How to Frost Cupcakes Like a Pro!

By: Diy maven Mar 16, 2012

created at: 03/12/2012

It's hard not to love a beautifully decorated cupcake. Gloria from Glorious Treats shows us how we can do just that. She explains the four most popular frosting tips that are used and includes links to her favorite frosting recipes. As a 'grand finale', she evenContinue Reading

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How To: Make Your Own DIY Dog Treats!

By: Capreek Mar 16, 2012

created at: 03/15/2012

I'm known around these parts as "the crazy Schnauzer lady", but in truth, I'm crazy about ALL dogs... and think they deserve some tasty, homemade treats every now and then!  This simple, two-ingredient recipe can be customized like nobody's business, so get creative and have a little fun (while pampering your pooch)!   

created at: 03/15/2012

I originally made these treats for Wrigley's first birthday (yes, I celebratedContinue Reading

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How To: Make Your Own DIY Faux Milk Glass!

By: Capreek Mar 15, 2012

created at: 03/15/2012

You can find real milk glass pretty easily at thrift stores or estate sales, but if your aesthetic swings more towards the modern and/or contemporary realm the pickings are slim (or non-existent).  With this simple DIY technique, though, you can turn any sleek, glass vase into modern milk glass in no time!   Continue Reading

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Sweet Little Rug Mod

By: Diy maven Mar 15, 2012

created at: 03/12/2012

A plain rug or carpet remnant, a big darning needle, nylon thread and some yarn. That's all it takes to make this oh-so-sweet rug mod. Matsutake gives us all the details and takes us through the entire processes picture by picture. Check it out.

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Totally DIY-able Outdoor Flip-Down Sideboard

By: Diy maven Mar 15, 2012

created at: 03/12/2012

I am loving this flip-down sideboard from Plow & Hearth. It would be perfect for small outdoor living spaces, and, best yet, it's totally DIYable. A couple of lengths of chain, some hinges and a latch is all we'd need for hardware. I'd shoot the moon and Continue Reading

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DIY Drip Painted Planters

By: Mollymc Mar 15, 2012

created at: 03/12/2012

What you may consider a mistake while painting walls can actually look awesome when it's done intentionally. Check out these beautiful and seemingly easy DIY drip painted planters. (Probably even easier if you speak Swedish. See why after the jump.)

Continue Reading

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How to Paint Kitchen Cabinets: A Step-by-Step Guide to DIY Bliss!

By: Capreek Mar 14, 2012

created at: 03/13/2012

Yesterday we had an interesting discussion about whether or not painting kitchen cabinets was a simple, one-weekend project.  On Twitter, this commonly-repeated idea was referred to as "commercial break cabinets" and "design on a crashing dime".  I'm here to burst a few bubbles and tell you that painting kitchen cabinets is absolutely NOT a one-weekend project.  But you know what?  It's still easy!  And doing it the right way first will save you time and money later.  That's a promise.  So, if you've got a few weekends set aside for the lowest-cost, biggest-impact change you can make to your kitchen (and I haven't scared you away yet), read on!   Continue Reading

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Round Up: 6 Napkin Flower Tutorials

By: Diy maven Mar 14, 2012

Cloth napkins are just waiting to be blossomed into flowers, and with spring, Easter and Mother's Day just around the corner, I thought a round up might be in order! All entrants include links to tutorials...of course.

Pictured above Continue Reading

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Coasters and Trivets: The Magic of Modular

By: Craftmel Mar 14, 2012

created at: 03/13/2012

When I was a little girl, my grandpa would keep us spell-bound by inexplicably pulling off his thumb and putting it back on again.  I remember when he revealed the secret that his thumb was simply bent and hiding behind his other fingers.  I suddenly could see the illusion (and realized that's why his actual stump of a ring finger could never be put back together!) and it was easy to replicate his little trick.  

When I saw these modular coasters from How About Orange, it made me think of good ol' grandpa and his finger trick- except this time, it is all in felt.   Continue Reading

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How To: Turn Button-Up Shirts into Throw Pillows!

By: Capreek Mar 13, 2012

created at: 03/12/2012

Curbly reader Chrissann sent me a link to her awesome DIY pillow idea recently and I am SO glad she did!  It is the single most creative (and cute) repurposing project I have ever seen.  Also?  Her "before and after" photos totally cracked me up:   Continue Reading

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How to Make a Perpetual Glass Dry Erase Calendar

By: Diy maven Mar 13, 2012

Steph didn't use any fancy equipment to make her perpetual glass dry-erase calendar, just a picture frame with the glass in tact, a Sharpie, a ruler and some store-bought vinyl stickers. Visit Somewhat Simple to see the entire how-to. (Great Mother's or Father's day gift!)

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Save on Suds: 6 DIY Soap Recipes

By: Craftmel Mar 13, 2012

created at: 03/13/2012

It's an essential part of keeping a tidy and fresh existence: Soap.  Hands, clothes, dishes... they all need something to keep away the grime and germy germs (I have small children; I'm allowed to say germy germs).   If you are anything like me and find yourself cursing money spent on soap and detergents when it could be going toward things that are way more fun than cleaning supplies, then you might appreciate these DIY soap recipes.Continue Reading

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How To: Make a Colorful DIY Wooden Slat Door Mat!

By: Capreek Mar 12, 2012

created at: 03/12/2012

Spring is in the air, people... I can feel it!  All this lovely weather and optimism is making me want to get outside and make something.  Perhaps this cheerful wooden door mat is just the project to channel all this springtime energy?   Continue Reading

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Make It: Crystal Egg Geodes

By: Diy maven Mar 12, 2012

Skip the traditional Easter eggs this year and make crystal egg geodes. (Yeah, baby.)  Equal parts craft project and science experiment, they'll have everyone oohing and ahhing over your basket, that's certain. Save for the alum powder (buy here!), the materials are probably already things you have on hand. Check out the entire tutorial over at--where else--Martha's digs.

Looking to make moreContinue Reading

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Free House Cleaning Cheat Sheet (and Check List)!

By: Bruno Mar 12, 2012

Free Home Cleaning Cheat Sheet and Check List
It's cleaning and organization month on Curbly, and we we're offering free, downloadable cheat sheets and check lists to make your spring cleaning a breeze (these are from last year, but they're still awesome). Today: a general check list and cheat sheet for home cleaning.

Read on to find out how to download the free PDF immediately! 

There are two ways to get your download:

1) Sign up for our free, weeklyContinue Reading

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