Before and After: A Dresser's Resurrection

Diy Maven
Photo: Saw Nail and Paint

This makeover comes with a lesson: No matter how bad a piece of wood furniture looks, it can be resurrected. Sure, it might take some repairing, replacing, and stripping, but it can be done. Most people might have balked, thinking the dresser was a hopeless cause as the finish was peeling, the wood was chipped, and parts were missing altogether

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Before and After: My Little Boy's Room Makeover

Little Boys Room Makeover

A little over a year ago we bought our home at an estate sale. We bought the house "as is." All the rooms in the house were about as bad and outdated as the above picture shows. This room had 40-year-old matted carpet, stained velvet damask wall paper, and an industrial sized burn-your-hand-off radiator...not to mention all sorts of other issues. Right when we bought the house we were in the process of adopting a 7-year-old boy, so we decided to focus "aesthetically" on the bedrooms and upstairs hallway. Most importantly our son needed a fun room in his forever home.   

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Before and After: Tiny Entryway Makeover

Jennifer Farley
Tiny Entryway Makeover

My family comes and goes through the back door of our house. You walk in the door to a small entryway that leads into a small galley kitchen. This has been the state of my entryway for about a year. The coat rack becomes overloaded and bulky. It collects the most random of things and falls over when my son throws his backpack on it. This little entryway was in serious need of a makeover.   

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