Eye Candy: 15 Coat Racks To Buy Or DIY

By: Lexy.b.ward Aug 27, 2015
Eye Candy: 15 Coat Racks To Buy Or DIY
photo: We Do Wood

I love a good coat rack. In the corner or the entryway, it's a fun and useful accessory! Here are 15 of my faves around the web that you can BUY or DIY!      

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Roundup: 10 Clever and Unique DIY Wall Hook Projects

By: Capreek Jan 14, 2015
Photo: Kara Paslay Designs

Between all the coats, scarves, bags, and who knows what else, it seems like this time of year I'm always running out of space to hang stuff. If you've found yourself in a similar predicament, or just want some wall-mounted storage in your entryway, check out these 10 creative DIY wall hook ideas!     Continue Reading

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How To: Make a Modern Wood and Copper Coat Rack

By: Capreek Oct 02, 2013

Now that I live in a place where the weather changes from sunny to drizzly to bone-soaking-wet and back again multiple times in a single day, I'm thinking it might finally be time to get proper coat rack. This wood and copper version is really catching my eye at the moment -- plus it's a cinch to make!       Continue Reading

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Make It: Easy DIY Copper and Concrete Clothes Rack

By: Capreek Sep 10, 2013

Sibylle from Funkytime knows the way to my heart: gleaming copper and smooth-as-butter concrete! The two materials just contrast so perfectly, ya know? I'm especially loving how she's combined them in this super functional DIY coat rack.     Continue Reading

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Make It: A Colorful DIY Screwdriver Coat Rack

By: Capreek Jun 24, 2013

Stay organized and show off your DIY sensibilities in style with this super easy coat rack project!       Continue Reading

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Make It: Rustic Hanging Coat Rack DIY

By: Capreek Jun 06, 2013

If floor space in your entryway is at a premium, try this simple hanging coat rack idea!       Continue Reading

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How To: Make a Colorful and Modern Mudroom -- from Scratch!

By: Capreek Apr 11, 2013

created at: 04/11/2013

Don't have a mudroom? No problem! Here's how to make one out of thin air (and some other materials, of course).     Continue Reading

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Roundup: 21 Creative DIY Wall Hook and Coat Rack Projects!

By: Capreek Feb 07, 2013

created at: 02/07/2013

I'll admit that the coat rack/wall hook situation in our entryway (which is really just our living room) needs a little help. When we have guests over, they inevitably ask, "So... uh, where do you want me to put my coat?" -- which means "Dude. Get a coat rack already." We end up tossing jackets over the back of a random piece of furniture and call it day, but I'd love to surprise our friends with an actual, honest-to-goodness coat rack or wall hook the next time they come over. One of these modern DIY options ought to do the trick!       Continue Reading

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How To: Make A DIY Hanger Coat Rack

By: Matt allison Oct 24, 2012

created at: 10/24/2012

I stumbled across this Ready-Made submission that Das rote Paket received for a competition they were running. It's cheap, cheerful and quirky, key ingredients for my kind of DIY.

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Make It: A Colorful DIY Driftwood Coat Rack!

By: Capreek Apr 24, 2012

created at: 04/24/2012

I love the idea of incorporating found objects and elements from nature into your decor and this driftwood coat rack is a perfect (and playful) example of how to do just that!   Continue Reading

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Utterly DIYable Coat Rack

By: Diy maven Jan 12, 2012

Lodelei by Nils Holger Moormann

From designers Martin Parn and Edina Duflal-Parn for Nils Holger Moormann, the Lodelei coat rack is a 'modern take on a classic idea.' Picture it without the fabric panel. Wood, Shaker pegs...that's about it. The cloth, which Continue Reading

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How to: Make a DIY Upcycled Coat and Purse Hanging Station

By: Craftmel Jan 10, 2012

created at: 01/10/2012

With our warm winters, we don't have a need for a coat rack.  In fact, the coat closet in our condo is home to our camping gear because the very idea of having designated square footage for coats is silly when it is 72 degrees outside (which did make for an awkward situation when we had people over for dinner and they handed me their light jackets... I just stood there like an idiot holding them instead).  Even so, this fun idea doesn't take up storage space, and is pretty fun to look at too.   Continue Reading

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DIYable Coat 'Tree'

By: Diy maven Mar 29, 2011

camille soulayrol

I am loving this idea. Scrap (aka found) wood, a few cheeky chicks and some coat hooks and you're good to go.Continue Reading

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How-To: Make a Scandinavian-Inspired Coat Stand

By: Capreek Mar 22, 2011

created at: 03/22/2011

Until my dream of living in a Scandinavian Modern cabin comes to fruition, I'll just be content with simple flourishes of inspired decor and accessories like this rustic modern coat stand.  It's a gorgeous little piece that packs a big ol' Scandinavian punch - and its DIY rating is off the charts.   Continue Reading

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Totally DIYable Concrete and Pole Coat Rack

By: Diy maven Jul 07, 2010

I am diggin' this coat rack creation by Vytautas Gecas. I'm also diggin' the fact that the idea is totally DIYable. You could mix up some concrete and fashion a form with a couple of buckets, maybe cardboard or even wood, but a visit to yourContinue Reading

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