Top 10 Reasons Why White Kitchens Rock

by DIY Maven

1. White kitchens have mass appeal, which might be especially important to homeowners thinking of selling.

2.They’re bright and easy to pair up with colorful accents.

3. They make a great backdrop to collections; think art gallery here.

4. White makes appliances disappear; your other alternative to hidden appliances is covering them in expensive wood panels that match your cabinetry.


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Need advice?

by Bjorkfansoph

I need some advice for those in the know? So I hate the finish of my dining room table and chairs, my question is what finish shall I use once I sand everthing down? I'd like to go really dark, should I do this? If you all give advice, can you include a link for me to see the finish you are talking about? Thanks!! Oh, btw, the first photo was taken without a flash and the second one was with a flash.


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More Items You Didn't Know You Could Recycle.

by Chris Gardner

"Ok sure, we can all recycle newspapers, magazines, our Coke cans, and our cereal boxes. Well, is that really it? Is that all you do to recycle? Take a look at my list below. If you are only recycling the obvious items you are not even chipping the surface. In fact, [this post] will not only tell you what to recycle, [it] will try to tell you how and where to do it."

Read the whole article here.

    * Auto
          o Car Batteries.

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"Lite Green" Ottoman Made From Repurposed Wooden Spool

by Mod Home Ec Teacher


  Trying to furnish your new digs on a shoestring?  This fabulous ottoman/hassock can be made for next to nothing.  Go to a hardware store that sells electrical wire off of a wooden spool and ask for a discarded spool.  Next, go to a fabric store and buy a cool fabric remnant that will cover your ottoman. Hint:  Upholstery fabric is 54" wide.  If you have a twenty inch round (diameter) ottoman and you want it...

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How To Clean Vinyl Siding: an Eco-Friendly Way.

by Chris Gardner

"When it comes to how-to advice on cleaning vinyl siding, I'm amazed at how often the word "bleach" comes up... But think about it -- is bleach really necessary? After all, it's harmful to the environment, including your very own local waterways, flora and fauna. And not just wild fauna -- I met someone whose little dachshund was killed when a careless neighbor accidentally sprayed the pup with a bleach solution while cleaning his siding.

Here are...

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A check list for getting your house ready for Fall!

by Ken Hoyt


I recently visited Helen Raptis and Dave Anderson on AMNW on KATU to talk about getting some fall chores completed. Follow this link to see the video. Below you'll find the list we talked about with links to recipes.
Start Outside

    * Wash down the windows from the outside
    * Wash down or sweep the outside walls and decks as needed.
    * Finish any maintenance that’s weather related (like painting raw wood)
    * Check the gutters

Head indoors


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Window Washing 101

by Ken Hoyt


Few things can make a house seem brighter than sparkling clean windows. Clean glass seems to invite the sunlight inside. There are dozens of products for cleaning glass available at the supermarket, but I always wondered why the professional window cleaners never use them. It turns out that they have something that works better. You're likely already in possession of the most important ingredient: dishwashing soap. The liquid kind used for...

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Protect Your Leather Furnishings

by Ken Hoyt
Hides, like skin, benefit from moisturizing. But even light conditioners can change the look of leather. Always test in an
inconspicuous place to decide if the change will suit you.

Linseed oil, from flax seeds, is an old favorite for preserving leather. But the hardware store variety is boiled, causing fumes. It’s also likely to include petroleum products, which are added to decrease drying time.

Leather Lotion

1/4 cup food grade linseed or...

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Go Green without Going Crazy

by Erinloechner

Got a passion for ecology? Redecorating or rennovating your home? Check out Curbly's top guide to green resources, with some help from our friends at Metropolitan Home:

GreenShield: plantable roofing to put greenery on the roof (
Majestic Slate: recycled rubber and plastic polymers (

UltraTouch: recycled denim (
Warmcell: recycled newspaper (


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21 Things You Didn't Know You Could Recycle.

by Chris Gardner

" Garbage.  Americans produce more and more of it every year, when we need to be producing less.  Even the most waste-conscious among us can feel overwhelmed by the amount of household waste that goes beyond what municipal recyclers and compost bins can handle." Do your best by seeking to donate, reuse, and recycle the following.

Get all the details from Co-Op America. 

  • Appliances
  • Batteries
  • Cardboard boxes
  • CD/DVD/Video Games
  • Clothes
  • ...

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Is It a New Trend - White and Black?

by Lenk Art

This is page from Ikea catalogue.

Was not black-and-white around before? May be I wasn’t looking for white and black items and just didn’t noticed them?

It seems everyone is offering black-and-white decorative accessories nowadays.

I am wondering, how strong the influence of fashion industry is on interior décor? I have feeling that it takes about 2-4 years for colours, fabric patterns and textures from fashion industry to be adopted in Home Décor f...

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