our fellow crafters across the pond. It's tie-dyed tissue paper! To make some, you'll need to gather the… Continue Reading

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How to make a no-sew tie back halter.

By: Diy maven Jun 15, 2009


Turn this...

What the Craft shows us how to make a quick no-sew halter top from a 'large-ish' t-shirt. All you need to make one--besides said tee--is a scissors! For the entire tutorial, follow this jump.Continue Reading

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How To: Make a No-Sew Fold and Glue Garden Bench Cushion

By: Modhomeecteacher Jun 10, 2009

created at: 2009-06-10

If you're planning to entertain this hot summer weekend and the thought of guests sitting on your bare garden bench makes you feel very un-Martha-like, don't panic. Honestly, you can whip up this NO SEW fold and glue garden cushion in about 45 minutes to adorn your charming… Continue Reading

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Easy Breezy Ottoman Slipcover

By: Modhomeecteacher Jun 04, 2009

created at: 2009-06-04

Hot off the press over on ApartmentTherapy is an easy summer ottoman slipcover tutorial. Read step by… Continue Reading

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Before and After: Monday Night Upholstery Ottoman

By: Modhomeecteacher Jun 02, 2009

created at: 2009-06-02

Here we have Jenny's before ottoman she found at Goodwill. Her ambitious piece was done in five class sessions and that includes sewing the top band on upside down, ripping it out and re-sewing as well as sanding and painting the… Continue Reading

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Maker Faire 2009

By: Modhomeecteacher Jun 02, 2009

created at: 2009-06-02

Christian Ristow's Hand of Man

Photo by: Scott Beale  of Laughing Squid

For all of you geeks or geek watchers out there, if you missed Maker Faire 2009  this past weekend in San Mateo, California, you missed something spectacular. Fortunately, Scott Beale has caught not only the best of the best, but just about everything that was anything at this year's… Continue Reading

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How to Make a Cardboard Stampede

By: Diy maven Jun 01, 2009


A few years ago, artist Ann Wood decided to assign herself the task of making a cardboard horse a day until she had 100 completed. When she was finished, she assembled them into a stampede. She has 3 patterns in her corral (get it, corral? heh), 2 adults and 1 colt. To make your own stampede, you'll need to assemble the… Continue Reading

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Turn a Cruddy Castoff into a Modern Workshop Stool

By: Modhomeecteacher May 23, 2009

View this gallery at The Indianapolis Star: Do It Yourself: Refurbished bar stool
For the step by step description of the photos, check out the Star gallery. Why not re-do a stool for your workshop or for a meaningful Father's Day gift?
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How to Make Tissue Paper Carnations

By: Diy maven May 22, 2009

These lovely tissue paper carnations from Folding Trees aren't so much folded as scrunched, which makes them super easy to make! To whip up a bouquet of your own you'll need to assemble the… Continue Reading

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