Make It: DIY Christmas Bell Chimes

by Jennifer Farley

Christmas Pipe Bells

The holiday season is for getting together and having fun with the people you love. One of my family's favorite Christmas activitites is playing our handmade Christmas chimes. These were a gift to our family and we have had some serious memories and laughter playing these bells. If you want to add some epic Christmas cheer to your next party here is how you make these Christmas bells.

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10 Ways To Use Herbs & Fruit In Your Holiday Decor

by Faith Towers
10 Ways To Use Herbs & Fruit In Your Holiday Decor
Photo: Let's Mingle

Sometimes the holidays can become focused on shopping, candy and presents - but every now and then it's refreshing to take a step away and go back to the roots of Christmas... simple, natural decorations to celebrate time spent with family and friends. So today we're sharing ten ways to incorporate fresh herbs and fruits to create uncomplicated wreaths, ornaments and tablescapes.   

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Curbly Original
How to: DIY Typographic No-Sew Holiday Banner

by Jeran McConnel

Yep, December is here and I'm ready to deck. those. halls. Each year, I lean more and more towards minimal Christmas decorations and I love simple black and white with spashes of metalics. I'm a huge fan of a banner or pendent. They are easy to hang and roll up small and compact to pack away for the rest of the year. Banners add a relaxed, informal vibe to a space. This no-sew, narrow NOEL banner is perfect for a tight space. I'm hanging mine on a tiny space on my wall between the door and window. 

Felt is one of my favorite materials to work with.  It's inexpensive and requires no sewing.            

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