Ten Alternative Uses for Tennis Balls.

by Chris Gardner

Tennis ball with lock and keys
They're green. They're fuzzy. And there's at least ten other ways to use 'em beyond bouncing on the court. Volley on over to This Old House. and check 'em out.

1. Erase scuff marks.
2. Protect a padlock.
3. Remove a broken lightbulb.
4. Cushion the blow.
5. Install a parking guide.
6. Open a jar.
7. Make a hitch cover.
8. Collect change for tolls.
9. Keep a door open.
10. Get a better grip.


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Ten Unusual Uses for a Colander.

by Chris Gardner

The colander. It drains liquid away from solid stuff you don't want soggy, and, well, not much else.


Except, apparently, it does! DIYLife has assembled ten clever uses for this seemingly at-first-glance multi-tasker.

1. Grease splatter reducer.
2. Warm a serving bowl.
3. Berry storage.
4. Bathtub toy scoop.
5. Play accessory.
6. Craft template.
7. Bug tent.
8. Wind chime.
9. Lamp shade.
10. Holiday display.


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I have a TON of old magazines - What can I do with them creatively?

by Laura V Eagle
  So I have a ton of old (not historic) magazines and I have no idea what I want to do with them.  I want to keep them because they actually have a lot of good information in them and I love some of the photographs as far as craft ideas, style and fun photograph ideas.  Any clue what I can do to not only preserve them but display/store them better than just in a cabinet taking up space?!?!  Thank so much!!!  I can't wait to hear your comments.

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