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Garage Door Headboard

By: Diy maven Dec 10, 2008

Okay, this isn't just any garage door. It's an old garage door with loads of character. Jenny K, a contributor at Junk Market Style, carefully stripped and sanded the door, which she discovered was constructed of fir and pine. She then simply propped it up behind her king-sized bed for an amazing statement.

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Recycle Carpet Samples

By: Modhomeecteacher Dec 10, 2008

created on: 12/10/08

It's time for me to take a break from Christmas decor.  When I think about the fresh, new year, I get giddy about cleaning, clearing, and being creative with inexpensive materials.  Lucky for me, Readymade has provided three ideas from Jen Trolio for reusing carpet samples.  Lowe's,  Home Depot and some supersize stores always seem to have an abundance of carpet samples available right after New Year's Day.  With a utility knife, a straight edge and duct tape, boring carpet samples can be transformed into a dandy floor runner, a tactile headboard and a wacky flower vase.  To get a jump on things I'm making lists.....Continue Reading

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Have The Greenest Tree Around

By: Lilybee Dec 09, 2008

Cookies, berries and popcorn. Yummy. And the most ecologically sound way to decorate your tree. If your decorations are not eaten straight off the tree by naughty pooches (you know who you are... Dilly) then you can use them later to feed birds or pop them in the compost.

created on: 12/09/08

Popcorn, thread, needle and voila! A festive afternoon filled with delicious smells and a full tummy.Continue Reading

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How To: Three Contemporary Paper Garlands.

By: Chrisjob Dec 09, 2008

Paper rings are very fine things, but why not try something a little more ambitious this year. Design*Sponge offers three twists on the classic paper garland, with quite impressive results, indeed.

Faux Bois Rectangular Chain

Folded Paper "Chewing Gum" Chain

No-Glue 2D Ring Garland


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The Best Home Fixes Under $500.

By: Chrisjob Dec 09, 2008

Whether your selling it, or just want to make living in it a little more pleasant, your home can benefit majorly from mid-sized improvements. With many well under the $500 mark, Handy Man Home Repair has gathered a list of useful, and mostly easy, bang-for-your-buck options.

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Caution! Christmas Light Safety Tips.

By: Chrisjob Dec 09, 2008

Whether they're outside, inside, or perhaps a bit of both, Christmas lights are connected to your home circuit, and as with anything, especially those outside, you gots to be safe.

Here's a few tips from Suite101 to keep the fires in the yule logs and the shocks on your face when you open the perfect gift.

•    Leaving lights on while not at home
•    Christmas Tree Advice
•    Extension Cords
•    Stringing lights together
•   Continue Reading

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The Tea Bag Coffin.

By: Chrisjob Dec 09, 2008

"Where do tea bags go to die?" Your saucer? Napkin? Awkward pile with sugar packets on table?

Nope, says Jonas Trampedach. Give it a proper burial where it belongs, under your teacup.

Clever, useful, and just macabre enough.



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Recycled Bike Tire Wreath: Mock Tutorial

By: Modhomeecteacher Dec 09, 2008

created on: 12/09/08

This recycled wreath project (super easy and cheap) is only a reenactment of one of the very first DIY homeowner projects I pulled off successfully.Continue Reading

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How to make a bow like the pros.

By: Diy maven Dec 09, 2008

Nashville Wraps Community is a site dedicated to people who take wrapping and packaging very seriously. Giving their professional secrets away is just one reason to take a peek at their fount of information. Case in point: their gift bow and pew bow tutorial. The gift bow comes at the most gift-giving time of year, and the pew bow is worthy of a 'favorite' for any upcoming weddings in the new year.

To make a gift bow, you'll need 4Continue Reading

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How to have yourself a tacky little Christmas.

By: Diy maven Dec 09, 2008

Christmas gives everyone the license to be tacky, even if they aren’t the other 364 days of the year. So, if you’d like to wallow in the inelegant side of the holiday, here’s some perfect how-to’s that’ll have your friends wonder what the heck has happened to your taste level. (By the way, the authors of these how-to’s have labeled them ‘tacky’ themselves, so no aspersions are being cast here.)

The Dry Cleaner Bag Wreath. To make it, you’llContinue Reading

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