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10 Totally Stunning Halloween Makeup Ideas

By: Faith-towers Oct 08, 2015
10 Totally Incredible Halloween Makeup Ideas
Photo: Allison Ivy

Halloween is one of those holidays that we crafters can really use our artistic skills... especially for makeup! Here are ten absolutely incredible makeup looks to inspire you to get creative this Halloween.   

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How To: Cool & Colorful Cactus Transfer Art

By: Lexy.b.ward Oct 08, 2015
diy cactus transfer art
photo: Persia Lou

It could be the fact that I now live in Tucson and have embraced the cactus fully in my life, but this transfer art tutorial is pure genius! And totally useful in tons of artsy situations!      

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Before and After: Bold Styling Breathes Life Into a Once Minimal Living Room

By: Brittni mehlhoff Oct 08, 2015
Photo: Emily Henderson

Sometimes you don't need to reinvent the wheel to completely transform a space. And this before and after living room makeover will prove it.

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How to: Make an Easy Modern + Minimal Pendant Light

By: Hellolidy Oct 07, 2015
DIY Minimal Pendant Light | Hello Lidy for Curbly

We are big on lighting in our home. It's a necessity, sure, but that doesn't mean it has to be dull. We're always keen on creating our own lighting when we get the chance, and it's a great way to add personality. Many might think dealing with electricity and wiring is too complicated or even expensive, but this DIY pendant light project is so simple to make and minimal in design, anyone can do it. Did I mention this light only costs about $25? 

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DIY Halloween Curio Boxes

By: Alicia Oct 07, 2015
DIY Halloween Curio Boxes

Halloween is coming, and with it an explosion of orange and black. The holiday's signature colors may be my least favorite color combination of all time. So, I put them in a box and it made all the difference. 

To make your own set of Halloween curios, here's what you'll need:


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Curbly Pumpkin Challenge: How to Make a Decorative Pumpkin Vase

By: Rachel mae smith Oct 07, 2015

This year, a group of Curbly contributors and editors got together to create an series of DIY decor and entertaining projects using that iconic symbol of the season: the pumpkin. We'll be sharing our creations for the Curbly Pumpkin Challenge each day this week. Happy Fall.Continue Reading

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How to Make a Classic Wheat Sheaf Bundle

By: Diy maven Oct 07, 2015
Photo: The Creek Line House

Classic wheat sheaf bundles are highly adaptable to just about any decor style. Tied up with simple white ribbon, they can look quite modern. Make that ribbon red and you have a staple of a traditional Scandinavian Christmas. Done up with something like burlap, and they lean toward the rustic. And speaking of leaning, that'sContinue Reading

13 Fun Things To Make With Leaves This Fall

By: Lexy.b.ward Oct 07, 2015
13 Fun Things To Make With Leaves This Fall
photo: Freckle & Fair

Autumn is here! I may have been waiting 9 months to say those words. I love all the leafy decor that shows up in and around homes during this season. I've scoured the web for 13 of the best leafy projects you can do yourself!      

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