Cat Tested; IKEA Approved

By: Diy maven Sep 13, 2010

ikea cat

Recently, IKEA UK let loose 100 kitties inside their Wembley store. Why? Mostly just for fun, as I can tell. Although, they claim it was an 'experiment'. Either way, it'll surely cause some buzz. Continue Reading

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DIY Simple Cat (or Dog) Bed

By: Diy maven Sep 02, 2010

Who doesn't want their fur-children's furniture to match their design aesthetic? Daniel and Valeria, for one...or two, rather. They decided to make their kitty, Lambi, a bed/cubby that would blend seamlessly with their flooring. The outcome is Continue Reading

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How To Toilet Train Your Cats

By: Modhomeecteacher May 11, 2010

created at: 05/11/2010

To put it mildly, I'm not a cat person. No offense to those who are, I just have a terrible memory of driving downtown with my mother to the Board of Health with a dead cat in a five gallon paint can after it bit my brother. It had to be tested for rabies. I didn't see the dead cat,Continue Reading

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Scratching Post=Modern Art Piece

By: Diy maven Nov 05, 2009

created at: 2009-11-05

This is Leo, a cat scratching post that looks as lithe as are the fur-people that use it. Made of Zebrawood, it's soft enough to give kitty's claws a workout, but it's hard enough to keep its shape.Continue Reading

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Turn an old suitcase into a pet bed!

By: Diy maven Sep 11, 2009


Brooklyn Limestone's resident mascot, Big Cat, has a new bed, and it's made out of an old suitcase! If you are familiar with the feline disposition, you know that they love suitcases (especially when you're trying to pack them).Continue Reading

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Cat Tree Houses

By: Diy maven Aug 10, 2009


Mature (large) Cat Tree House

Cats love high places, that's why they love to climb trees. And sometimes get stuck in them. These gorgeous kitty tree houses from PetTreeHouses provide all the fun and none of the risk to those felines who jones for altitude. Continue Reading

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From End Table to 4-Poster Kitty Bed

By: Diy maven Jun 09, 2009


Ohdeedoh highlighted this little gem of an 'after' found on Junk Camp. Continue Reading

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‘Designer’ Pet Crate Covers

By: Diy maven Jul 23, 2008

created on: 07/23/08

Because of some behavioral problems, my very neurotic cat sleeps in a very large dog crate at night. It breaks my heart, as I’d much rather have her sleeping in our bed and specifically on my feet, which seems to be her preferred human body part/pillow. For any pet-parent that has to employ a crate, you know what an eyesore they can be. Crate Covers and More sells very pretty ‘slip covers’ (starting at $130) in various styles that you canContinue Reading

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The Flying Saucer Kitty Bed

By: Diy maven Dec 14, 2007

Design Public equates the Hepper Pod Pet Bed to a stylish mountaintop cave. And really, what kitty wouldn't love to hunker down for a snooze in such a lofty space? For cats and dogs up to 50 pounds, the Sherpa fleece-lined bed, which is available in six fabulous colors, will set you back $155 bucks.


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Make a cat toy out fur?

By: Diy maven Oct 11, 2007

Check out this simple and free--thanks to your cat--way to make a toy that will drive your cat crazy!



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Cat Butt Decor

By: Diy maven Jul 13, 2007

WARNING: Crude material ahead.

When the topic of cat butt rears its head around here, it usually has something to do with dingle berry control. You get a whiff of something malodorous and know that Miss Kitty has a milk dud attached to her backside. Frankly, I do my best to complete the dingle berry removal process by ‘feel’, averting my gaze if possible. Considering its potential for such nastiness, we might think there could be nothing ‘cute’Continue Reading

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Cats Love Sinks

By: Diy maven Mar 06, 2007

Dogs may love trucks, but cats love sinks.

For more cats in sinks, visit

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