The Curbly House Gets a Window Dressing Makeover: The Inspiration

by Alicia Lacy

The windows are the best thing about our new house. They are old and many need some repair, but they're full of character and they bathe us in natural light all day long. I can't tell you how many people have told us the place feels like a tree house, with all the natural light. We totally agree.

But after we lived here for a few days, we realized there's one problem with tree house living ... there's no privacy. So after a few nights of...

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Make It: Easy No-Sew Roman Shades

by Capree K
created at: 07/19/2012

I'm on a quest to find new window treatments that are affordable and stylish and, well, affordable. What we have now are some discolored, plastic "wood" blinds that have ceased to open properly. I love the look of Roman shades, but hate the typical expense associated with having them custom made. So, what's a girl to do? Make her own! Without sewing a single stitch!    

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Design Help Needed Here: Wooden Slat Moveable Panels

by Mod Home Ec Teacher

created at: 03/24/2010

PhotoImage: BlueAntStudio

I'm in love with wood slats, wood slat walls, louvers, all of it. Whether it's the horizontal-ness of it or the clean, no nonsense lines, the light shining through, who knows? My DIY idea is to devise some sort of wood slat panels that I can hang on ceiling tracks in front of my, always troublesome, three panel sliding door ensemble. (That's right, I've solved this decorating dilemma) Take a look at the problem...

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How to make just about any kind of window covering you can imagine

by DIY Maven


Image of a finished roller blind

MWT and I did a little kitchen remodeling over the holidays. The new sleek look demands new window coverings. I shopped around a bit yesterday but was summarily disappointed in my offerings. The windows' dimensions would do better with custom products, but, as we know, custom is expensive! So, I'm leaning toward DIYing my own, which means exploring the inter-tubes for inspiration. In doing so, I came across the most awesome-est site. It's called

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How To: Turn Mini-Blinds into Roman Shades.

by Chris Gardner

Face it: No one ACTUALLY likes the look of mini-blinds, but many of us simply continue to let them hang cause they're there, and they do their job, and it's easier than starting over. So, check out this tutorial: Jenny from Little Green Notebook offers a how-to for turning your mini-blinds, already sized and hardware hung, to create custom Roman shades.

Simply determine how many folds you'd like, cut out all but that many of the slats, glue on...

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Blinds with Built in Solar Lights

by DIY Maven

created on: 11/13/08

These vertical blinds by Yoon-Hui Kim & Eun-Kyung Kim hold a little secret, a solar lamp. Here's how it works: the blinds, which are closed during the day, are outfitted with tiny solar pads mounted on the blinds' vertical slats. As the sun goes down, the pads lighten, revealing a luminescent floor or table lamp or even a chandelier. Why not just use some phosphorescent material? I'm guessing it might not cast as much light as the solar option...

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