Create Fresh Summer Scented Linens Year Round.

by Chris Gardner

I was born in 1982. We ALWAYS had an electric clothes drying machine, and I admit the only times I've used a clothesline to dry my clothes have been outside the United States.

But, I've read the poetry. I know the images. I've seen the commercials. The smell of the sun on your bedsheets is, apparently, an amazing thing. And with THESE tips, apparently even folks like me, can get in on it. All year long.



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Clean Your Closet and Make Space for More 'Good'.

by Chris Gardner

Blogger Edith Yeung offers sound advice for cleaning not only your storage closet, but your mental/emotional 'closet' as well.

Edith suggests:

Throw it away when: 

  1. You don’t feel good about it.

  2. You don’t like it.

  3. You don’t feel comfortable wearing it.

  4. You don’t remember you had it.

  5. You have not worn it even once in the past 12 months.

  6. It doesn’t fit you anymore. 

  7. The only reason you keep because it is expensive.

Change the "throw it away"...

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Make a Custom Pair of Shorts - Sewing For Dudes (and Ladies) No. 3.

by Chris Gardner

It's hot outside. Don't let your fear of showing off your knees prevent you from dressing for the weather. Sew your own pair of shorts, and they'll be as long or short as you please.

A pair of pants
Sewing machine and thread
Combination square

1. Take off your pants. Put on the trousers that will become you shorts, and determine where you’d like the length of your shorts...

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DIY Clothes Drying Rack.

by Chris Gardner

My wife is short, and a high school teacher, so when we find school-appropriate clothes that actually fit, we keep ‘em as far from the dryer as possible. So, tired of having her wardrobe spread all over our living space while drying, I decided it was time for a drying rack. (Our back ‘patio’ has no space for a clothesline.) Problem is, commercially available drying racks may advertise 15 sq. ft of drying space, but that only works if you hang...

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