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How To Analyze Your Own Handwriting.

By: Chrisjob Mar 27, 2008

Want to know what your scribing says about your personality? states, "Every time you scribble a few lines of handwriting you are giving away a great deal about yourself and your character. Everyone has an individual style of writing - this is why, occasionally, we can tell who a letter is from before we even open the envelope!As scary as it sounds, even your signature is a big giveaway to your personality! Professional… Continue Reading

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Ikea Towel Rack Hack–For the Kitchen

By: Diy maven Mar 27, 2008

Check out this quick and easy Ikea hack. The maker used a Grundtal Towel Rail ($7.99) and added a piece of openwork steel on top and a few hooks below, making a handy and stylish kitchen shelf. Via Instructables.

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Has anyone bought Canopyâ„¢ furniture?

By: Diy maven Mar 27, 2008

created on: 03/27/08

While sitting in a waiting room recently, I saw an ad in a magazine for Canopy™ furniture. Maybe I don’t get out enough, but I hadn’t heard of the brand. Its concept, however, interested me. It’s like Ikea and Pottery Barn hooked up and produced offspring. Canopy™ offers reasonably priced put-together furniture but with a contemporary-country feel. I was intrigued and decided to do a bit of investigating. A… Continue Reading

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Laundry Room Must Have: Fels-Naptha!

By: Diy maven Mar 27, 2008

Say ‘Fels-Naptha’ to your mom or grandma and see what kind of reaction you get. It will probably something like, ‘Oh, yes! They used to use that in the olden days on laundry day.’ Why the bar soap isn’t still popular today is a mystery, because it is one of the best–if not THE best–pre-treater/spot removers on the planet. I know this because I picked up a bar at my local grocery store a while back to give… Continue Reading

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Curbly in the New Readymade Magazine.

By: Chrisjob Mar 26, 2008

Okay, so it's not a featured 8-page article, but Curbly does get a shout-out in the Contributors page in my brief bio (first column, second from the bottom, I think) in the April/May edition of Readymade (Isssue 34). While your there, have a peek at my article, "Been There, Recycled That" in the Re-Organize feature, on pages 40-41.

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The Wicker Egg Chair

By: Diy maven Mar 26, 2008

Just spotted this sweet thing in my recent Pottery Barn catalog: the Palmetto Honey All-Weather Wicker Egg Chair. It has all the retro styling of the popular egg chairs of the 60's but it’s been reborn into a relaxing backyard get-away. Although it has the look of real wicker, the lightweight aluminum frame is actually wrapped in all-weather polyester, and the cushions are made of Quick-Dry Foam™ and water-repellant natural canvas.… Continue Reading

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10 Ways to Green Your Bathroom

By: Diy maven Mar 26, 2008

Mark Constantine of Lush Fresh Handmade Cosmetics passes along 10 ways to green our bathrooms.

  1. Consider what you actually need.
  2. Use soap bars instead of liquid soap–this includes shower gel and even shampoo.
  3. Avoid heavily packaged products.
  4. Check use-by dates; the longer out the date, the more preservatives.
  5. Try to buy local.
  6. Buy items that last as long as possible, like toothbrushes with disposable… Continue Reading
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10 Ways to Green Your Fridge.

By: Chrisjob Mar 26, 2008

Vegetarian Times offers 10 great tips to best steward your homes' most beloved appliance. "According to the Union of Concerned Scientists, the average American fridge uses around 1,383 kilowatt hours a year, which is 14 percent of your household’s electrical needs and about $90 a year. But there are simple steps you can take to lighten your refrigerator’s impact on… Continue Reading

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Happy 50th Birthday, Peace Sign!

By: Chrisjob Mar 26, 2008

As it turns out, the circular peace sign, one of the most recognizable images of the 20th century, was an intentional design attempting to feature the letters N and D- Nuclear Disarmament.

Wikipedia states: "This forked symbol was designed for the Direct Action Committee Against Nuclear War (DAC) and was adopted as its badge by the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament (CND) in Britain, and originally was used by the… Continue Reading

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Grow your future furnishings.

By: Diy maven Mar 26, 2008

Plantware grows soft, flexible trees, which they shape with temporary templates, creating functional structures that are not only good for the environment but have a modern point of view. And, to top it off, they decompose when they have served their purposes. For more information, visit Plantware. Via.

Photos courtesy of Plantware.

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