Ikea Hack Mashup: Enzo Mari Table that Allows Everyone to Judge Production with a Critical Eye.

by Chris Gardner

Ikea x Enzo Mari Mashup Table

Ikea Hack, n. a reconstitution of Ikea product supplies or parts to create an object different in use or design.

Mash Up, n. a work of art or process which recombines and modifies existing  works to create a derivative but original work.

Ikea Hack Mash Up, n. Awesome.

Greg has spent the last two years combining these two fantastic ideas. "An EFFE table based on a 1974 design by Enzo Mari, but made entirely from unfinished pine components of...

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Now Available: Make It! Mid-Century Modern

by Bruno Bornsztein

"Make It! Mid-Century Modern", Curbly's mid-century how-to manual, is finally here! You can buy it right now in PDF or print format ($9.99 and $18, respectively)

I'm really proud of this publication, and our writers (DIY-Maven, ChrisJob, and ModHomeEcTeacher) have done a fantastic job putting it together. We sweated every detail in every paragraph and photograph in this book, and I think it shows.

Hopefully, you'll think so too, and...

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DIY: Wine Bottle Light.

by Chris Gardner

wine bottle light

With string lights readily available everywhere from 6-week only holiday emporiums to the corner gas station, grab a few to create this deceptively simple but elegant wine bottle light. The trick lies in the technology - a 1/2" drill bit made for drilling into glass, and, of course, the proper safety gear, just in case.

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LED Motherboard Menorah.

by Chris Gardner

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How fascinating..."A group of Israeli environmentalists has launched an Internet campaign encouraging Jews around the world to light at least one fewer candle this Hannukah.

The effort, aimed at curbing climate-altering greenhouse gas emissions, has been criticized by some Jewish leaders, who say the candles play a sacred role in the Hanukkah observance.

The founders of the Green Hanukkia campaign say each candle burning all the way down...

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Alternative Gift Wrap: Thrift-Store Sewing Patterns.

by Chris Gardner

Rikkianne from Chakra Pennywhistle has a fine idea, indeed: wrap your handmade gifts in a paper a bit more suitable to their contents - thrifted sewing patterns.

Don't worry - these aren't the vintage patterns featuring classic designs from the 1940s, 50s, and 60s... if your thrift store features those, you, my friend, are in luck and should buy them all up quickly.

Nope. In 2010, most shelves are graced with McCalls from the late 70s through...

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