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Make Paint Chip Gift Tags

By: Diy maven Dec 22, 2008

Paint chips + scissors + hole punch + Christmas tree punch (I have this one!) = some very cute and clever Christmas git tags. Thanks for the great idea sugar girls! Via.

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Virtual Fireplace, in Blu-ray

By: Diy maven Dec 22, 2008

Several years ago, a local television station started airing the ‘Yule Log.’ Basically, it’s a loop of burning logs in a fire accompanied with Christmas tunes. It has become a tradition in many households, even ones with fireplaces like mine, to tune into 'the log’. As a matter of fact, it’s ratings often top the charts. If you don’t have a ‘Yule Log’ station, here’s the perfect answer: HDScape’s Fireplace, which is a crackling fire sansContinue Reading

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How to Turn a Gift Bow into a Gift Flower

By: Diy maven Dec 22, 2008

created on: 12/22/08

If you save gift bows like I do, you probably have a sack of them, all of which are looking a little crunched up by now. Here’s a great–and EASY–way to remake them into bow mums.

What you need:

  • A scissors
  • Bows! Large or small, it doesn’t matter, but they must be made of paper ribbon like the cheap sack o’ bows you can buy just about everywhere these days.

What you do:

First, cut the loops down the center, longways.Continue Reading

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A Knitter's Chirstmas Ball

By: Diy maven Dec 22, 2008

Spotted this ingenious little item on Ravelry. It's creator, madamsewingstick, first knitted the tiny piece on regular knitting needles and then transferred it to toothpicks with beads at one end. She slipped the entire piece into a clear glass Christmas ball, suspending the needles by invisible thread.

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Holiday How-To: Paper Reindeer.

By: Chrisjob Dec 20, 2008

Are all the folks, young and old, who've begun to gather in your home starting to bore each other to death? Grab this print-and-cut file from Cheeky Magpie and get them a-cuttin'. Via.

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DIY: Build a Top Notch Sewing Kit

By: Modhomeecteacher Dec 20, 2008

created on: 12/20/08

Nothing satisfies a seamster more than fresh new supplies. Whether it be sharp new shears or a handy cutting mat, sewers (not soo-ers) love their supplies.  Opt for ala carte when putting together a sewing notions kit. That way you can choose higher quality items and eliminate the unncessary ones. The best thing about this is that you can spend a little or alot and get credit for everything. Here's a list....Continue Reading

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Winter Rx: Grillin' Out

By: Modhomeecteacher Dec 19, 2008

created on: 12/19/08 

Around my house, nothing lifts our spirits more than a tasty, healthy meal cooked out on a smokin' hot grill.  We've adopted an untraditional tradition of grilling out on Christmas Eve. Whether it's burgers and brats, or a pork tenderloin, we feel like we've broken the rules a little bit.....Continue Reading

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Strange Christmas Traditions from Around the World

By: Diy maven Dec 19, 2008

Christmas traditions in my family are pretty straightforward....and boring when compared to what’s going on in the rest of the world! Here's a list with links, just in case you'd like to adopt one or two or more.

In Norway, they hide brooms on Christmas Eve to ward off witches looking to take them for a spin. (Read more about the tradition here.)

In some areas of Italy, they forego the Christmas tree and decorate a small woodenContinue Reading

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Recycled DIY Robot!

By: Lilybee Dec 19, 2008

Some questions are timeless and all important, for example, Beatles or Stones? Batman or Superman? Pirates or Ninjas? And perhaps the most important of all, 'would you rather have a Monkey or a Robot?' Well, for folks coming down on the robot side, there is this fellow:created on: 12/19/08

The blurb says "Turn any empty metal can into a walking, wobbling bug-eyed robot! This Tin Can Robot Kit comes with pretty much everything you'll need toContinue Reading

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Five Ingenious Ways to Re-use Gift Wrapping Paper

By: Diy maven Dec 19, 2008

Sadly most wrapping paper hits the garbage soon after it's torn from its package. To continue to enjoy its beauty, you might want to extend its life by doing these five cool things with it.

1. Make a foil fan.

2. Use it to make scrapbook pages or next year's holiday cards. (Here are some ideas from Scrapbooks Etc that are sure to inspire.)Continue Reading

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