Easy No Sew Daybed Bedskirt

by Mod Home Ec Teacher

created at: 2009/11/08

It may look like this smart, pleated bedskirt (dust ruffle) was custom made for this daybed bedding ensemble, but oh no. This simple, single pleated fabric panel is attached with velcro to the front bedspring rail. It can be removed and replaced easily for lots of under the bed storage.  KidSmartLiving.com gives you step by step instructions to make a sewn, and a no-sew version of this bedskirt. All you need to get

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Build a Folding Table

by DIY Maven

created at: 2009-11-06

A folding table can come in very handy. This little fellow comes to us from Handy Man Wire, who says that it can be constructed out of any wood of your choosing. (Because the maker is using his table on a porch, he built it out of cedar. Stainless steel and brass hardware was chosen for the same reason.) Since you can make it in an afternoon or so, it would be the perfect weekend project. Here's your shopping list!

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