Before & After: A Mod Ottoman Makeover!

By: Capreek Apr 09, 2012

created at: 04/09/2012

This little vintage ottoman had great bones and a charming profile, but its beige-y blahness just wasn't cutting it. That's nothing a fab shower curtain couldn't fix, though! Yes, I said "shower curtain". Read on!   Continue Reading

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How To: Cuttin' Glass and Taking Names

By: Alicia Jan 06, 2012

This week we're taking a moment to catch our breath after a big, beautiful finish to 2011. We've jumped back in time and found some treasures from the Curbly archive that are too good to be forgotten. Today, take a look at how you can turn those empty bottles of bubbly into decorative sandblasted glasses or candle holders.


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How to: Make Modern Perforated Tabletop Christmas Trees

By: Chrisjob Dec 07, 2011

created at: 12/07/2011

It's not surprising that I spend quite a bit of time at the craft store. As a full-time craft, design, and art blogger, I've grown quite familiar with my looped route of hardware store/craft store/art supply shop/other craft store/ that order.

So, it's always a pleasant surprise when I find some new material or media I've never seen before, and to think of all kinds of cool stuff to do with it.Continue Reading

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Design Blogger Wish List: Tyler Goodro of Plastolux

By: Chrisjob Dec 07, 2011
created at: 12/07/2011

created at: 12/07/2011This holiday season, Curbly asked our friends, peers, and favorite design bloggers to stop by, have some hot cocoa, and tell us what gifts they'd like to receive this year. Today, we're excited to welcome Tyler Goodro, an excellent graphic designer and founder of the awesome design blog, Plastolux.

To me a wish list is just that, a wish. In my mind it would be items that most likely, I would not be able to afford, but maybe some day. On that note my list is sort of a "go big or go home". if anyone is feeling frisky with your wallet I would love for one of these to show up at my doorstep!   Continue Reading
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How to: Make DIY Cathrineholm Candle Holders

By: Craftmel Dec 07, 2011

created at: 12/05/2011

I don't know about you, but whenever I go thrifting, I keep my eyes open for a Cathrineholm enamelware ANYTHING.  I love it, but sadly have never scored such a find.  That's why I had a "DUH" moment when I saw this DIY project with the coveted Lotus likeness.   Continue Reading

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How to: Make a DIY Modern, Minimalist Nutcracker

By: Chrisjob Nov 29, 2011

created at: 11/29/2011

I feel sorta bad for the nutcracker as an object... I mean, people like to eat nuts during other, non-holiday times of the year, right? But then, some German Romantic fantasy writer decided it made a pretty good gift from a crazy, creepy uncle, and then good old Pyotr Ilyich thought that adventure made a mostly awesome subject for a ballet, and now, any glimpse of those wide-jawed wooden soldiers simply screams, "It's Christmas! It's Christmas!"

Or, perhaps, I feel bad for most actual nutcrackers...cause they're, well, kinda tacky. I mean, I know there are really quality, beautiful, carved wooden ones, especially the handcrafted ones from the German forrest tradition. But the ones sold nowadays in discount stores are low-quality, poorly sanded and hastily glued pieces of mass-produced junk.

Which means they're perfect, inexpensive opportunity for a modern, minimalist makeover. Like this:   Continue Reading

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How to: Make a "Totally Tubular" Mod Wine Rack Side Table

By: Al40yearoldintern Nov 14, 2011

created at: 11/14/2011

So, how awesome is the really cool piece above? I wish I could take credit, but I can't - it was invented by my friend Jimmy. He's a prop master working on Hollywood films and TV shows and crafty by nature. When I saw this really cool piece in his home I had to know all about it! It looks like a mod piece of art that could be sold in a museum gift shop. It can be constructed with items found at the local home improvement store, and Jimmy was kind enough to share the full how-to with Curbly. So, read on! Continue Reading

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How to: Make Golden Super Starburst Wall Art (for under $10.00)

By: Al40yearoldintern Nov 07, 2011

created at: 11/07/2011Can you guess from what inexpensive material this starburst was made?

Hi, I'm Holly.First, let me say that I am super excited to be here on Curbly today for my very first guest blog post ever! Fingers crossed it all goes well....

So, I am a little obsessed (ok more like, a lot) with vintage sunbursts, starbursts, whatever you like to call them, wall art. I own some brass urchins that hang on my home office wall as well as a funky vintage starburst hanging planter that hangs on my bedroom wall. Oh, and a West Elm mirrored starburst hangs above my stove.  I even collect a certain brand of vintage mid-century dinnerware in a pattern called Franciscan Starburst: Continue Reading

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Eye Candy: Bubble Chairs

By: Diy maven Sep 22, 2011

bubble chair

In 1968, after he conceived the Ball Chair, Eero Aarnio, a pioneer in using plastics in industrial design, created the Bubble Chair as a reduction of its predicessor. He wanted the chair to be light-filled, and since, as Aarnio maintained, "There is no nice way to make a clear pedestal," it had to hang from the ceiling. Iconic in shape, the space-age design is as fresh today as it was 45 years ago. Original Eero Aarnio Bubble Chairs are still to be had. To find a retailer near you, visit Eero Aarnio. (An original clocks in at around $4,700 whereas a knock off will set you back around $900.)

Okay, that was the 'good for you' educational part of this post. Now, let's get to the dessert, shall we? The photo pictured above looks to be straight out of 1968, white boots and all. Less downtown girl, the suburban-like interior (pictured below) from Twenty First Century Retro is warm and Continue Reading

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DIY Customized Painted Wood Art

By: Kellyb Sep 15, 2011

created at: 09/14/2011

Ever finish up a project only to have a ton of scraps left? You don't want to waste them, but you don't really want them tucked away in some dusty corner of your house either. Well, if wood scraps are what you've got, I have the solution.  
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SALE: Three Make It! eBooks for the price of two!

By: Bruno Jul 01, 2011

Get all three Curbly Make It! eBooks for $20 (through July 31st)Now through July 31st, you can buy all three of our Make It! how-to manuals for just $20 (that's three for the price of two). That's Make It! Mid-Century Modern, Hardware Store Decor, and Secondhand Chic for just $20! 

Each book includes a bunch of detailed, beautifully-photographed projects created by your favorite Curbly writers. And it's a high-res download, so you can print them out at home!(You can always buy the print version,Continue Reading

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How to: Make a DIY Sputnik Chandelier

By: Chrisjob May 31, 2011

Emil Stejnar's "Sputnik" pendant chandelier is a modern design icon, but they're no longer made, and vintage versions can go for thousands of dollars.

So designer and blogger Jenny Komenda whipped up her own version in a weekend, and the results are amazing.   Continue Reading

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The MadMen Effect: The TV Show's Mid-Century Impact on Home Decor

By: Chrisjob May 16, 2011

As AMC's Mad Men emerged as one of television's most beloved and well-recieved dramas, its stylish, 1960s aesthetic crept into our lives in other ways: women's dresses moved towards the high-waisted, eyeglasses became fuller and more austere, and many developed a new interest in the classic cocktails and high-balls from the two-martini lunch era.

And of course, the wonderful set dressing and styling has had quite the impact onto trends in home decor.   Continue Reading

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How To: Make Your Own Mid-Century Modern House Numbers

By: Chrisjob May 04, 2011

created at: 05/04/2011

The architect Richard Neutra is one of modernism's iconic artists. He's best known for his integration of both his residential and commercial buildings into their landscape, and for his care in matching his work with the lifestyles of his clients, rather than imposing his own vision over their needs. His attention to detail extended into every element of his buildings, including signage and house numbers. Foundry House Industries saysContinue Reading

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Free Download: Icons of Modern Design (PDF booklet and vector art)

By: Bruno Apr 25, 2011

Icons of Modern Design

It's Modernism month on Curbly, and we're exploring what it means to talk about modern design for the home. This week, we're offering a really cool booklet of twenty-four iconic modern design silhouettes, along with the vector files we used to make them! We chose all our favorite designs by Eames, Nelson, Saarinen, and the best of the mid-century designers. Read on to see how to download the files.Continue Reading

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How To: Make Your Own Mod Eames-Inspired Drinking Glasses!

By: Capreek Apr 25, 2011

created at: 04/21/2011

Two birds, one stone?  Puh-lease!  You can't throw a rock at Mid-Century Modern without hitting at least three Eames pieces.  Maybe more if you're really good.  While their furniture designs are beyond iconic, Ray Eames' textile designs are relatively less-so.  Relatively being the operative word.  While throwing down on a bold Eames Dot fabric for a home decor project is probably not in the budget at $135/yard, that doesn't meanContinue Reading

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How To: Make a Modern Doll House

By: Craftmel Apr 20, 2011

created at: 04/20/2011

Let's face it, we don't all want a huge, pink plastic Dreamhouse gracing our playrooms.  While some people thrive on the modern dollhouse hobby, for playtime, modern dollhouses are hard to find and expensive to boot, a combination I'd never let my kids near.  Erin at Sutton Grace solved this dilema by making her kids their own mod doll house, and you can too.   Continue Reading

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How To: Make a DIY Modern Bird Feeder

By: Chrisjob Apr 19, 2011

created at: 04/19/2011

If I were a pet owner...buddy, my guys would be living in style. Mod dog houses, pet beds, Eames dot collars, you name it. After all, they'd have to go in my house, which doesn't contain a lick of traditional nor country.

But, I'm not a pet owner. I have quite strong allergies to most any creature, and so, my only option is to share the modernism with the little guys who live outside my house. And since there's no way I'm doing anything kind to the squirrels and bunnies who snatch at my veggies, I'm looking to give some style to the birds.

So, I made a nice, low-slung mod bird feeder that echoes the long, low houses of Eichler-era California modernism, and you should too! Here's how:   Continue Reading

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How To: Make a DIY Asterisk Clock (for under $10.00)

By: Chrisjob Apr 12, 2011

created at: 04/12/2011

There's nothing like an iconic mid-century classic to set your home apart. Your home can be as contemporary as can be, but add even one Saarinen or Eames piece to your space, and you've connected with a movement. You've invested in a piece that, fifty or sixty years later, looks as elegant, playful, and amazing as it did when it was first unveiled.

'Cept, here's the deal: these guys can be expensive. While you're paying for comfort and style, you're also paying for the time of some of the most talented artists of the 20th century, quality materials, and, true, some copyright.

So, get creative, and make your own mid-century classic!  

Continue Reading

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Home Tour: Modern Ranch Makeover

By: Craftmel Apr 12, 2011

created at: 04/11/2011

It is no secret that the "ranch" was the go-to architectural style of the 1950's. Check out how this family decided to update their Ranch home for an eclectic, modern feel.   Continue Reading

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