Top 10 Bedroom & Office Makeovers of 2011

By: Diy maven Dec 22, 2011

created at: 12/20/2011

As another year comes to a close, we'd like to take the opportunity to look back at all the marvelous makeovers we've seen here on Curbly in 2011. In this roundup of the best of the best, we're concentrating on bedrooms and offices. The criteria for landing on this esteemed list is simple: the rooms had to make us do a double take. Sometimes that meant studying the before to make sure it was the same room as pictured in the after. Sometimes… Continue Reading

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Best of Curbly: Top Ten Kitchen Makeovers of 2011!

By: Capreek Dec 20, 2011

Best Kitchen Makeovers of 2011 (sponsored by Caesarstone)

It's Top Ten time, people!  We're celebrating a year of inspiring makeovers and DIY ingenuity with a look back at some of the biggest and best kitchen updates of 2011.  From minor to major, we've selected the ten most impressive kitchen transformations of this past year.… Continue Reading

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Design Blogger Wish List: Faith Durand, Managing Editor of Apartment Therapy's The Kitchn

By: Chrisjob Dec 15, 2011
created at: 12/15/2011

created at: 12/15/2011This holiday season, Curbly asked our friends, peers, and favorite design bloggers to stop by, have some hot cocoa, and tell us what gifts they'd like to receive this year. Today, we're excited to welcome the managing editor of our favorite food blog, Apartment Therapy's the Kitchn - Faith Durand.

One of the problems (and delights) of working for an endlessly inspiring site like Apartment Therapy is the stream of new products and beautiful things that I see every day. It makes it both easier and harder to make up my holiday wishlist. On the one hand, I see trends and styles come and go, helping me pass over cheap impulse purchases that I know won't last the test of time. But I also see so many beautiful, hopefully classic things for the home and the kitchen. Here are a few that have stuck with me this year. If Santa is around, I hope he's listening.    … Continue Reading
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Pantone Christmas Ornaments

By: Diy maven Dec 15, 2011

created at: 12/15/2011


These colorful bobbers* are actually baubles. Christmas baubles that is. They're available in turquoise, green, red, purple and yellow… Continue Reading

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How To: Make a DIY Holiday Wooden Slat Doormat!

By: Capreek Dec 14, 2011
created at: 12/12/2011
Merry and bright, indeed!  And easy to boot.  Check out how to make this festive wooden door mat below!… Continue Reading
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FREE 3D Christmas Tree Printable

By: Diy maven Dec 14, 2011

Pretty, 3D and free? Doesn't get much better! Group three or more of these little trees for a cheerful and bright centerpiece or mantel decoration. Most of the things we need we need to make them we already have on hand. Except… Continue Reading

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Make It: Mini Wreath Ornaments

By: Craftmel Dec 14, 2011

created at: 12/13/2011

This mini wreath ornament requires few supplies: Yarn.  Ribbon.  And a bathroom decor staple?  … Continue Reading

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Ayla's Big Girl Room: In Progress

By: Alicia Dec 13, 2011

Ayla little girl room

Last month, Bruno wrote a post about the glittery pink school desk he made over for Ayla's B.G.R. (Big Girl Room). We had hoped to have her whole room re-done and put together this month, but with the holidays and so much going on with Curbly, it sort of got away from us. But we did manage to get a few things done, and I just wanted to give you a peek at where we're at so… Continue Reading

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Roundup: How to Make 15+ Christmas Stockings for the Holidays

By: Diy maven Dec 07, 2011

created at: 12/06/2011

Young, old, cat, dog, everybody enjoys a discovering a filled stocking on Christmas morning. The BEST stockings have always been and will ever be homemade. From machine sewn to no-sew, from knit to crochet, in this round up, we've amassed hundreds--yes hundreds--of stocking tutorials to help you make this Christmas joyful and bright!

To ease ourselves into things, we're going to start with a super-simple  stocking-makingContinue Reading

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How To: Make a Simple DIY Leather Journal

By: Capreek Dec 05, 2011

created at: 12/05/2011

These simple leather journals or sketchbooks would make great holiday gifts for the writers, doodlers, list-makers, or note-takers in your life.  I don't know about you but I want to make a hundred of these and give them to everyone I… Continue Reading

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Roundup: 15 Festive DIY Holiday Wreaths to Make This Year!

By: Capreek Dec 05, 2011

created at: 12/04/2011

With materials ranging from paper straws to actual living plants, we've rounded up 15 of our favorite festive DIY wreaths!  Happy hand-crafted holidays!   

created at: 12/04/2011

1. Ruffled Felt Poinsettia Wreath

2. Felt Ball Wreath

3. Felt Rosette Wreath

4. Paper Circle Wreath

5. Felt Flower Wreath

created at: 12/04/2011

6. Vintage Ornament Wreath

7. Holiday LightContinue Reading

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Slides in Houses: The Top 5 Coolest Indoor Slides!

By: Capreek Nov 30, 2011

created at: 11/30/2011

When I grow up, my dream house is definitely going to have a slide!  And probably a secret bookshelf door, a hedge maze, and a moat filled with spicy queso... but I'm getting ahead of myself.  Slides!  In houses!  Here are our top five picks (in no particular… Continue Reading

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How to: Make a DIY Modern, Minimalist Nutcracker

By: Chrisjob Nov 29, 2011

created at: 11/29/2011

I feel sorta bad for the nutcracker as an object... I mean, people like to eat nuts during other, non-holiday times of the year, right? But then, some German Romantic fantasy writer decided it made a pretty good gift from a crazy, creepy uncle, and then good old Pyotr Ilyich thought that adventure made a mostly awesome subject for a ballet, and now, any glimpse of those wide-jawed wooden soldiers simply screams, "It's Christmas! It's Christmas!"

Or, perhaps, I feel bad for most actual nutcrackers...cause they're, well, kinda tacky. I mean, I know there are really quality, beautiful, carved wooden ones, especially the handcrafted ones from the German forrest tradition. But the ones sold nowadays in discount stores are low-quality, poorly sanded and hastily glued pieces of mass-produced junk.

Which means they're perfect, inexpensive opportunity for a modern, minimalist makeover.… Continue Reading

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How To: Turn Cardboard Boxes into Colorful DIY Shelving!

By: Capreek Nov 28, 2011

created at: 11/28/2011

After Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, and Cyber Monday, chances are your cardboard box collection has grown exponentially.  Before you start tossing boxes out (or recycling them, hopefully), consider this clever reuse project: colorful DIY… Continue Reading

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How To: Make a Colorful String-Wrapped Branch Wreath!

By: Capreek Nov 23, 2011

created at: 11/23/2011

Simple, easy, and a bit like a friendship bracelet for your door, this DIY branch wreath from Duo Fiberworks is my new favorite thing.  Ye Olde Twig Wreath just got an awesome and colorful update, y'all!… Continue Reading

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