DIY Halloween Costume: Purple Rain

by Alicia Lacy

Prince Purple Rain Costume

It would be a shame to leave a Prince-themed costume out of our DIY costume repertoire this Halloween, for three compelling reasons:


1. Everyone admires Prince.

2. We live in Minneapolis, a city that holds Prince in its heart.

3. He epitomizes what it means to be an artist. He is a legend.  


So this Halloween, we're paying tribute to Prince with a Purple Rain...

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Eye Candy: 10 Cozy Winter White Rooms

by Faith Towers
Eye Candy: 10 Cozy Winter White Rooms
Photo: Amara

Winter always seems to be synonoymous with white, in my mind (even despite our lack of snow up here in the northeast). There's something about a mostly white space with soft textures and layers that feels so cozy and inviting. So today we're sharing ten stunning white rooms that will surely inspire you to embrace the subtle hue.   

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