10 Things Every Homeowner Needs to Know to Save Money AND Possibly a Life

by DIY Maven


As you know, owning a home is a big responsibility. (Well, it is if you don't want to let it fall into disrepair.) And although most people understand that, I'm always a bit surprised at how much homeowners don't know about their homes. And it's not little stuff either. It's stuff that could save thousands of dollars in property damage or even somebody's life. (That's not hyperbole

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Curbly Original
Turn a Shoe Organizer into a Vertical Garden Planter

by Lidy Dipert

Turn a Shoe Organizer into a Vertical Planter

When it comes to plants, there is a common stigma that they are hard to care for and that you need a super green thumb in order to have them in your home or outdoor space. The truth is, there are all kinds of sizes and species to suit your schedule and needs so that caring for them comes as natural as possible. And this vertical planter (made from a SHOE ORGANIZER!) is a genius way to keep your plants all in one place so that you have...

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