Makeover: Old Shutters Turned Headboard (Tutorial Included)

By: Diy maven Apr 25, 2011

created at: 04/25/2011

Okay, okay, this is NOT a new idea. However, the execution--especially in situ--is totally… Continue Reading

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It's All in the Details - Five DIY Tips to Make Any Makeover a Success

By: Erinh Apr 22, 2011

created at: 04/13/2011

When we started our master bedroom makeover, we thought replacing our overhead lighting would be our biggest challenge. But then it all turned out to be quite simple, so we had ample to time to tackle other, more labor-intensive projects such as cutting, painting, installing, caulking and repainting all new baseboard and window trim. Phew, now that took some serious time. I love having a husband who… Continue Reading

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How To: Make a DIY Honeycomb Mirror

By: Chrisjob Apr 22, 2011

created at: 04/22/2011

My friend Rebecca got handy this weekend, and whipped up an awesome room centerpiece and focal point from an upcycled shipping pallet. Though it's large, the inclusion of honeycomb mirrors (IKEAhack!) allows the piece to reflect light and color, making the small room seem… Continue Reading

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How To: Turn an Old Suitcase into a DIY Picnic Kit

By: Chrisjob Apr 22, 2011

With the April showers (hopefully) slowing down in the next few weeks, it's time to head outside for May flowers, and May sunshine, and May gardening, and May bike rides, and, if you're like me, May picnics!

Curbly reader Sibylle wrote in to share this amazing old suitcase transformation she just completed, by turning it into a reusable picnic kit, or a Birthday in aContinue Reading

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Newlywed Masterful Bedroom Makeover: Lighting Can Make All the Difference (How-To Included!)

By: Erinh Apr 21, 2011

created at: 04/13/2011

In making over our bedroom as part of the SYLVANIA Blogger Makover Challenge, replacing the old light fixtures was one of the bigger projects we tackled (making over your room? Check out their daily sweepstakes on Facebook). Need a little reminder? They're very 1996:

created at: 04/13/2011

Why replace our existing bedroomContinue Reading

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How To: Create Your Own Colored Spoons

By: Chrisjob Apr 21, 2011

Life's all about the details, and a little pop of color turns ordinary serving pieces and silverware into something pretty special, does it not?

Christy got creative and recreated these awesome Superior Servers from Ladies and Gentlemen on her own and on the… Continue Reading

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Roundup: 15 Awesome and Easy DIY Mason Jar Projects

By: Capreek Apr 20, 2011

created at: 04/20/2011

As Chris mentioned a few weeks ago, mason jars have exploded (again?) onto the craft and DIY scenes.  You can't look anywhere without seeing some crazy new use for them!  As it stands, we're embracing the trend here at Curbly.  To make things easy on you, here are 15 mason jar projects all in one place!… Continue Reading

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Newlywed Masterful Bedroom Makeover: The Plan and Inspiration Board

By: Erinh Apr 20, 2011

created at: 04/13/2011
When setting out to redo our master bedroom I was looking to take it from "hot mess" to simply hot. When gathering inspiration I was constantly drawn to saturated colors, prints and patterns, and layers of personal touches.  

Here's the inspiration board I put together to serve as the starting point for our makeover:  

created at: 04/11/2011

I grabbed these images from various blogs and magazines I like. If you're doing an inspiration board, I recommend using something like Curbly's "clippings" feature to keep your ideas organized (another good service is PContinue Reading

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Inspiration: Plywood Floors (How-to Included)

By: Diy maven Apr 20, 2011

plywood floors

A few years ago, I went to a party held in the home of a former Minneapolis Institute of Arts dean. We guests gathered in his studio for the night's merriment. I'm always thrilled when entering such spaces as they invariably provide a creative jolt. In this instance, however, I wasn't only inspired by the art displayed throughout the space but also the flooring of the dean's studio. It… Continue Reading

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How to Pick the Perfect Paint Color

By: Diy maven Apr 20, 2011

Choosing a paint color

We all know that the most cost effective way to change the look of a room is changing the wall color. Picking the wrong color and then having to change it because it doesn't 'work'? Not so cost effective! To make sure we choose wisely the first time, all we need to do is… Continue Reading

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How To: Make a Modern Doll House

By: Craftmel Apr 20, 2011

created at: 04/20/2011

Let's face it, we don't all want a huge, pink plastic Dreamhouse gracing our playrooms.  While some people thrive on the modern dollhouse hobby, for playtime, modern dollhouses are hard to find and expensive to boot, a combination I'd never let my kids near.  Erin at Sutton Grace solved this dilema by making her kids their own mod doll house, and you can… Continue Reading

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How To: Make a DIY Modern Bird Feeder

By: Chrisjob Apr 19, 2011

created at: 04/19/2011

If I were a pet owner...buddy, my guys would be living in style. Mod dog houses, pet beds, Eames dot collars, you name it. After all, they'd have to go in my house, which doesn't contain a lick of traditional nor country.

But, I'm not a pet owner. I have quite strong allergies to most any creature, and so, my only option is to share the modernism with the little guys who live outside my house. And since there's no way I'm doing anything kind to the squirrels and bunnies who snatch at my veggies, I'm looking to give some style to the birds.

So, I made a nice, low-slung mod bird feeder that echoes the long, low houses of Eichler-era California modernism, and you should too!… Continue Reading

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From Messed to Impressed: A Total Basement Makeover

By: Capreek Apr 19, 2011

created at: 04/19/2011

I'm always a sucker for a good makeover (home related or not), so it's safe to say that this basement renovation is blowing my mind!… Continue Reading

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Newlywed Masterful Bedroom Makeover: The Before

By: Erinh Apr 19, 2011

created at: 04/13/2011

Since getting married last April (our one-year anniversary is in two weeks!), I've been delighted by all the amazing changes married life has brought. Sadly, the house my husband bought before we met isn't one of them. These "before" photos illustrate our need for an upgrade:

created at: 04/13/2011To call our suburban, split-level, 4-bedroom house a "project" is a serious understatement.It was built in 1975 (remember all the great design from that year?), so it is resplendent with wall-to-wall carpet, popcorn ceilings and a basement full of cedar paneled… Continue Reading

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5 DIY Headboards-Turned-Benches to Jump Start Your Tuesday

By: Craftmel Apr 19, 2011

created at: 04/18/2011

I sometimes feel like my bedroom gets the most makeovers in our entire house, and it usually starts with a new headboard.  But don't let that old one go curbside; it has another calling in… Continue Reading

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