Roundup: 20+ More Inexpensive DIY Gift Basket Ideas

Diy Maven


DIY gift basket ideas

A bunch of years ago I wrote a roundup of 20+ Inexpensive DIY Gift Baskets Ideas We Love, and apparently, you love them too, because the article still gets plenty of viewing action. Although we STILL love those ideas, we thought it might be time to expand on the idea. As mentioned in the original post, gift baskets are great to receive, but giving them can be surprisingly expensive. Pick a basket, add a little of this and a...

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Make it: DIY Holiday Place Setting

Stephanie Lee

DIY holiday place setting

With all the parties that take place during the festive season, the holidays are the perfect time to have a little fun with your table settings. After all, there are so many elements that you can DIY, and by doing so you can really tailor each piece to suit your personal taste or existing Christmas decor (or both!). Read on to see how easy it was to set up this simple place setting with just a bit of fabric paint, paper and some clay.

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How To: Make a Space-Saving Tabletop Christmas Tree

Brittni Mehlhoff
Photo: Brittni Mehlhoff

I'm getting into holiday decorating much earlier than normal this year. What about you? And I thought I would try my hand at another wood project because I happen to have a bunch of wood shims lying around from another project. So, with the help of the folks at Dremel, I created a tabletop wood shim Christmas tree for the holidays that is fun, festive, and a little bit pastel. The finished tree is about 16 inches tall, making it especially perfect for anyone with a small space that doesn't have a lot of room to spare. Click through for the full tutorial.

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How To: Paint The Most Realistic Faux Marble Countertops

Lexy Ward

Marble is definitely the creme de la creme when it comes to countertops. But it can also break the bank when it comes to designing your kitchen or bathroom to include it. After seeing this amazing tutorial to paint MDF to look like marble, yes, PAINT it, (for $30!!!) I'm totally convinced that this is the way around the financial sacrifice. And it looks amazingly realistic that you might be able to fool even the most experienced of marble lovers.       

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