Eye Candy: 10 Stunning Natural Stone Fireplaces

by Jennifer Farley
Natural Stone Fireplaces
Source: Lonny; Photo: David A. Land

Painted fireplaces have become a trend in the last decade and in someways, in the DIY world, our attention has been diverted from beauty of natural stone fireplaces. Dont get me wrong, I love a good painted fireplace. There have been a few brick/stone fireplaces that have been victim to my paint brush...for good reason. Today's post is a good reminder that natural stone fireplaces can make a beautiful statement in any style of home...even modern ones. Here are ten natural fireplaces that might make you want to put down your paintbrush and consider stone.

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Roundup: 10 Handmade Valentine's Day Gifts for Her

by DIY Maven

Roundup Handmade Valentine's Day Gifts for Her

We covered the guys last week. Today we're turning our attention to the ladies. Although, I'm guessing there are a lot of guys out there that would love some of the things on this list as much as some of the ladies out there would love some of the things on the guys' list--okay, maybe not the beard oil, but I digress. So, read on and make your must-make list, because Valentine's Day is going to be here before you know it. 

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DIY Floating Message in a Bottle for the One You Love

by Alicia Lacy

Make a DIY floating message in a bottle for Valentine's day
I love Valentine's Day, and the truth is, I always have. Even when I was single, broke, and in no position to treat my self or anyone else - I tresured the holiday. Here's why: It's a holiday centered on love. That's basic and not exclusionary. So, for years I've used the day as an invitation to tell the ones nearest and dearest to me how much they mean to me; a love letter to the ones I love.

This year, I'm putting a little twist on my love letters and upping my game with a floating message in a bottle that's a little bit The Police and a little bit The Fifth Dimension. Check it out!

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Eye Candy: Swoon-Worthy Linoleum Floors (We're Not Joking!)

by Jennifer Farley
Roundup: Linoleum Flooring
Source: Smith Creative; Designer: Michael Smith; Photo: Simon Brown

Lately, in the home renovating world, the word "linoleum" has been intertwined with the word "vinyl" and therefore considered to be low end. In reality linoleum is not only extremely durable but extremely eco friendly. The resurgence of linoleum has given us homeowners another stylish yet affordable flooring option. Here are ten  floors that might change your mind about linoluem.

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How To: Make Paper Roses In Minutes!

by Lexy Ward
Description of the picture should go here
Photo: Lexy Ward

I  love working with flowers. Fresh or fake, they just make me happier. While not all of us have a green thumb (I am not declaring I do as I am still struggling to keep my plants alive), paper flowers are the easiest way to enjoy some new blooms and keep them around far longer than a few days. And you can make this version in a matter of minutes! So hunker down with that hot glue gun and let's get to work.      

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Makeover: Large Blank Wall Becomes Stylish Storage for the Television

by Jennifer Farley

TV Storage Wall

Have you ever bought a piece of furniture that you think is going to work perfectly and it just doesn't?  No worries, we have all been there. You are in good company. The homeowners of this living room bought an antique cabinet to hold their television. They had a sectional and their "small cabinet" thinking was the right thing. When they brought it home and put it against the empty wall it just looked smaller. Here is how we solved the problem of making the cabinet and empty wall work for their living room.

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Curbly Original
Before and After: An Ugly Wall to Open Kitchen Storage

by Jennifer Farley

Open Wall of Kitchen Storage

I have a tiny galley kitchen that will one day be fully renovated. I know you are wondering why I want to renovate it? There is much to love here with the yellow rounded countetop, the little desk area, the hard to clean textured vinyl floor, and multi-colored brick. Here is the deal...we are planning to renovate the kitchen from top to bottom in about three years. I had no shame in living with a 70's kitchen until then, but I only have three upper cabinets and three lower cabinets (not including the sink cabinet). I needed storage. And the cheapest place to gain some storage was right here on this wall.    

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