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Swiss Army Keys!

By: Chrisjob Jul 24, 2008

No more jangles: this brilliant hack from Pyro222 (inspired thusly here) custom fits all your keys into a compact Leatherman/multitool. The design even allows you to leave in a few tools and bits in the case for when the time arises.


Leatherman Micra - find an inexpensive copy at the hardware store
Keys - Make copies!
Something to cut the keys with, like a Dremel with a cutoff wheel.

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The Dot Candy Bench.

By: Chrisjob Jul 23, 2008

When I was a kid, I ate candy dots once a year...on our family vacation to Canada, and I freakin' loved 'em. The folks at Jellio must have too, as the inspired them to create the Button Bench. At $1400, its one heck of an investment for a novelty item, but a trip to Ikea and some painted playground balls could get you there as well. Via.

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Video How-To: Sustainable Food Shopping.

By: Chrisjob Jul 23, 2008

Improving your home's efficiency and lessening your dependence of fossil fuels is only part of the necessary change. You also have to eat like you give a damn. Check out Dr. Bill Chameides' first video for The Green Grok on sustainable food shopping.


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How To Make A Dual-Sided Projection Screen That Also Serves as Artwork.

By: Chrisjob Jul 23, 2008

Fylke, like everyone I imagine, wasn't too keen on the look of a huge boring white screen on his wall. So, he created a dual-sided screen/artwork to keep the room looking fine when not using the projector.

1) Build the frame.

2) Cover the frame (with Ikea curtains...clever)

3) Create artwork

4) Impose art onto the screen.

5) Paint it up and hang it!

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The Cantaloupe Death Star.

By: Chrisjob Jul 23, 2008

So, I've admitted this here before: I've never gotten around to seeing Star Wars. And, to be honest, I don't really like cantaloupe. But with a knife, a cantaloupe, and five minutes, you can have your very own planet-killing super weapon that even I could get into. Clever.

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‘Designer’ Pet Crate Covers

By: Diy maven Jul 23, 2008

created on: 07/23/08

Because of some behavioral problems, my very neurotic cat sleeps in a very large dog crate at night. It breaks my heart, as I’d much rather have her sleeping in our bed and specifically on my feet, which seems to be her preferred human body part/pillow. For any pet-parent that has to employ a crate, you know what an eyesore they can be. Crate Covers and More sells very pretty ‘slip covers’ (starting at $130) in various… Continue Reading

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Dorm Room Essentials

By: Diy maven Jul 23, 2008

created on: 07/23/08

If you’re headed off to college or heading someone off to college this fall, here’s a great video that’ll get you thinking about dorm-room life and the challenges it presents. Even though space will–most likely–be at a premium, style doesn’t have to be!

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How to Make a Magnetic Art/Photo Display

By: Diy maven Jul 23, 2008

Another installment in the art/photo display gallery here at Curbly is this option from Wendy at Wisdom of the Moon. 

Supplies she used:

a strip of flat metal with holes in it
metal primer
Clear protective enamel

What she did:

You can probably figure out, just by the list of materials, what Wendy did. Although she opted to paint the washers and metal strip, leaving them ‘raw’ for an industrial look… Continue Reading

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Camouflaged Satellite Dishes

By: Diy maven Jul 22, 2008

Sqish’s custom made stickers will end the blight of goofy rooftop technology as we know it. How will they accomplish such a daunting task? Easy, the stickers are custom-made to blend into any surface upon which satellite dishes may be mounted. Just slap a sticker onto your dish and voila, the dish does a Casper. But before you jump for joy...the stickers are currently only available in the UK for customers using Sky or Freesat. So, we can… Continue Reading

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Curbly Video Podcast: How To Print Custom, One-of-a-Kind Apparel with

By: Chrisjob Jul 22, 2008

created on: 07/22/08 fulfills not only the American, but the ultimate, international dream of all humankind: to have anything you could ever desire printed on a t-shirt.

created on: 07/22/08Skreened's technique is efficient and durable full-color process that lays soft, water-based prints right onto the garment. So you can get just one, just for you, with no setup fees, or minimal orders. Plus, Skreened's approach uses sweatshop-free apparel, prints without… Continue Reading

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