The Most Popular DIY Projects of 2009

by Chris Gardner

Ladies and Gentlemen! Presenting the Most Popular Do-It-Yourself Projects of the year of our Lord, Two Thousand, Double-Aught, and Nine.

Okay, well, the most popular projects picked by productivity and technology site Lifehacker. Oh, and only featuring projects highlighted by Lifehacker. And viewed in popularity on Lifehacker.

Still, it's a pretty good list, and a great year-end tribute to 365 days of creativity.

My faves are...

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Rule Busting: To The Trade Only

by Mod Home Ec Teacher

created at: 2009/12/19

The four words that fuel the fire of a DIY-er are To The Trade Only. The moment I see them, the more I want access. Nowadays, I am The Trade and I do have access to prohibitively expensive fabrics that take you to levels you never dreamed existed.  Now there's hope if you happen to love extraordinary, artisanal wallpapers and aren't in the trade. The Wallpaper Collective welcomes you; yes YOU, to shop small batch runs by the best wallpaper designers from around the world. These aren't cheap, mind you, but come on, they're works of art. Check out some of the most gorgeous designs I've ever seen!

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Upcycle a POM Wonderful Bottle Into a Snowman M&M Jar

by Mod Home Ec Teacher

created at: 2009/12/20

This morning we had a little crafty holiday party in my studio. Everyone brought projects they've been working on. We ate, drank, laughed, glued and glittered our way into the afternoon. I couldn't resist photographing this little be-hatted snowman made from an empty POM Wonderful bottle. This will be filled with M&M's and given away as a cleverly repurposed, handmade gift. When Janet arrived, she had already spray painted the bottle white. Next, she

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