Read what people are saying about Make It! Mid-Century Modern!

by DIY Maven

created at: 2010/01/28

Our first addition to the Curbly Libary, Make It! Mid-Century Modern, is only a few months old, but it's made a serious impression in the on-line crafting community and to those highly intelligent individuals who've purchased copies. And here's the proof:

The Sunday Times Market is showing Make It! MCM mad love.

SF Gate, home of the San Francisco Chronicle, couldn't be more complimentary.

CraftyPod gives our very first ebook...

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Curbly Giveaway: Win One of Five Free Copies of Make It! Mid-Century Modern

by Chris Gardner

All it takes is two quick mouse clicks... Don't miss out! The deadline is Sunday, January 31st, at 11:59 pm.

First, read what folks are saying about Make It! Mid-Century Modern.

Then, enter yourself to win one of five free copies!

created at: 2010/01/22

To enter, just do two things: 


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Turn your bed into a nighttime spa.

by DIY Maven

the ultimate lavender eye pillow

Forget the day spa. Now you can get same kind of pampering at night...while you sleep. Last September Magniflex unveiled their lavender-scented Memoform mattress. The lavender scent, which is permeated deep in the mattress cover's fabric, was chosen for its natural sedative and anti-bacterial properties.

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How To: Cuttin' Glass and Taking Names

by Plastolux

created at: 03/27/2013

Ever looked at a wine bottle to admire its shape, color, or translucent qualities?

These features shouldn't go to waste in the recycling bin. Here's a fun how-to that can reuse and transform wine bottles into something REALLY worth eyeballing. Get all the info and tools for this killer DIY project after the jump:

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