Before OR After: Chalkboard Paint vs. Wallpaper!

By: Capreek May 10, 2011

created at: 05/09/2011

Many of the "before and after" projects we feature are stark contrasts: obvious improvements that border on jaw-dropping (fantasy playroom or party garage, anyone?).  So today, I'd like to present a makeover where the "before" isn't necessarily bad, just a different style.… Continue Reading

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How To: Make DIY Mod Storage Pods

By: Chrisjob May 10, 2011

created at: 05/10/2011

Every home needs a "landing strip": that place near the door to put your keys, sunglasses, phone, mail, purses, things you need to take with you, and all the other important stuff that comes in and out of your home everyday. A basket is a great idea, or a storage bench, or a small shelf. 

OR...You could make these mod, space-y storage pods from a household staple! Guess… Continue Reading

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DIY Idea: Places You 'Heart' Map Art

By: Diy maven May 10, 2011

I'm not really into hearts, but I'm really into this DIY idea. You tell the maker of the 'Bespoke' Heart Map Artwork ($400 US)  which places in the… Continue Reading

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How To: Frame Those Boring Bathroom Mirrors

By: Craftmel May 10, 2011

created at: 05/09/2011

How many of us stumble into the bathroom in the mornings, flip on the light, and have to stare into a really boring builder mirror?  Forget the bed-head... That mirror is enough to make you want to crawl right back into those warm, welcoming blankets.  Fortunately, there's an easy DIY solution to that yawn-inducing… Continue Reading

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5 Inspiring Rug Makeovers (Tutorials Included)

By: Diy maven May 09, 2011

created at: 05/09/2011

Whether the rug comes from a big box store, Ikea or even a rummage sale, a paint brush and paint can create something quite fabulous. Just take a look at these five rugs that got the diy once-over.

First up is a… Continue Reading

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DIY Idea: Make a Mudroom Shoe Rack from Pallets!

By: Capreek May 09, 2011

created at: 05/09/2011

As with mason jars, there seems to be no limit on what you can do with a discarded pallet.  We've shared quite a few projects in the past, but this may be the simplest/easiest of the bunch!… Continue Reading

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How to Make an Orca Out of Drinking Straws

By: Diy maven May 06, 2011

Part origami, part magic, these orca (or "shachi" in Japanese) decorations are sure to delight. All we need to make them is some bendy straws, some googly eyes, glue for plastic and a… Continue Reading

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Genius DIY Decorating Tool: Paint Chip Keychain

By: Capreek May 05, 2011

created at: 05/05/2011

If you're in the process of decorating your space, this may be the single most helpful tool you could own: a paint chip keychain custom-made from your own color palette!  It's a simple DIY project that will make shopping for furniture, fabric, or accessories that much… Continue Reading

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How To: Make Your Own Mid-Century Modern House Numbers

By: Chrisjob May 04, 2011

created at: 05/04/2011

The architect Richard Neutra is one of modernism's iconic artists. He's best known for his integration of both his residential and commercial buildings into their landscape, and for his care in matching his work with the lifestyles of his clients, rather than imposing his own vision over their needs. His attention to detail extended into every element of his buildings, including signage and house numbers. Foundry House Industries says of Neutra's type, "It is no wonder that Neutra specified lettering that was open and unobtrusive, the same characteristics which typified his progressive architecture."

You can still get house numbers based on Neutra's specifications, through a collaboration with his son Dion. They're absolutely beautiful, precisely crafted in aluminum, and, if you can afford them ($50 a piece), a lasting addition to your home. But for my four digit address, they're out of budget.

So, I made my own, for less than $20 for the whole set. And you can, too.… Continue Reading

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Make: A Bird Mobile

By: Diy maven May 04, 2011

created at: 05/04/2011

Artist, illustrator, painter and blogger, Joel Henriques of Made by Joel shows us how to make a bird mobile. We're told that it's a kid-friendly project, but in more experienced… Continue Reading

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Princess & the Pea BED!

By: Diy maven May 04, 2011

Talk about charm overload. The Princess & the Pea Bed is available in twin, full and queen sizes. Three layers minimum to nine layers maximum, the bed as shown with… Continue Reading

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DIY Idea: Framed Objects

By: Diy maven May 04, 2011

the Framed Objects

Don't cha just LOVE when you see a picture of something and it makes the DIY lightbulb in your brain go off?? My noggin was a-blaze when I saw these "Framed Objects". They look interesting naked, but just take a look of them 'in… Continue Reading

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How To: Make Fun Cinco de Mayo Streamers

By: Craftmel May 04, 2011

created at: 05/03/2011

There is plenty to celebrate in May, and Cinco de Mayo is just one reason to bust out the colorful decorations.  But let's not settle for plain streamers this… Continue Reading

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Make: Springy Painted Mason Jar Planters

By: Diy maven May 03, 2011

Larissa gathered up some mason jars and shot them with Krylon for a lovely, springy effect. And, yes, that's the extent of the supplies list! For the entire tute, including tips on… Continue Reading

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Before & After: A Festive Vinyl Furniture Revamp

By: Capreek May 03, 2011

created at: 05/03/2011

With the weather finally, maybe, starting to warm up it's just about time to start scrubbing off winter's dirt and grime and sprucing up that outdoor living space.  If your vinyl furniture looks like it's seen better days, consider this colorful… Continue Reading

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