Dress Up the Kitchen

by Lilybee

My (very brave) mum is hosting a dinner party for 35 this month. There will be a ginormous tree and a roaring fire, carefully grouped seating and good music. Of course the guests probably won't hear or see any of that, they'll be hanging out in the kitchen, all 35 of them.

Here are a few ways to extend your decorating in to the most used space in the house


created on: 12/10/08

Artfully arrange (or carelessly toss) a few baubles...

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Caution! Christmas Light Safety Tips.

by Chris Gardner

Whether they're outside, inside, or perhaps a bit of both, Christmas lights are connected to your home circuit, and as with anything, especially those outside, you gots to be safe.

Here's a few tips from Suite101 to keep the fires in the yule logs and the shocks on your face when you open the perfect gift.

•    Leaving lights on while not at home
•    Christmas Tree Advice
•    Extension Cords
•    Stringing lights together
•   ...

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More Gingerbread Prefab.

by Chris Gardner

mksolaire, gingersolaire, michelle kaufmann, green prefab, prefab designer, gingerbread house, gingerbread house design

From Inhabitat:

"Ever wonder if you could build a green home and eat it too? Well, do we have a solution for you! Green architect, Inhabitat fave, and baker extraordinaire, Michelle Kauffmann, has once again brought us her latest gingerbread prefab, the mkSolaire. And true to form, the appropriately named gingerSolaire comes with a set of instructions for you to bake your own. What better way to promote the wonders of prefab...

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Comprehensive List of Shipping Deadlines for Online Holiday Shopping.

by Chris Gardner

You, of course, are a modern gift-giver. You make what you can, buy locally what you can't, and hit up online retailers for what you can't find 'round town. So, be sure to place your orders in time so that they arrive at your doorstep in plenty of time to be wrapped and passed along when your holiday hits with this master list of shipping deadlines from DealHack.

Via and photo.

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Affordable Modern Gift Wrap.

by Chris Gardner

Really, I'm with the skeptics: it truly is quite wasteful to buy someone a gift they don't need, and then spend a whole 'nother bunch of resources hiding it under your tree. But, admittingly, my mouth waters when I see some finely designed gift wrap...i.e. that with zero cartoon snowmen and bold, graphic designs that just scream season's greetings. Then I see that it's $17/sq. yd. and I go back to skepticism.

But, what if some creative souls decided to make some affordable options? Well, then they might look something like this:

House Industries Holiday Wrap: $10 for 5 25 x 39" sheets. (via.)

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Clip Up Photo Calendar

by Mod Home Ec Teacher


created on: 12/03/08

I've just returned from my photography class where my new creative friend, Nikki, showed me the  calendar she just made by using her very artsy photos she's been taking. It's simple, sophisticated and very much an expression of herself.  The look and feel of it won me over.  

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Curbly Video Podcast: How To Make Picture Perfect Paper Snowflakes.

by Chris Gardner

A piece of paper. A scissors. A scant five minutes. The results?

Holiday magic!

The paper snowflake is nearly everyone's first Christmastide craft, and its elegant aesthetic keeps folks creating 'em, year after year. But my elementary-school snowflakes never really captured nature's precise geometry and symmetry...they really looked more like crude doilies than lilting crystalline...

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DIY Snow Globes

by DIY Maven

Readymade has a fast and so-easy-a-kid-could-do-it tutorial showing us how to make our own custom snow globes. Start with a recycled glass jar--they suggest using a Grey Poupon empty--then use epoxy or glue that won't dissolve in water to attach figures to the underside of its lid. Fill the jar with water and a couple of pinches of glitter. When the glue has fully dried, replace the lid and make it leak-proof by applying a bead of glue or...

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Give Gifts That Give Back.

by Chris Gardner

You can show your friends and family you care AND bring all of creation tiding and joy. CNN (or Oprah...it's not really clear) has assembled a collection of retailers offering Christmas gift ideas, the proceeds of which go to charity.

Shop for change.

One-stop shop

Not just a pretty package

Buy a gift, fund a business
GlobalGoodsPartners.org, BuildaNest.com

For pets

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How To Make Perfect Mashed Potatoes.

by Chris Gardner

I gotta admit: I appreciate the smells of sage-infused dressings and carmelized sweet potatoes and spiced cranberries, but every year at Thanksgiving, it's the mashed potatoes which occupy at least half of my very-stretch stomach.

So whether they'll fill up the vegetarians in your family, or you just need a place to use up all that gravy, perfect mashed potatoes are easy and obtainable for any home cook.

  • Proper Preparation
  • ...

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