Refreshing Side Table Makeover

By: Diy maven Mar 21, 2011

created at: 03/21/2011

How many circa 1980's side tables have you seen littering your local secondhand stores and garage sales? Plenty, I'm guessing. LHG had one such table on… Continue Reading

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MAKE: A Fractal Mirror

By: Diy maven Mar 18, 2011

Janice was noticing fractal mirrors everywhere. Their only downside was their price tags. So, like all good DIYers, she decided to make her own. The results are amazing and look completely pro. Here's what we'll need if we want to tackle a… Continue Reading

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Closet Organization: A Rainbow of Options!

By: Capreek Mar 17, 2011

created at: 03/17/2011

We've been talking a lot about money-saving cleaning tips and projects, Spring Cleaning checklists, and other ways of organizing your home this month, but it's time to focus on that one area we see, and use, every day: clothes closets!  

Though often overlooked, this space sets the tone for the rest of your day: a messy closet adds chaos and stress, an organized closet promotes peace and calm.  We'd all prefer the latter,… Continue Reading

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Super Creative Bookends that are Not Your Typical Storybook Ending

By: Craftmel Mar 17, 2011

created at: 03/16/2011

This is my pathetic bookshelf. Yes, I still have college my textbooks.

I wish I could say my bookshelves were full of classic novels and first editions, but the best I can do is a 3rd Edition of Hypnobirthing and an entire row of fantasy books.  If that doesn't hurt my literary morale enough, the shelves are unorganized to boot.  What I need are some attractive bookends to make my book collection look a little more impressive and easy on the… Continue Reading

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Uniquely Scandinavian: A Crocheted Stool Makeover

By: Capreek Mar 16, 2011

created at: 03/16/2011

I've never crocheted before in my life, but after seeing this charming stool I've got a serious desire to learn… Continue Reading

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How To: Make an Inexpensive, DIY Reed Diffuser

By: Chrisjob Mar 15, 2011

created at: 03/15/2011

You can pick up all you want, but the true indicator of how clean a home really is? The way it smells. During spring cleaning season, we wait for the days where it's warm enough to open the windows and air out the house, and do some serious scrubbing to get rid of the worst odor offenders. And when all's back to neutral, it's time to fill your home with a fresh, clean scent.

Most chemical-based air fresheners are 1) bad for… Continue Reading

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Get Crafty: DIY Easter Egg Hunt Totes

By: Capreek Mar 15, 2011

created at: 03/14/2011

Those clever and crafty folks at The Purl Bee are at it again, this time with an easy DIY project for Spring: felt Easter egg… Continue Reading

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How to Stencil a Seagrass Rug

By: Diy maven Mar 15, 2011

House*Tweaking shows us how to stencil a seagrass rug. The medium? Wood stain. Clever, no? Other stuff used, a… Continue Reading

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20 DIY Mistakes We've Made (So You Don't Have To)

By: Chrisjob Mar 15, 2011

created at: 03/15/2011

Okay, so, the "we" above actually refers to the team at Popular Mechanics, but the sentiment is the same - while the DIY approach can be enriching, challenging, creative, and often save you lots of money, it doesn't mean that everything goes perfectly the first… Continue Reading

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A Kitchen Remodel With Vintage Flair

By: Capreek Mar 14, 2011

created at: 03/14/2011

With a lot of love and a little elbow grease, this outdated kitchen gets a well-deserved… Continue Reading

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Make Your Own Papier Mache Nightstand

By: Modhomeecteacher Mar 11, 2011

Finding the right size side table or nightstand presents a challenge for the small space dweller. Here's a DIY side table/nightstand project to the rescue. Recycling  cardboard and paper into this functional piece of furniture brings the cost down to practically nothing, not to mention the eco-hip artsy practicality of the whole project.  See how… Continue Reading

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That's a Wrap: DIY Storage Ideas for Unruly Wrapping Supplies

By: Capreek Mar 10, 2011

created at: 03/10/2011

Somehow, the closet in our guest room was bestowed the unique honor of being the gift wrap storage center.  It's perfectly suitable for the job but, let's face it, my perpetually sliding stack of paper could use some help.  And don't even get me started on the ribbons which, as a girl barely pushing 5'4", are annoyingly out-of-reach.

I know I'm not the only one with A) a wrapping paper hoarding problem and B) a wrapping… Continue Reading

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The $200 Microhouse

By: Chrisjob Mar 10, 2011

created at: 03/10/2011

Oh boy, what couldn't you do with a tiny, modern home in your backyard?! Especially when the materials only cost… Continue Reading

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Kitchen Cleaning Check List & Cheat Sheet

By: Chrisjob Mar 09, 2011

created at: 03/09/2011

You know when your house needs cleaning. Your spouse or partner, kids, friends, or worst, mother-in-law, may have a different opinion, but you know how much dirt and disorganization your home can handle. One day, you'll walk into a room, and say "Yep, it's time to clean." Maybe once a day, a few times a week, or twice a month, but it'll happen.

Then, a question remains: Where to start? We're here to help. Every… Continue Reading

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Not Lacking For Storage: The Ultimate Shoe Rack IKEA Hack

By: Capreek Mar 08, 2011

created at: 03/08/2011

I'm not sure what I'm more impressed by: the amount of shoes this guy has or the storage and shelving system he created from Lack shelves and cutting… Continue Reading

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