Can't farm? No problem! Grow Sprouts! (Protein for Pennies...)

Sustainable Suppers

created at: 2009-07-10


I can't grow herbs in my apartment: the light's too poor.  And if I were to put them out on the balcony, the ocean air from that fanny parade known as South Beach would burn the little suckers.

I'm not about to stick a log in my shoe closet to grow mushrooms.  Who needs fungus in there? 

And I have no land.  So my Jeffersonian dream of growing at least some of my own food seemed long squelched.  


I realized I could grow sprouts.  It's...

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My First Experience with West Coast Imaging

Diy Maven

A couple of weeks ago I snubbed my nose at Target's photo processing department and embraced fine art processing. I've been taking photography classes for over six months now, and I've taken some nice pictures (IMHO), and I wanted to treat them in a way they deserved. I mean, this is art, right? So why not seek out a purveyor of processing that understands that? My search was easy, however. I just followed my photography instructor's advice and went to West Coast Imaging.

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How to turn a wok into a side table.

Diy Maven

Wok Table and Broadway

Some projects make me smile. This is one of them. A wok. Turned into a side table. What next? as my mother would say. If you have the materials on hand, you could put one together in about 5 minutes. If not, I'd keep my eyes peeled for them at your next rummage sale/Good Will excursion.

This is your shopping list:

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