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Decorator's Folder

By: Lilybee Sep 25, 2008

Martha has a 'Doh! That's-so-obvious-why-didn't-I think-of-it' idea for keeping track of your decorating stuff. The decorator's folder. What you do is keep swatches of paint, fabric and carpet in a folder. Revolutionary! Martha suggests a small accordion file but you could go crazy and have a file for each room.

Taking the idea and running with it I have added:

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'Wind' Minimalist Tub for Small Spaces

By: Diy maven Sep 24, 2008

created on: 09/24/08

Shapely yet minimal in appearance, Neptune’s 'Wind' corner tub that can be equipped with whirlpool capacity. Although perfect for small spaces, at 60" x 36" x 20" is still incredibly roomy and, starting at $1200, it’s not crazy expensive either. Via.

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Creating the Perfect Laundry Room

By: Diy maven Sep 24, 2008

Who wouldn’t rather do laundry in a laundry room that looks like this one? What makes it so special? Well, that Robbin’s egg blue is spectacular as are all the cool storage ideas that keep everything in its place. Julie Edwards at Home Improvement tells us how to implement these elements and others in our own homes to make laundry day a bit less taxing.

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Clever Paper Storage Ideas

By: Diy maven Sep 24, 2008

I spotted these inexpensive paper storage ideas over at Scrapbook Etc. A hanging closet organizer gets fitted with 12" x 12" bins that are labeled for quick and easy access.

In this application, clothing hangers, with the help of a few Hefty Jumbo 2.5 gallon One Zip plastic bags, becomes a very economical and tidy storage solution. Love 'em!


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Test Drive Your Paint Colours...

By: Lilybee Sep 23, 2008

...Or colors if you like. BHG has a fun little tool that lets you play with paint, furniture and accent colours in sample rooms. Want to see how your room (or something like your room) would look with a tangerine walls, purple ceiling and taupe couches? Done.

Careful though 'cause it's a good way to lose 2 hours. You have to sign up to play with it, and there is also a colour-a-house and a try-a-window-treatment tool. Way moreContinue Reading

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How to open a wine bottle with a hammer.

By: Diy maven Sep 23, 2008

What you need: An unopened bottle of wine, a hammer, a screw and a screwdriver.

What you do: See below.


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Bicycle wheels become pot rack; lazy susan

By: Diy maven Sep 23, 2008

MWT travels extensively to Asia and to Taiwan specifically. An intrepid eater, one of his favorite things there is experiencing restaurant ‘wheels’. The ‘wheel’, or what we might call a lazy susan, is a common–if not manditory–component on Taiwanese dinner tables. Although MWT has sampled many exotic delicacies offered up on the wheel, I have a feeling the wheels themselves didn’t look quite like this one made of an old bicycle wheel. ButContinue Reading

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Coin Operated Lamp

By: Diy maven Sep 23, 2008

Jethro Macey's Coin Lamp turns on with a coin-operated switch. It was designed 'based on the concept of values and reward' (aka: pay as you go) by subtly heightening 'awareness of consumption.' According to Macey's website, Coin Lamp will be available to the public soon. To express your interest, sign up to Macey's newsletter. Via.

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Supercrafter to the Rescue!

By: Diy maven Sep 22, 2008

Did you know that there’s an organization that collects hand-made afghans for Afghans? Or that the Animals Asia Foundation recently put out a call for hand-knit mittens for bears?? These are just two of the groups that Diane at CraftStylish mentions in her article today in which she extols the benefits of ‘Using Your Crafty Powers for Good.’ She also provides links for where we can find charities closer to home that would greatly appreciateContinue Reading

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