Bathroom Cleaning Cheat Sheet

By: Bruno May 05, 2011

Clean Bathroom Cheat Sheet from Curbly

This month, we're going to be doing a bunch of potty posts. As awkward as it sometimes is to talk about, the bathroom is a crucial room. Expect some roundups (sinks, shower curtains) and rants (bidets, why they're awesome). To start things… Continue Reading

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Amazing Budget Bathroom Makeover

By: Diy maven Apr 25, 2011

created at: 04/25/2011

Don't have the cash to gut that iffy bathroom? Take some hints from The Painted Home, which, according to my very quick tally, came to about $300 bucks. For economy AND style, the… Continue Reading

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Roundup: 15 Awesome and Easy DIY Mason Jar Projects

By: Capreek Apr 20, 2011

created at: 04/20/2011

As Chris mentioned a few weeks ago, mason jars have exploded (again?) onto the craft and DIY scenes.  You can't look anywhere without seeing some crazy new use for them!  As it stands, we're embracing the trend here at Curbly.  To make things easy on you, here are 15 mason jar projects all in one place!… Continue Reading

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Modern Bathroom Makeover

By: Diy maven Apr 19, 2011

created at: 04/19/2011

Located in Las Vegas, this bathroom needed a some punch. Designer Gina De Pasquale paid tribute to the home's mid century modern architecture while simultaneously bringing it into the 21st century. 

I especially find admirable Gina's choice to mix 'high- and low-priced fixtures and accessories'. For example, the… Continue Reading

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How-To: Make An Eco-Friendly Bath Mat

By: Capreek Mar 29, 2011

created at: 03/29/2011

Perhaps in the whirlwind that is Spring Cleaning, you've encountered some towels that have seen better days.  Before you throw them away, consider repurposing them as an eco-chic bath… Continue Reading

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Bathroom Cleaning Check List and Cheat Sheet

By: Chrisjob Mar 16, 2011

It's Spring Cleaning and Home Organization month on Curbly, and we're doing our best to make things manageable and easy so you can whip through the process and enjoy your clean home!

Last week, we shared a quick and easy kitchen cleaning cheat sheet and checklist, and we got great responses from our readers. So, this week, we're back with that other tough to keep up space: the bathroom.  

There are two ways to… Continue Reading

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$500 Bathroom MakeUNDER

By: Diy maven Mar 08, 2011

When my boo and I were shopping for our first house, there was a room in one property we looked at that reminds me of the one pictured above, but it wasn't a bathroom. It was the dining room. And instead of just foil… Continue Reading
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The Great Master Suite Color Debate

By: Kitliz_at_diydiva Feb 21, 2011

created at: 02/18/2011

I have to start this off with two confessions. 1.) I'm coming off of a 10 hour painting marathon, which means I've been breathing more toxic fumes than oxygen for most of the day and probably you shouldn't take anything I say too seriously. Also, 2.) Hi... I'm Kit from, and my introductions should almost always be prefaced with a… Continue Reading

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To prove I'm not 'just all talk'...

By: Diy maven Jan 31, 2011

created at: 01/31/2011

Awhile back I posted a link to a tutorial for a bathroom wall shelf. I showed the pic to MWT and asked, "How about it?", to which he replied, "Sure." So, we went to the lumber store the following weekend and bought what we didn't already have on hand to make it. Ultimately, we didn't refer to the original how-to. Didn't need to, and if you… Continue Reading

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A Small Bathroom of Epic Proportions

By: Brittanymauriss Jan 24, 2011

created at: 01/24/2011

 Josh Ramsey, young Dallas homeowner and entrepreneur, set out to create a spa-like oasis for his wife, Hannah, an ER nurse, to help her unwind at the end of a long day. But remodeling is hard, and Josh got stuck midway through.

No, the old bathroom wasn't too terribly bad, but nothing about is soothing. The tile looks outdated and, quite frankly, creeps me out a little.

Now feast your… Continue Reading

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Turn Your Builder's Grade Oak Vanity Into a Thing of Beauty

By: Modhomeecteacher Jan 07, 2011

Our master bathroom vanity is ugly, awkward and has terrible hardware. However, like most home improvements, a bathroom remodel would open up an expensive can of worms. But then I saw this little inexpensive transformation which blew me away and has me… Continue Reading

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Kim's 1949 Bathroom Overhaul

By: Diy maven Dec 20, 2010

created at: 12/20/2010

The bathroom in Kim's old 1949 Cape Cod house is a shadow of its former self, thanks to some very well thought out design choices by Kim and her husband,… Continue Reading

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Smartest Bathroom Makeover Ever

By: Modhomeecteacher Dec 13, 2010

Marla and Colin's small full bathroom had issues. Besides only having one sink, the floor slanted which resulted in tub water not draining, the lighting was bad and the drop down ceiling made things a little "close". They (wisely) took a year to save and plan. Here's how the project played… Continue Reading

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Incredible Budget Bathroom Makeover

By: Diy maven Dec 13, 2010

created at: 12/13/2010

Ryan was not pleased with his Pepto pink, 35 square foot bathroom. Undaunted, the contributing editor of Country Living went to work and DIYed the little loo into a shadow of its former self, spending only 1,000 bucks from start to… Continue Reading

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Craigslist Sideboard to Vanity Conversion

By: Modhomeecteacher Nov 15, 2010

This conversion deserves some applause. New England homeowners wouldn't settle for less than a 7' buffet/sideboard to convert into their master bedroom dual sink… Continue Reading

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