Curbly Bookworm: Crafting with Wood Pallets

by DIY Maven
Crafting with Wood Pallets cover shot
Photo: Ulysess Press

Becky Lamb gets it: no matter what some people may say, crafting stuff out of wood pallets will continue to be popular. Her love of the humble shipping staple started a long time ago with a DIY shelf. Her love affair has culminated into a complete book packed with 25+ rustic projects using them, and they just might be the inspiration you need to finally start making stuff out of those pallets you've...

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Curbly Original
Before and After: Refinished Tile Bathroom Makeover

by Jennifer Farley

Refinished Tile Bathroom

Everyone loves to see bathroom makeovers. You know, the bathrooms that are completely gutted and completely reconfigured. Those bathrooms are fun and completely "pinnable" but for many are not attainable for many different reasons. This bathroom is pretty bad and very outdated. It was actually considered livable before the toilet, faucets, and that random turn dial light switch were taken out. In this bathroom makeover, everything you see besides the wallpaper, stayed in the bathroom.  We refinished every surface and believe me, it does not look the same...   

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How To: Make Ceramic Hand Dishes

by DIY Maven
Photo: My Poppet Makes

Although the maker of these MCM hand dishes (Cintia) identifies them as a "kids craft," the idea and technique is appropriate for any age. Although, preserving the size and shape of a kid's hand in such a way is about the coolest childhood memento ever. I've just started experimenting with air dry clay, which this project utilizes, and

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