Giveaway: Win an Easy Track DIY Closet Organization System ($270 value)

by Bruno Bornsztein

created at: 07/11/2011

Ok folks, it's November and holiday season has officially begun. That means gift-wrapping, decorations, and finding a place to put all that stuff! This week, we're going to help you out on that front. We've teamed up with Easy Track, makers of easy-to-install closet organization systems, to give away an Easy Track starter kit, worth $270!

Read on to find out more about the giveaway prize, and how to enter!

Easy Track closet organization starter kit.
The Easy Track starter kit package: this week's giveaway prize (it's available in three colors: truffle, white and natural cherry)!

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9 Awesome Closet Makeovers

by DIY Maven

created at: 03/14/2011

By their nature, closets are conducive to disorganization. Think about it, they're dark little rooms that we can close off from view. If yours aren't messy, there just might be something wrong with you...or you're Martha Stewart. OR you're one of these folks who got all Curbly on their closets and made them over for the entire world to see. Some underwent the full treatment, others

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"Smart" Closets to the Rescue

by Bruno Bornsztein

Check out this cool article on an interesting idea; "smart" closets are being developed that can tell you wether your shirt and tie are matched:

If you’ve ever felt the embarrassment of wearing a mismatched suit or outdated outfit to an important meeting or event, the “wearable computer lab” at the University of South Australia has just the solution for you. “Smart” closets are being developed that will let the owner know important fashion tips...

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