Roundup: 9 Summertime Activities For The Kids

By: Faith-towers Jun 18, 2013

Summer break is always fun at first, but sometimes as the novelty wears off and the days get hotter, the kids need some help finding things to do. Make sure they don't utter the phrase "I'm bored" ever again with these enjoyable games and activities. Continue Reading

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Before and After: A Funky Embellished Chair Makeover

By: Capreek Jun 17, 2013

This wicker chair was left abandoned and helpless on the side of the road. Fortunately for it, someone with some serious style and DIY design chops brought it home for some much-needed TLC.     

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Roundup: 15 Furniture Turned Pet Bed Projects

By: Diy maven Jun 17, 2013

Besides DIYing, DIYers love their pets. These 15 examples prove as much. From magical to minimal, from challenging to easy, there's something for every decor and skill level. 

We're starting of with this lovely entry from DIY Network in which a rather roomyContinue Reading

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Roundup: 10 Easy Food Crafts To Make With Kids

By: Matt allison Jun 14, 2013

10 Easy Food Crafts To Make With Kids

As father of a toddler and baby I'm always looking for fun and interesting ways to make food and cooking more appealing to them. I've found that involving them in these fun exercises has lead to them expressing more interest in our daily meal planning and preparation.

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5 Last-Minute Father's Day Gifts To Make With The Kids

By: Lexy.b.ward Jun 14, 2013

If you're a procrastinator like me, you don't have a gift for Dad yet. Don't worry! There's still time to make a thoughtful gift! Even better? You can involve the kids in the creation!      

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Roundup: 10 DIY Fabric Projects For The Kids' Room

By: Faith-towers Jun 13, 2013

I don't know about you, but I have lots of fabric leftover from past sewing projects. So why not put it to good use by creating something for the little ones? Here are ten of my absolute favorite fabric-related DIY ideas for playrooms and bedrooms.   

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Make It: DIY Berry Boxes To Hold Odds & Ends

By: Lexy.b.ward Jun 13, 2013

The fruit box is one of those treasures that I save after visits to the farmer's market. I love the simple beauty of them and was so happy when I stumbled upon a tutorial to make my own! This project is very easy and you can customize them for any use! You could even make a large one to hold Dad's gifts this Sunday!      

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IKEA Hack: Floor Pouf DIY

By: Brittni mehlhoff Jun 13, 2013

Hack together a knit floor pouf with heaps of fabric yarn, a rattan floor pouf from IKEA, and this tutorial.   Continue Reading

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Make It: Colorful DIY Plasti-Dip Key Toppers

By: Capreek Jun 12, 2013

After seeing this quirky little DIY project, I kinda want to dip everything in colorful plastic! C'mon, admit it, you want to go dip-crazy, too. If you're on board for some colorful customization of totally mundane objects, read on!     Continue Reading

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Curbly Bookworm: Stuffed Animals From Concept to Construction

By: Diy maven Jun 12, 2013

Love softees? Want to learn how to make them or how to make your designs better? Then you MUST nab a copy of Abby Glassenberg's brand spanking new title STUFFED ANIMALS From Concept to Construction. The book includes 16 absolutely darling softee projects and 52 lessons that teach skills that every newbie needs to knowContinue Reading

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DIY Idea: Make a Faux Fur Message Board

By: Matt allison Jun 12, 2013

Dedo Message Board

I stumbled across this faux fur message board by design by Portuguese designer Gonçalo Campos.

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Roundup: 10 Easy DIY Nursery Wall Art Ideas

By: Faith-towers Jun 11, 2013

Nurseries and kids' rooms are great places to put your DIY skills to good use. Surrounding them with color and creativity when they are young will encourage them to grow up to be DIY'ers just like us! Here are ten great projects to get you started.   

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Roundup: 12 Cool DIY Cardboard Playhouses and Toys for Kids

By: Capreek Jun 10, 2013

If you have a cardboard box hoarding problem (who doesn't in the age of online shopping?), consider turning them into one of these kid-friendly playhouses or toys!     Continue Reading

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Make It: Colorful DIY Fabric Coil Coasters

By: Capreek Jun 10, 2013

Fabric scraps, old sheets, t-shirts that have seen better days: give these textiles a new shot at life by turning them into colorful DIY coil coasters!     Continue Reading

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How To: Turn Pickle Jars into Apothecary Jars

By: Diy maven Jun 10, 2013

When Amanda saw Tauna's pickle jar turned apothecary jar, she had to make one of her own.Continue Reading

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