Kitchen Cabinet & Countertop Makeover Madness (Tutorials Included!)

By: Diy maven Aug 16, 2011

created at: 08/09/2011

This month we at the Curb honor the almighty kitchen. Why the adoration? Because, besides oftentimes making or breaking a real estate transaction, they are also the heart of the home. They deserve special attention and, yes, some investment on our parts. Investment, however, doesn't have to mean expensive. Oh, no, no, no. In this jam-packed cabinet and countertop makeover roundup, the budgets are super small but the impact is super big! (Befores to the left; afters on the right where applicable.)

Our first idea comes fromContinue Reading

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Before & After: An Eclectic Farmhouse Dining Room Makeover!

By: Capreek Aug 15, 2011

created at: 08/15/2011

This farmhouse dining room started out a little dark and scary, but with a lot of love and hardwork, was transformed into an eclectic, light-filled retreat!   Continue Reading

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How to Turn T-Shirts into a Rug

By: Diy maven Aug 15, 2011

created at: 08/15/2011

Laura wanted a rug for her unborn bambino's nursery, but having more time on her hands than cash, she decided to make one using strips of old t-shirts, pictured above. Here's what the finished project looks like (both rug and baby):Continue Reading

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Before & After: A Colorful DIY Play Kitchen!

By: Capreek Aug 15, 2011

created at: 08/15/2011

Breathe new life into thrift store or garage sale finds all while making little ones happy with this easy DIY play kitchen idea!   Continue Reading

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How to Turn Chairs into a Bench

By: Diy maven Aug 15, 2011

created at: 08/15/2011

The Greene Ave. Collection by 31 and Change is a perfect example of what can be done with rescued castoff oddballs. In this case, the unwanteds are chairs. A collection of three--one from each era--are turned into a bench. Here's what the orphans pictured above look like now:Continue Reading

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How to: Make a Vintage-Nautical Shower Curtain

By: Kellyb Aug 12, 2011

created at: 08/12/2011

Shower curtains are pricey and a big part of the decor in your bathroom. Why not take a imple white one and create something uniquely yours?   Continue Reading

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DIY Mid Century Modern Bench

By: Kellyb Aug 12, 2011

A great find in a little tucked away antique shop? Maybe a hand-me-down from from your aunt? Nope and nope. This mid-century modern bench can be yours for $137 and a little elbow grease.  Continue Reading

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How to Make PVC Bathroom 'Holsters'

By: Diy maven Aug 11, 2011

created at: 08/11/2011

Have a curling iron or two tucked in a closet? Here's a genius idea from The Family Handyman using PVC to make storage 'holsters' for those particular appliances. Another use of PVC, they suggest, isContinue Reading

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How to 'Frost' a Window with Contact Paper

By: Diy maven Aug 11, 2011

created at: 08/11/2011

Ashley was wigged out by the 'scary dark nothingness' of her naked door window. A quick cover of various items such as craft paper and even pages from magazines took away the yips, but they weren't very decorative, to say the least. So...Ashley got all crafty with some Contact paper and created a Moroccan inspired window treatment. This is what the nothingness looks like now:Continue Reading

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How to: Make Custom Jazzed Up Cloth Napkins

By: Kellyb Aug 11, 2011

created at: 08/08/2011

See that rad cloth napkin that looks like it's straight out of the latest styled foodie magazine article? (Okay, the rest of the food looks really good too.) But I digress, care to venture a guess as to what to use to make one?   Continue Reading

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How to Make a Shirt Lamp

By: Diy maven Aug 11, 2011

created at: 08/11/2011

The pictures say it all for this how-to en españolA wooden hanger, a drill a thin scrap of timber, some dowel, a Continue Reading

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How To: Make Scandinavian-Inspired Hanging Photo Frames!

By: Capreek Aug 10, 2011

created at: 08/05/2011

We've featured a few Scandinavian-inspired DIY projects here in the past (remember this gorgeous coat stand?  Or this rag rug-inspired light?), but this may be the simplest and most universally appealing of them all (no Scandinavian cabin required).   Continue Reading

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Bruno & Alicia's Kitchen Makeover, Part II

By: Bruno Aug 10, 2011

It's Kitchen Month on Curbly! So Kelly, Melanie, and I will be doing a series of kitchen tours. We'll walk you through our kitchens, point out what we love and what we don't, and show how they got to be the way they are.

The never-ending kitchen remodel

After our daughter was born, we decided it was finally time to remodel our hideous kitchen. We planned to do most of it ourselves (well, "Alicia's brother's self", with some help from me). We planned on getting it doneContinue Reading

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How to Make a Super-Simple Chicken Wire Memory Board

By: Diy maven Aug 10, 2011

created at: 08/10/2011

Ashley Ann transformed an old mirror into a memory board using some of our favorite spray paint and chicken wire. It would also make a Continue Reading

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Awesome: Robots Made from Thrift Store Finds!

By: Capreek Aug 09, 2011

created at: 08/05/2011If you know me, you know that I not only harbor a deep love of robots, I am downright obsessed with them!  So, when I ran across these sweet little creations, I simply had to share.  Had to, you guys.  I hope you'll find them as awesome sauce as I do.   Continue Reading

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