IKEA Hack: Turning a FJELLSE Bedframe into a Couch

Brittni Mehlhoff


Photo: Treasures and Travels

I can't get enough of Ikea hacks lately. And I'm hoping you feel the same way, because this bedframe turned couch project has weekend project written all over it. I know it's not Friday yet, but this one is definitely worth bookmarking now. Click through to see the before and after makeover.

The girls from Treasures & Travels devised a plan for hacking off the...

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Before and After: An Ugly Wall to Open Kitchen Storage

Jennifer Farley

Open Wall of Kitchen Storage

I have a tiny galley kitchen that will one day be fully renovated. I know you are wondering why I want to renovate it? There is much to love here with the yellow rounded countetop, the little desk area, the hard to clean textured vinyl floor, and multi-colored brick. Here is the deal...we are planning to renovate the kitchen from top to bottom in about three years. I had no shame in living with a 70's kitchen until then, but I only have three upper cabinets and three lower cabinets (not including the sink cabinet). I needed storage. And the cheapest place to gain some storage was right here on this wall.    

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14 Clever Ways to Create Extra Storage Using Everyday Objects

Stephanie Lee
Photo: Today's Creative Life

If there's one thing that's better than scoring extra storage, it's creating said storage out of unused items you have lying about the house! And lucky for us, there are plenty of great tutorials online for repurposing old items and turning them into something that's not only functional, but also looks a million dollars. Click through for my favourites! 

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How To: DIY Sphere Chandelier From A Glass Bowl

Jennifer Farley

Glass Bowl Sphere Chandelier

Light fixtures are my favorite things to update in a space. The only problem is that they can be so expensive. Light fixture DIY can be intimidating but it is becoming so common that stores like Lowes and Home Depot are helping out more and more with great parts and foundational fixtures to get people started. A simaliar store-bought version of this fixture is pricey but check out how this DIY version is not that hard and very affordable.   

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Curbly Bookworm: Crafting with Wood Pallets

Diy Maven
Crafting with Wood Pallets cover shot
Photo: Ulysess Press

Becky Lamb gets it: no matter what some people may say, crafting stuff out of wood pallets will continue to be popular. Her love of the humble shipping staple started a long time ago with a DIY shelf. Her love affair has culminated into a complete book packed with 25+ rustic projects using them, and they just might be the inspiration you need to finally start making stuff out of those pallets you've...

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