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How to Draw with Light.

By: Chrisjob Feb 04, 2008

As seen in the famous "Centaur" photograph of Picasso, or the current (and excellent) crop of Sprint commercials, the combination of a controllable light source and some long exposure photography can lead to some amazing artwork. Check out the fabulous work of the Japanese collective PikaPika here (Flickr) and here (animation).

Thankfully, Lori and Stuart  from are offering some help. Though they don't detail the exposure… Continue Reading

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Pebble Rug

By: Diy maven Feb 04, 2008

Although the Pebble rug from 2Form Design may look like it’s made of real pebbles, it’s actually crafted out of 100% wool. Of course, if you have anything in the house that occasionally projectile vomits, you might want to choose a floor covering with less texture, ‘cause whatever gets between those pebbles is gonna wanna stay between those pebbles.

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How to make balls of light chandeliers.

By: Diy maven Feb 02, 2008

More fun than balls of yarn, these big chandelier light spheres are made out of 4-24' strands of rope lights. Your biggest investment would be the lights as the other supplies needed are relatively inexpensive. They include:

  • 10 clear plastic zip ties
  • ceiling hooks
  • a metal chandelier chain (optional)
  • an S-hook (also optional)
  • pliers
  • scissors

As for the how-to part, basically you plug one strand of your rope lights into your extension… Continue Reading

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Cookin' in a Football

By: Diy maven Feb 01, 2008

If you haven't heard, this Sunday is the Superbowl. (Giants v. Patriots, I think.) And even though I'm not a fan--can you tell?--the kid in me likes this football slow cooker. Available on Amazon for $39.99 or on clearance at various Walmart stores for 5 bucks. Now, if they only made basketball slow cookers.


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Valentine Cookie Pops.

By: Chrisjob Feb 01, 2008

Everything's better when it's on a stick: Pillsbury offers this fun recipe to jazz up your Valentine's sugar cookies.


1    package (18 oz) Pillsbury® Ready To Bake!™ refrigerated sugar cookies
20    flat wooden sticks with round ends
1 1/4    cups vanilla creamy ready-to-spread frosting (from 1-lb container)
    Assorted small candies, or candy decors or nonpareils, if… Continue Reading

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5 Easy Ways To Make Your Bathroom Feel New.

By: Chrisjob Feb 01, 2008

"Is it difficult to find enthusiasm about cleaning the bathroom? Are you living in a place that someone else rented or owned before you? If you said yes to both, try not to think about what may have happened in your bathroom before you moved in....Here are five inexpensive things you can do to make your bathroom truly feel like it is yours. Doing these will not make the room look new but it will make it feel much more new to you."


  1. ReplaceContinue Reading
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Is this the ugliest building in the world?

By: Diy maven Feb 01, 2008

Esquire has proclaimed the ‘hideously ugly’ Ryugyong Hotel in Pyongyang, North Korea as ‘The Worst Building in the History of Mankind’. The hotel’s construction began in 1987 and, over two decades later, it’s still unoccupied, which isn’t surprising, because it’s not even finished. The 3,000 room structure has 75 degree sides, which rise to an apex of 1,083 feet. Apparently, the North Korean… Continue Reading

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Magic Love T-Shirts...The Perfect Valentine's Day Gift?

By: Diy maven Feb 01, 2008

My favorite Geeks are billing these 8-Bit Dynamic Life Shirts as The Ideal Valentine’s Day Gift. And you know what? They just might be right! Check it buy two of them; you keep one and give one to your main squeeze. When you are apart, two and a half pixelated hearts on the shirts’ fronts will glow, BUT get within hugging distance of your honey and all six hearts light up! But what if you don’t have a Valentine?… Continue Reading

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How To Make Pop-Up Valentines for Your Sweetie!

By: Diy maven Feb 01, 2008

Robert Sabuda, the pop-up book master, has some great tutorials on his website to make pop-up greeting cards for your Valentine. They even include printouts for mistake free assembly! I would encourage you check out Robert’s entire pop-up tutorial library. It’s pretty fabulous.

Valentine Pop-Up

Valentine Candy Box

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The Brick Testament: The Bible Told in Lego.

By: Chrisjob Jan 31, 2008

"When it comes to telling stories with Lego, Brendan Powell Smith isn't messing around.  He turned to the greatest story ever told for inspiration.  The Brick Testament is a collection of photos illustrating [Biblical narratives] using only real Lego pieces from the 60's to today."

In total, The Brick Testament has Legoed over 336 Biblical stories.

Click here to check out the Brick Testament Book on Amazon.

Via and quote: RetroContinue Reading

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