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Halloween How-To: The World's Best Fake Snot Recipe.

By: Chrisjob Oct 20, 2008

Just in case, there'd ever, ever, EVER be a reason you'd need some, here's Makezine's most favorite recipe for: fake snot.

Just in case.

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How To Keep Fruits and Veggies Fresh With Proper Storage

By: Chrisjob Oct 20, 2008

So...apparently its not as simple as putting things you want to be crisp in the 'crisper' wonder my SoySnaps keep getting soggy.

Buying fresh produce is essential to not only a healthful, but tasty, lifestyle. But unlike their frozen, or (blech!) canned varieties, fresh fruits and vegetables can become spoiled if not used quickly enough. Divine Caroline offers this handy chart and other storage tips to protect your investment andContinue Reading

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The Wi-Fi Thermostat

By: Diy maven Oct 20, 2008

Using your home Wi-Fi network, the Ecobee Smart Thermostat enables you to control the temperature  in your home from miles away. Cool, huh? It clocks in at $385, but the manufacturer claims it will pay for itself in 12 to 18 months in energy savings. The Ecobee Smart Thermostat is slated to start shipping early next year. Via.

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Bat Decor

By: Diy maven Oct 20, 2008

Welcome trick or treaters into your frightful foyer with these fluttering bats this Halloween. The link to the PDF in the original post at My Home Ideas is no longer working, but this printable might do the trick! (Photo credit: Brian Francis)

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Frame Wallpaper

By: Lilybee Oct 17, 2008

I spotted this rather smashing Frame Wallpaper over a Graham & Brown, 

created on: 10/17/08

It's by artists Taylor & Wood and appears in their Young British Talent section (*waves flag and hums God Save the Queen*) and it's $40/double roll. The blurb says that 'it's a completely interactive wallpaper - you decide what you want it to be - whether you want to put up your youngsters art, paint directly in to a frame, or put upContinue Reading

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Crochet Candidate Finger Puppets

By: Diy maven Oct 17, 2008

created on: 10/17/08
Lion Brand just posted two free finger puppet patterns in the visages of the presidential candidates. Make one of each and conduct your own debates. Or finger fights. To the winner goes the nation! To view the patterns, you must be a member of Lion Brand, which, if you’re not,  I’d encourage you to become as they have a tasty selection of free patterns.

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'Lego' Utensils

By: Diy maven Oct 17, 2008

Continuing our Friday of Frivolity, I now give you the Snack & Stack. Technically, they’re not Legos, but they act like ‘em. The easily stored and packed utensils are 6" long and dishwasher safe. Available at Perpetual Kid for $17.

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Mr. Happy (aka the Smilecup)

By: Diy maven Oct 17, 2008

The only way cocoa and a cookie could be any better is if they were served on this grinning guy. The Smilecup by Psyho is actually a plate with two eyes and a half a cup for a mouth.  Via.




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Make Ironing Cooler... Or At Least Prettier

By: Lilybee Oct 16, 2008

Yesterday I finally bought an Ironing Board. I got it home and I was all super excited about it, (lame I know, but we've been without one for ages). So ironing board YAY, but the cover, Oooogly. Luckily The Purl Bee has a fabby little how-to on making a new, PRETTY ironing board cover. The tutorial comes complete with blindingly hip graphics.

You'll need:

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Help Me Learn How To Demo and Re-Tile

By: Modhomeecteacher Oct 16, 2008

created on: 10/16/08

It's time to eliminate my handpainted tiles from the backsplash.  I've never taken down tiles from a vertical surface and we've only put down floor tiles.  Is it possible to get these off without much wall damage and if there is repair, how hard is it?  I am craving some white subway tiles, new paint, new art, reupholstered chairs and THEN I'LL BE HAPPY!!!  If there are any really good tutorials out there for backsplashes, send them myContinue Reading

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