Build a Folding Table

by DIY Maven

created at: 2009-11-06

A folding table can come in very handy. This little fellow comes to us from Handy Man Wire, who says that it can be constructed out of any wood of your choosing. (Because the maker is using his table on a porch, he built it out of cedar. Stainless steel and brass hardware was chosen for the same reason.) Since you can make it in an afternoon or so, it would be the perfect weekend project. Here's your shopping list!

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The Convenient Light Switch Rack.

by Chris Gardner

You gotta love that MoMA store: always beautiful, and often useful.

This Light Switch Rack offers the helpful inbox/outbox approach to home organization (albeit on a small scale) at a no-new-holes-in-your-wall cost. New from designer Paul Koh, just "Easily install this rack over your existing light switch cover near the door. The two knobs function as key hooks, and a convenient mail holder at the top reminds you to take the mail with you on your way out. Made of powder-coated aluminum."

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Sew a Newspaper Dress.

by Chris Gardner

Know how there's some really great final projects in the how-to blogosphere, but the means by which they getcha there are quite muddled and badly conveyed?


This newspaper dress from PrixPrix sho ain't oneofum. With an Instructable as fine as the outcome, this "Old Gray Lady" dress created completely of the New York Times and thread (no tape, glue, or staples) will inspire you with every pleat, fold, and seam. These things can be done, friends, and this is how we do 'em.

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Elegant and Eclectic Thanksgiving Tablescapes You Can Do Yourself

by Mod Home Ec Teacher

created at: 2009-11-04

Photo Images: Bobbi Fabian

Look, Thanksgiving deserves its three weeks of November all to itself. Nobody's horning in on Christmas' time. Thanksgiving is a less stressed, better version of Christmas. It's like the delicious appetizer before Christmas. The decorating and preparation is calmer, more understated, elegant, dignified and poised. Erinn Valencich over on HGTV shows us that Thanksgiving decor has gone way beyond pilgrims and turkey statues. If you want to get in the mood, just take a look at these sophisticated tablescapes that will inspire you to get Autumny creative.  I'm doing the top one with the white pumpkin.

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