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An Easy Couples Costume: Guns n' Roses Axl Rose + Slash

by Alicia Lacy

Slash and Axl Rose costume

We're heading to a Halloween costume party this weekend and we needed to pull a couples costume together at the last minute. We made a list of famous duos - Ricky & Lucy, Beyonce & Jay-Z, Peanut Butter & Jelly... but decided to go edgy and classic: Axl Rose + Slash.

Here's how we pulled our costume together using things we already had (blacks pants and flannels) and a few key pieces we ordered on Amazon Prime (you have time to do the...

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A Seriously Extensive Shopping Guide of Gold, Copper, & Bronze Kitchen & Bathroom Fixtures

by Jennifer Farley

Shopping Guide: Gold. Bronze, and Copper Plumbing Fixtures

I know you feel like you just ripped out the 80s gold fixtures in your bathroom renovation five years ago, which, by the way, was a good decision, but the truth is... gold fixtures are back. No, it's not a scary resurgence like the fashion trend of acid washed jeans a few years back. Gold fixtures can be a part of a stylish and timeless style. Gold isn't the only fixture finish getting all the attention either. Don't forget about the resurgence of copper and bronze into the design world. Today I'm going to share an extremely thorough list of where you can buy gold, copper, and bronze kitchen and bathroom fixtures for any design style.   

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We Love Leather! Here are Some Simple, Stylish Ways To Use It In Your Home

by Faith Towers
We Love Leather! Here Are Some Simple Ways To Use It In Your Home

Leather is an underutilized material when it comes to DIY projects for the home, but it's also one of the most versatile ones... so today we're sharing some ideas to inspire you to use more of it around the house. Here are ten simple ways to incorporate leather into your home. (And if you're not into leather for ethical reasons, please note that most of these projects can be done with vegan leather too!).   

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Halloween Movie Night: What You Should Stream This Weekend To Get Into The Spooky Spirit

by DIY Maven
Photo: Food, Life, Design

Since cutting the ties with cable/satellite several years ago, we've become devotes of Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime. (Yes, all three.) It's gotten so bad good that on the rare occasions when we do watch something on regular TV, the hubs invariably offers an aggrieved huff having to suffer through commercials. Although, considering

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When Autumn Leaves Start to Wall

by Bruno Bornsztein

Fun fact: Autumn Leaves was the first jazz standard I learned on guitar back in high school, when I though learning to play jazz guitar would make me cool and get girlfriends. It's a pretty basic song, and a good one to teach a 15-year-old me how to do a chord melody, which, on a guitar, is where you play a song's chords and melody at the same time, and ... hey, isn't this supposed to be a DIY blog!?

Right. So, anyway (no, I didn't...

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