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The Tickle Plant

By: Diy maven Apr 16, 2008

Also known as the ‘Shy Plant’, ‘Humble Plant’, ‘Sleeping Grass’, ‘Touch-Me-Not’, ‘Sensitive Plant’ and ‘Modest Princess’, the Mimosa pudica reacts to touch as if it is indeed ‘shy’. Native to South and Central America, it’s actually now considered a ‘pantropical weed’. Still, its reaction to touch makes it a bit more anthropomorphic than… Continue Reading

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Kohler’s New Glass Lavatories

By: Diy maven Apr 16, 2008

The thing that I find slightly ecstatically unpleasing with the glass bowl sink is it looks like a bowl. Or, more specifically, a salad bowl. But I digress. Kohler has unveiled three new bowl sinks that are less utilitarian bowl and more decorative vessel. Via.

The Pallene™

The Toric™

The Mirovia™

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The Witches’ Kitchen by Studio Tord Boontje

By: Diy maven Apr 16, 2008

Tord Boontje will launch his 15 piece handcrafted Witches Kitchen this week at Zona Tortona. The collection features cookware, utensils and kitchen ‘couture’. Each item is hand-made by artisans from Brazil, Guatemala and Colombia using traditional pottery techniques and sustainable and reforested wood. Via.

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Suede and Hide Silhouette Art

By: Modhomeecteacher Apr 15, 2008

created on: 04/15/08

This silhouette art makes PB silhouettes look like child's play. (Whaaa?)  Suede samples cut into silhouette of a boy and his Great Dane.  The suede silhouettes were temporarily adhered to the fabric and then stitched on.  The Great Dane hide pillow was made from scrap hide available at a leather store here in Indy and sewn onto white, remnant fabric with cotton velvet cording. 

created on: 04/15/08

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How to Make FABRIC Silhouette Wall Art From (Mostly) Recycled Materials

By: Modhomeecteacher Apr 15, 2008

created on: 04/15/08

Silhouettes can transcend paper, you know?  I've been experimenting with all sorts of fabrics for silhouettes during the past year and a half.  The best materials are felt, hide, suede, faux leathers and, if you don't mind a little raveling, cotton velvet. 

Believe it or not, the yellow floral fabric was a hideous sundress I found at GW.  I needed that color of  yellow so this is it.  The best thing was… Continue Reading

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DIY Hangable Hamper

By: Modhomeecteacher Apr 15, 2008


created on: 04/15/08

Oftentimes it's quite simple to improve on an old idea.  This DIY Hangable Hamper took me two hours, tops, to design and complete.  It can be constructed from remnant fabrics and old purse handles salvaged from the Goodwill or your mom's closet.  My less-than-tidy husband is thinking of attaching  a hook on the wall in the closet so he can test out his wife's jiffy design.

what you need:

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How Does Your Garden Grow: Seeds and Transplants.

By: Chrisjob Apr 15, 2008

Read Part I: Assessing Your Soil.

Part II. Seeds and Transplants.

If you planned on starting your own transplants from seeds, you’re a bit behind for this year. However, the schedule below details the best dates for starting transplants; use it in subsequent years, or to determine whether you should purchase seedlings or try it from scratch.

Early March: onions, cabbage, brussel sprouts, broccoli, cauliflower, lettuce, morning glory,… Continue Reading

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Bulk Freeze with Individual Portions.

By: Chrisjob Apr 15, 2008

With only two people in my house, there's always food to freeze. But that big iceberg of sauce can take hours to bring to temp, plus I usually don't need all of it. Sure, I could freeze things in smaller containers, but that wastes bags or those plastic boxes, plus it takes up much more space.

This tip from Lunch in a Box offers a solution:"A standard tip for freezing ground foods or thick sauces in small portions is to first put the… Continue Reading

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DIY-able Mag Rack Made of Carpet Pad

By: Diy maven Apr 15, 2008

This very cool magazine rack by 54Dean is so DIY-able, I can’t even stand it! It’s made of carpet pad/underlayment that’s been laminated with felt on both sides. The material is then gathered together ‘using flexible cord to snugly hold your magazines.’ Okay, the laminating part might be tricky, but I’m thinking spray adhesive and purchased felt would work. A big old nail to poke some holes through and a… Continue Reading

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How To Calibrate Your HDTV.

By: Chrisjob Apr 15, 2008

You spend all that time researching your new tv...then you spend all that money purchasing your new tv, and all that effort to get it hung at just the right height, to figure out the remote, etc.

This article from the New York Times helps you with that final step: calibrating your TV to get the colors, brightness, and contrast just right.

Options include:

  • Having the electronics store (such as Best Buy's Geek Squad) do the… Continue Reading
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