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5 Minute, $5 DIY: Make a Copper Wrapped Vase

by Holly Wade

DIY Copper Wrapped Vase

Hi, I'm Holly, and I'm obsessed with copper. Especially during fall when warm colors are everywhere, I long to fill my home with accents of copper decor, but I've found - it can get pricey very quickly. So, I learned very quickly that the best way to incorporate copper into my decor was to make it myself! This DIY copper wrapped vase is very simple with minimal skill or supplies but brings the warm, cozy feel of copper to any space when filled with fall colored flowers. When you need to wash the vase, simply slip off the copper coil. Here's how to make it!

And it takes, literally, ten minutes and uses less than $10 in materials.    

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A Seriously Extensive Shopping Guide of Gold, Copper, & Bronze Kitchen & Bathroom Fixtures

by Jennifer Farley

Shopping Guide: Gold. Bronze, and Copper Plumbing Fixtures

I know you feel like you just ripped out the 80s gold fixtures in your bathroom renovation five years ago, which, by the way, was a good decision, but the truth is... gold fixtures are back. No, it's not a scary resurgence like the fashion trend of acid washed jeans a few years back. Gold fixtures can be a part of a stylish and timeless style. Gold isn't the only fixture finish getting all the attention either. Don't forget about the resurgence of copper and bronze into the design world. Today I'm going to share an extremely thorough list of where you can buy gold, copper, and bronze kitchen and bathroom fixtures for any design style.   

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How To: Build A Desk From Copper Pipe

by Lexy Ward

diy copper pipe desk

Desks. Everyone should have one! Mine is used for a myriad of things, and I can't imagine not having it in my home. My tastes are constantly evolving so I've always got my eye on the lookout for unique ways to transform a workspace. So naturally, I did a double take when I saw this modern desk created from copper pipe!      

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