Awesome New eBook: "Make Your Day: DIY All Day Long"

Capree K

I recently received a crafty surprise in my mailbox: a DIY "face planter" kit from Chelsey Andrews (The Paper Mama) and Chelsea Costa (Lovely Indeed) to celebrate the launch of their first eBook, Make Your Day. Well, it certainly did and, after taking a peek at the book, I'm pretty confident that the project ideas will make just about anyone's day a bit brighter!

Make Your Day is chock-full of easy, fun, and totally clever DIY projects, templates, printables, and inspiration -- all the things we love here at Curbly. Read more about this new eBook and grab a special discount code below!      

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Roundup: 15 Pumpkin and Pumpkin Spice Recipes for the Holidays

Brittni Mehlhoff

A quick visit to Pinterest will remind you of the fall season in a heartbeat, and one of the things that I love most about the fall season (and holidays) are all the great pumpkin recipes. So, to get a head start on all the cooking and baking coming up, I thought I would share a handful of yummy pumpkin and pumpkin spice recipes to inspire you in the kitchen.   

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