What's Your Color? Take the My Life, My Colors Quiz

by Bruno Bornsztein

It's that part of year when next year's color trend predictions are coming out, and it's a good time to start thinking about bringing more color into your home. In our case, Alicia usually tries to repaint the living room at least once or twice a year, just for good measure, and to drive me completely crazy.

This week, we've teamed up with Glidden to bring you their My Life, My Colors, quiz (below), a quick set of questions that'll help you...

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Design Blogger Wish List: Cambria Bold, Managing Editor of Apartment Therapy's Re-Nest

by Chris Gardner

created at: 12/09/2011

created at: 12/09/2011
This holiday season, Curbly asked our friends, peers, and favorite design bloggers to stop by, have some hot cocoa, and tell us what gifts they'd like to receive this year. Today, we're excited to welcome Cambria Bold, the managing editor of our favorite green and sustainable design blog, Apartment Therapy's Re-Nest.

As they say, coziness is next to godliness. (Wait? Is that not what they say?) This time of year I like nothing better than a stout evergreen tree (complete with kitschy ornaments and twinkle lights), something toasty sweet baking in the oven, Sufjan Stevens' Christmas album, and a free Saturday to enjoy it all with my husband.   

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Decor 101: Why White Walls are Not Boring!

by Al40yearoldintern

created at: 11/08/2011

No sir, I don't think white walls are boring... they are merely just a canvas for something awesome!

I am a big fan of stark white walls filled with colorful collages of artwork.  I appreciate it in my own home as well as others.  For me they evoke the feeling of a light and airy space and I love pops of color scattered throughout. Today I was crafting with a friend who has a fab little bungalow in the Venice Canals part of LA and she also loves her bright white walls... And her place still has lots of personality from the interesting and colorful artwork and accessories throughout.

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Pottery Barn KnockOff - Birds & Branches

by Colleen Jorgensen

created at: 11/06/2011

Hello! I finished this PB knockoff painting yesterday. Finally. This started out as a “simple” project. Or that’s what I thought.

Can someone please tell me why things that should be easy turn out complicated and things that are complex wind up pretty simple? Or is it just me?

Ok, so I made a few changes from PB’s Green Sentiment rug. Like, I didn’t paint a rug; I painted a hanging canvas. Not that I didn’t want a rug. I...

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Holly Turns a $40 Rug into a Show-Stopping Focal Point

by Chris Gardner

created at: 10/17/2011

It's easy to get excited about furniture. And it's plenty fun to explore paint colors, wall art options, and accessories. After all, those are what go into a room's design, right?

Well, yeah. That's part of it. But don't forget those other two sides of the space - the ceiling, and the floor. Of course, a room defining floor piece can often cost significantly more than that can of paint or awesome framed print. Like, a whole lot more.

Unless, of course, you take Holly's advice, and transform the whole space for a cool $50.  

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Transform Your Toilet into a Dual-Flush for $20

by DIY Maven

created at: 09/26/2011

Some of the coolest things found in our (still relatively) new Target Center here in Minneapolis are the dual flush toilets in the rest rooms. (Yes, such things thrill me.) Dual-flush toilets are gaining popularity in residential applications as well. They can cost anywhere from a couple hundred bucks to a couple thousand, so swapping out your old water guzzler to a dual-flush may be cost

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DIY Green Cleaners

by Craftmel

created at: 09/12/2011

Green cleaning products don't always have to come from your local "Green" grocer.  My older sister is a good example of this-- she makes a lot of her cleaning solutions and is in love with the result she gets, both by way of a fresh, clean house and by saving money.  Want a few home-made cleaning recipes?  

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