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5 Things You Can Dye With Unsweetened Kool-Aid

By: Diy maven Apr 21, 2008

1. Fibers such as silk and wool. Here’s a couple of tutorials for dyeing fibers yet spun as well as yarns.

2. Fabrics of the silk and wool variety. Here’s a fun kid-friendly project for tie-dyeing.

3. Water. Yeah, I know, 'duh', but not for drinking; for DIY water colors!

And speaking of paint....

4. Add unsweetened Kool-Aid to latex paint for a colorful surprise.

5. Hair. Kool-Aid will add a hint of color to dark hair and a… Continue Reading

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Cruelty-Free Paper Resin Deer Heads

By: Chrisjob Apr 19, 2008

Etsy seller Ruby's Lounge offers these clever alternatives: "In the Handmade Wilderness series, artist Jennifer Khoshbin is creating a number of wall-mount deer “trophies”, which are made from paper mâché and decoupage on resin cast heads. Jennifer is attempting to reimagine the celebration of the deer as an emblem of nature, so instead of celebrating it’s death the deer can actually be revered in life."

via… Continue Reading

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How To Start Seedlings in Egg Cartons.

By: Chrisjob Apr 19, 2008

Paper egg cups make the perfect container for starting seeds and growing transplants.

Simply cut off the top half/the lid of the cartons, and fill each cup with potting soil. Place them on a sheet pan filled with water, and the set the pan in the sunshine or under grow lights. When the seedlings are ready for the garden, just cut the cartons into indiividual cups, and place the whole things in the soil. The cartons will dissolve, just… Continue Reading

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Mid-Century Modern Light Fixture: Needed

By: Modhomeecteacher Apr 19, 2008

created on: 12/30/07

Hallelujah!  My husband was changing a bulb that was stuck in the socket of this UGLY fixture and he broke it!!!  Now I can look for a new fixture.  I'm looking for a new fixture or, better yet, a mid-century fixture that gives off enough light.  I'm looking for interesting ideas.  The table is staying but the chairs will be replaced.  I'm still working on what to do with the greenhouse view.

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Ikea Doll Bed Goes to the Dogs–or Cats

By: Diy maven Apr 18, 2008

Jules over on Ikea Hacker had a great idea of turning Dukig Doll’s Bed ($25) into a kitty bed. A few coats of black matte paint and a homemade animal print cushion and you’d have a bed fit for any small furry family member. Aww!

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Calendar Wallpaper

By: Diy maven Apr 18, 2008

Christiaan Postma’s Calendar Wallpaper is as its name implies. Wallpaper that doubles as a calendar could be great in a business setting but I’m not so sure in a residential one. Your thoughts? Via.

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Don't Buy-DIY! 100 Calorie Natural Snack Packs

By: Modhomeecteacher Apr 18, 2008

created on: 04/18/08

Plan ahead and pack yourself some delicious, healthy, natural 100 calorie snacks instead of purchasing the prepackaged munchies at the store.   When I'm grocery shopping,  I'm usually hungry, which means I usually buy all sorts of goodies that tempt my eyes and brain to think I'll be on my way to calorie control if I buy these cute little snack packages.  They've ingeniously marketed portion control to us, the… Continue Reading

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‘Boulder’ Disguises

By: Diy maven Apr 18, 2008

Now that the snow has melted where I live, unsightly utility paraphernalia has come back into view. Planting some pretty foliage to hide junction boxes and pipes and such is always a good idea, but for immediate and complete disguise-ification we can always purchase some Mock Rocks®. Durable yet lightweight, the hollowed-out rocks can cover up a multitude of yard sins. Available in various sizes costing between 50 and 350 bucks at PlowContinue Reading

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Pop-up Book Art

By: Bruno Apr 17, 2008

Check out this awesome alphabet pop-up book (via Craft Videos):



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5 Ways to Experience the Benefits of Travel without Leaving Town

By: Diy maven Apr 17, 2008

Gas, airline tickets, hotel, and restaurant prices. These are just some of the reason we might not venture too far from home for awhile. Of course, by staying close to home we miss out on the benefits of travel, which, according to permanent traveler Lea Woodward, include broadening our horizons, adding excitement to our ordinary lives, seeing the world beyond our existence, meeting new people and experiencing new cultures, just to name a… Continue Reading

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