12 New Uses for Aluminum Foil

by DIY Maven

According to Green Daily, a whopping 1.3 billion pounds of aluminum foil is made every year in the U.S. Although its as recyclable as any old aluminum can, a lot of recycling programs won't accept the stuff due to 'sanitary reasons'. It's no wonder why environmentalists encourage its re-use. Here's 12 new uses for the foil

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How To: Felt Conversation Hearts.

by Chris Gardner
Every year I try one, and every year, I swear it'll be last. Those chalky, manufactured conversation hearts simply don't agree with my taste buds.

Conversation Hearts

But these little felt hearts do INDEED agree with my cute buds, and the fact that they're customizable to convey anything you want? Well, that's just sweet...

No pattern necessary, just trace, embroider, and cut, then seal with a blanket stitch. See how at Lavendar and Limes.


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Modern-Fabrics: A Business Based on Recovery and Reuse

by Mod Home Ec Teacher

created at: 2010/01/30

Modern Fabrics, way down in Shaaa-lut, Noth Kayah-lina, is holding up their end of the deal by reclaiming and reselling loads of perfectly good and unused yards of fabric that are being dumped daily. If you love MODERN, and you and love fabric, you'll find new selections at a fraction of retail costs, as well as the fact that they've rescued the fabrics from going into landfill. Can you imagine that bolt ends of perfectly good fabric are thrown away daily?

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Silk Decorative Pillow Cover with 3D effect insert in the middle

by Lenk Art

Silk Decorative Pillow Cover with 3D effect insert in the middle


I had this idea for a couple of month in my head and wanted to try it, but was extremely busy with other commercial sewing projects. Finaly one Friday, I just put the work aside and tried few different techniques on silk fabrics and was pleasantly surprised with outcome of the pieces. I finally decided to use one of them in the pillow.
This is my original design, so it is very unique and one of a kind.
This pillow will make any chair...

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My List of Daily Modern Goodness

by Plastolux

For my last post here on Curbly, I though I might share my daily haunts with you. There are so many great blogs and websites out there that highlight the modern aesthetic, and these are a few that keep me inspired. Hopefully, some of these will be new to you.


There are several Flickr groups that are actively posting great inspirational pictures

Mid-Century Home Brochures and Ephemera

modern living - best of

modern living interiors

George Nelson

Herman Miller

Danish Modern


modern landscaping


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