How to Easily Convert From Plastic Grocery Bags for $1.00.

by Chris Gardner

You've been meaning to gather enough re-usable grocery sacks to do away with plastic bags all together, but you just can't find the time to sew them all, and can't bring yourself to pay $8-9 for commercial products.

A better answer: purchase some cheap tote bags from the craft store. Those living in the Midwest, Southeast, Oklahoma, and Texas should note that Garden Ridge sells large tote bags in, like, 15 different colors for only $1. These beat...

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163 Things You Can Compost.

by Chris Gardner

Of course, some of these are obvious, but it's important to note exactly what's safe and useful to throw in your compost bin or pile. If you haven't started, now its the perfect time, as the falling leaves and dying summer plants (tomato vines, corn stalks, etc) are the perfect compost fodder.

Compiled by Marion Owen, from 

Here's the first 30 or so, but do be sure to check out the whole list.

·  paper napkins

·  freezer-burned...

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White or Silver Christmas Tree?

by Chris Gardner

Well, the Curbly holiday posts have officially begun, so thought I may as well solicit the ideas of the Curbly geniuses before the pre-Holiday sales are over

The blue-spruce-alike Christmas tree and cutesy country ornaments and tree skirt I inherited from my family totally clash with my wish-it-was-space-age-modernism decor in our living room. And I love Christmas...I mean love Christmas, so it's pretty problematic, as our tree is up ASAP, and...

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Organic Design

by Ken Hoyt



Decor often tries to emulate the elegance of nature. Ancient man's first artistic impulse seems to have been to replicate flora and fauna in precious materials. Even during the industrial chic of the 1930's decorators Frances Elkin, Syrie Maugham and Jean Michael Frank were devotees of a super-chic, white-plaster, palm-tree torcheres.

The latest green trend is to drag chunks of the out of doors in to the house. The tree trunk as art form has a...

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Trick or Treat Etiquette

by DIY Maven

Well, this is it, the big day. Halloween! The jack-o-lanterns are carved, the candy is in a bowl near the front door awaiting the arrival of trick or treaters. But before the first ding-dong of the door bell, maybe we should go over the rules of the game.

Courtesy of the Glouster Daily Times, here’s an outline of Halloween etiquette for both givers and takers.


  • Incidents of dangerous items and substances ending up in homemade treats...

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Full or Fun: Does size matter on Halloween?

by DIY Maven

In our neighborhood we're known as the house that gives out full-size candy bars on Halloween. Why? Because full-size is a rare trick-or-treat treat around here and the look on a kid’s face when I hand over a gargantuan Hershey bar is priceless. I also argue that the big ones aren’t much more expensive–if at all–than snack size as giving out the mini-bars generally requires handing out more than one to each kid. Also, those little chocolate-y...

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Top 10 Reasons Why White Kitchens Rock

by DIY Maven

1. White kitchens have mass appeal, which might be especially important to homeowners thinking of selling.

2.They’re bright and easy to pair up with colorful accents.

3. They make a great backdrop to collections; think art gallery here.

4. White makes appliances disappear; your other alternative to hidden appliances is covering them in expensive wood panels that match your cabinetry.

5. White appliances are cheaper than...

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Need advice?

by Bjorkfansoph

I need some advice for those in the know? So I hate the finish of my dining room table and chairs, my question is what finish shall I use once I sand everthing down? I'd like to go really dark, should I do this? If you all give advice, can you include a link for me to see the finish you are talking about? Thanks!! Oh, btw, the first photo was taken without a flash and the second one was with a flash.


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More Items You Didn't Know You Could Recycle.

by Chris Gardner

"Ok sure, we can all recycle newspapers, magazines, our Coke cans, and our cereal boxes. Well, is that really it? Is that all you do to recycle? Take a look at my list below. If you are only recycling the obvious items you are not even chipping the surface. In fact, [this post] will not only tell you what to recycle, [it] will try to tell you how and where to do it."

Read the whole article here.

    * Auto
          o Car Batteries.

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"Lite Green" Ottoman Made From Repurposed Wooden Spool

by Mod Home Ec Teacher


  Trying to furnish your new digs on a shoestring?  This fabulous ottoman/hassock can be made for next to nothing.  Go to a hardware store that sells electrical wire off of a wooden spool and ask for a discarded spool.  Next, go to a fabric store and buy a cool fabric remnant that will cover your ottoman. Hint:  Upholstery fabric is 54" wide.  If you have a twenty inch round (diameter) ottoman and you want it...

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