Decor Disputes: Is Dip-Dying (And 9 Other DIY Trends) REALLY Past Its Prime?

By: Diy maven Oct 14, 2014

Has dip-dying overstayed its welcome? Yes, according to Elle Decor. They say its meteoric rise in popularity has put it firmly on the 'cliche' list. If you DO want to do the dip, they suggest keeping the subjects small, like bowls and wooden spoons. (Although they laud the project pictured above as having been 'done properly.') The… Continue Reading

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Decor Disputes: White Windows with Wood Trim, Yes or No?

By: Diy maven Oct 07, 2014

Sweetie Pie and I are in the process of fact-finding window replacements/upgrades. Last week, we had a consultation with a window manufacturer for state of the art, composite replacements with unfinished, real wood laminate interiors. The quote? $30k for 20 windows. One of them is a gigantic 'picture' window that clocked in at $8k alone. Ouch. We'reContinue Reading

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Decor Disputes: Are These Makeovers Pretentious?

By: Diy maven Sep 15, 2014

When I first saw a recent collection of home remodels (tear downs, really) on HuffPost Home, I was impressed by the level of their transformation, not necessarily style. So, to see what other's were thinking, I scanned the readers' comments, and my eyes trained on the words 'ostentatious' and 'pretentious.' Overwhelmingly,Continue Reading

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Decor Dispute: Should You Paint A Small Room A Dark Color?

By: Faith-towers Apr 24, 2014

Can you paint a small room a dark color?

It's a widely known design "rule" that painting a room a light color makes it feel larger. So, therefore, painting a small room a dark color will make it feel even smaller. But others feel that dark walls recede visually into the background making a space feel larger. And some people don't care about the rules to begin… Continue Reading

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Decor Disputes: Do You Prefer Matching Sofa Sets and Sectionals or Coordinating Pieces?

By: Faith-towers Mar 20, 2014

Matching sofa set vs. mismatched pieces.

People tend to have very strong opinions on this matter. Coordinating sofa sets and sectionals offer an instant sense of cohesion; choosing mismatched furniture, however, takes some extra planning. Which do you prefer? Click through for more examples of each… Continue Reading

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Decor Disputes: Should We REALLY Never Buy These 4 Things in Neutral?

By: Diy maven Mar 05, 2014

A line has been drawn in the sand. With the help of this month's issue of Domino Magazine, the experts at Refinery29 identify 4 things we should 'NEVER' buy in a neutral color. Never? NEVER?? Kind of a strong word (and in all caps, no less) forContinue Reading

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Faux Taxidermy: Yay or Nay? Would You Hang a Fake Deer Head on Your Wall?

By: Faith-towers Feb 20, 2014

Modern living room with deer head mounted on the wall.

Faux taxidermy. It's a trend that has wavered in and out of popularity over the past few years, and always tends to generate a bit of controversy. It is a fake representation of a dead animal - which really bothers some people. Others love its woodsy-chic appeal. And yet another group just feels that the trend is tired and overused. What do you think? Click through for some intriguing… Continue Reading

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2014 Spring Color THROWDOWN

By: Diy maven Nov 07, 2013


Did you hear? Recently, Pantone announced its spring 2014 color and PPG picked its fav for the entire year. First Pantone's pick: Dazzling Blue, which is… Continue Reading

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Would You Put Wood Floors in Your Bathrooms?

By: Diy maven Oct 28, 2013

If it were up to me, I'd have wood floors everywhere. We did discuss—albeit briefly—putting wood in our full bath when we… Continue Reading

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Before and After: Colorful Painted Dresser Set

By: Diy maven Jun 18, 2013

Last week we had a post showcasing a before and after of an MCM dresser that put some people on edge. The purists were ruffled! Today, we have another example that just might keep the pot boiling. Shari made over an MCM dresser set, giving it a 'campaign' feel. A shadow of its former self, the dressers now sport a lively Benjamin Moore teal ocean, corner brackets to give them a campaign feel, and a new base. Visit Turn Style Vogue toContinue Reading

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Before and After: Goodbye, Grungy Purple Dining Room

By: Diy maven Mar 27, 2013

created at: 03/27/2013

Why paint a dining room 'Friends' purple? Its owner has no idea, but lamented having that particular color on the walls. After saving up some cash, she put a weekend aside and transformed the room into something rather spectacular. Total cost for the new furnishings was… Continue Reading

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Decor Disputes: Should Brad Pitt Stick to Acting?

By: Diy maven Nov 20, 2012

Brad Pitt furniture

What, you may ask, does Brad Pitt's acting ability and disputing decor have in common? When Brad enters the world of furniture design, that's what. Last week the actor unveiled his limited edition collaboration with renowned furniture maker Frank Pollaro, who is known for creating exemplary reproductions of Art Deco pieces. The partnership began a few years ago when Pollaro designed and installed a desk in Pitt's French chateau… Continue Reading

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Decor Disputes: What's Up With Kitchen Art?

By: Diy maven Nov 09, 2012

Iced Fruits Wall Decal

Fruit, vegetables, coffee cups, wine glasses, kitchen utensils, chefs with laughably large toques and roosters are some of the images that appear when you search 'kitchen art' on just about any poster/art website. Why? Who said that that's what constitutes art… Continue Reading

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Decor Disputes: What's With the Gigantic Furniture?

By: Diy maven Oct 19, 2012

created at: 10/22/2012

Have you visited a traditional furniture store lately? If not, let me tell you what has been going on for the past few years. Furniture is getting ridiculously gigantic. Tables that don't fit in the average eat-in kitchen, dining chairs heavier than full-grown St. Bernards, sofas as… Continue Reading

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Infographic: Bachelor vs. Bachelorette Pad Designs

By: Diy maven Sep 12, 2012

created at: 09/11/2012

The peeps over at sent over a fun infographic entitled The Bachelor Verus the Bachelorette Pad that includes the "must haves" for each based upon criteria compiled by nearly a dozen popular design sources, including Vanity Fair,… Continue Reading

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Decor Disputes: Are White Kitchens Becoming Passe?

By: Diy maven Jun 29, 2012

white carole lalli kitchen

The last few times I've posted makeovers of kitchens where the outcome is white, there's been an inordinate amount of comments pegging them as sterile, even likening them to operating rooms. If we'd been talking about white kitchens a few years back, I'm guessing the general consensus would have been that they're timeless. Now,… Continue Reading

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Decor Disputes: How long should your curtains be?

By: Mollymc Mar 29, 2012
created at: 03/27/2012


Is there a "right" length for curtains? The long and short of it is, it's up to you. In this edition of Decor Disputes, we take look at curtains, tall and small. What side are you on?

Continue Reading
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Decor Disputes: What is Your Most Embarrassing DIY Moment?

By: Diy maven Feb 21, 2012

Having been an avid DIYer for more years than I'd like to admit, I've run into more than a few embarrassing situations. Even with measuring twice (nay, FIVE times) a board will still get cut too short now and again. Those kinds of incidences aren't so much embarrassing as profanity-producing. No, I'm talking about stuff that is so mortifying you want to crawl in a hole. Case in point: Several years ago I decided to make a mosaic 'Welcome' sign to put in my garden. I cracked and broke the tiles into just the right sizes, glued them down with thinset onto my sub-straight, waited a day and then grouted it up. It looked great! 

The sign was sitting on… Continue Reading

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Decor Disputes: What Are Your Decor Pet Peeves?

By: Diy maven Feb 07, 2012

My decor pet peeves fall into 3 categories. The first one makes me shake my head in wonderment; the second gives me the willies; and the third makes me wish I could enact decor 'laws'. 

The first is the silk flower garland above the cabinets deal. As a matter of fact, ALL decor above cabinets should really be given a second--and third--thought. Seriously,… Continue Reading

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