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A Stay at The Custom Hotel

By: Modhomeecteacher Jan 15, 2009

 created on: 01/15/09

 A stay in LA can get rather expensive, so the frugal Mr. Mod found The Custom Hotel right near the airport for a very reasonable nightly rate. I'm still trying to figure out the place. It's billed as a boutique hotel. The grazing, stuffed sheep in the lobby, the painted black hallways and the oversized photobooth faces in the elevator just kept me wondering...what's the deal? Continue Reading

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Using Linen Packaging for Yarn Storage

By: Diy maven Jan 15, 2009

You know those heavy duty plastic bags that duvet covers, quilts, shams and etcetera come in these days? One way they can find a second life by keeping your yarn stash tidy.

If you currently keep your yarn stash in a big plastic storage container, you know that the individual balls or skeins find a way to become a tangled mess in no time.You reach in, dig around, balls unravel.

created on: 01/15/09

However, plastic bags that hold queen and king-sizedContinue Reading

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Could you do your 'business' in a see-through public toilet?

By: Diy maven Jan 15, 2009

Constructed by Monica Bonvicini, this public toilet, called 'Don't Miss a Sec.', is made of 2-way mirrors. In Monica's own words '"Don't Miss a Sec." is about the desire and failure to "see it all" which is a strong trait in modernism. This work absurdly pushes at the limits of what is public and what is private and offers a perfomative element in which inside and outside are blurred together.' But back to my question: Could you do yourContinue Reading

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Lamp/Earring Holder

By: Diy maven Jan 15, 2009

The Sophia Lamp by BabaAkcja is not only a lamp but a handy way to store your earrings too, thanks to its perforated shade. It reminds me of something...oh, yeah, thisVia.Continue Reading

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My Laptop Case on Discovery's PlanetGreen!

By: Modhomeecteacher Jan 14, 2009

created on: 05/15/08

In the middle of three sunny, warm days in Southern California, I checked my email to find a request from a guy over at to use Continue Reading

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The Audacity Of Soap...

By: Lilybee Jan 14, 2009

It's not often you find commemorative memorabilia that's actually useful (unless you count those gold-plated Royal Wedding commemorative plates, and who doesn't?!)

created on: 01/14/09

Well, now you can commemorate the upcoming presidential inauguration AND get nice and clean. (And chuckle quietly to yourself, Lemongrass roots support - tee hee.) MyObamaBar's soap is available in 8 aroma's and made in the US of all naturalContinue Reading

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How To: Fold a Dollar Bill Ring.

By: Chrisjob Jan 14, 2009

I really, really, really tried how to remember this cool parlor trick from my days of Klutz books for Christmas presents... I could not.

But, luckily, this cat from WikiHow knows the whole process to turn an ordinary dollar bill into a bit of bling.


  1. A former president (or Ben Franklin or Alexandar Hamilton) should be looking back at you.
    A former president (or Ben Franklin or Alexandar Hamilton) should be looking back at you.
    Place the bill on the table, face up.
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I am the King of Household Design.

By: Chrisjob Jan 14, 2009

This week, McSweeney's posted a narrative account of living and interacting with home furnishings and the world of interior design.

"You have come to me for a design. But you do not fully grasp my narrative context, my postmodern niche, my dinette oeuvre. Let me enlighten you. Superficially, I am a designer of home furnishings. But in the klieg-lit world of my imagination I rule a land where creative SWAT teams smash theContinue Reading

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Intro to Digital Photography: Week 2 (Messing round with f-stops)

By: Diy maven Jan 14, 2009

created on: 01/14/09

First, an update. Okay, so after being totally intimidated last week, I decided to do some research  and take the plunge. Ultimately, this review prompted me to settle on the Canon G10, which has become my Red Rider B-B gun of sorts. I would have slept with it the first night after I brought it home if I knew I wouldn’t roll over and break it. But I digress.

This week in class we focused on being out of focus. More specifically depthContinue Reading

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Post-It Art

By: Diy maven Jan 14, 2009

We've seen Post-It art before, but those offerings looked a bit more time consuming (and, frankly, expensive considering all the Post-It's that had to be used). These examples, however, are much more do-able. A quick 'Mario Project' to occupy some office downtime, perhaps?

Continue Reading

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