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How To: Make a DIY Box Joint Jig

By: Chrisjob Jan 13, 2009

created on: 01/10/09

Box joints, also called finger joints or comb joints, are really quite strong and have an attractive, handmade appeal which looks good on, well, everything.

And you're welcome to cut and chisel each one by hand...but, with this easy jig, you don't have to, and unless you're a purist, there's no reason not to crank them out by the dozens. This is designed for a router table, but the same approach would work for a table saw and dadoContinue Reading

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Upcycling an aluminum can into tinwork art.

By: Diy maven Jan 13, 2009

This is one of the most impressive up-cycling projects I've ever seen. It started out as an aluminum drink can, and turned into a beautiful embossed box. The maker, Atomic Shrimp, started the project with an empty Emerge can, a strong pair of scissors, a cork-backed table mat, a pointed object (like a scriber or even a ballpoint pen), some tape and fine abrasive paper.

First, the can was cut down one side.

Then, after it wasContinue Reading

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Glass garage, anyone?

By: Diy maven Jan 13, 2009

The T-Bone House, designed by COAST, is located near the German town of Waiblingen. It has all those earth-friendly features, like geothermal heating and a rain water recycling system. It also has great views of the surrounding countryside. So, if it’s so environmental, why does the home have a glass garage that draws the focus to an antiquated form of energy consumption? Because the car in that particular garage is a 1974 Porsche Targa, the homeowner’s pride and joy. Via.
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Ice House

By: Diy maven Jan 13, 2009

Where I live, it's cold outside. Really cold. Like -18 (-27.8C) ambient temperature cold. Seeing an image like this reminds me things could be worse. Much worse. Back in ‘05 the wind blew sea spray, which froze on contact, leaving this house in Plymouth, MA, cocooned in ice. Source. Image by Bill Peaslee via Weather Underground.



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DIY: The Perpetual Photo Wall Calendar.

By: Chrisjob Jan 12, 2009

Handmade. Graphic. Photography. Useful. This DIY perpetual photo calendar really does have it all. Make one yourself with this tutorial from Sandy at Photojojo.


  • Fotoclips 
  • Matte 4×6 inkjet paper (optional)
  • Paper cutter (optional)

1. Find the numbers and shoot em.

2. Make prints.

3. Clip 'em together.

4. Use it!


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How To: DIY Speaker Wall Mounts

By: Chrisjob Jan 12, 2009

created at: 03/28/2013

Whether for your new 5.1 surround sound system, your cramped media room, or when just wiring your home to fill it with music, it's best to get speakers off the ground, furniture, and other resonant surfaces, and up to ear level. And since non-powered speakers are actually not heavy at all, with less than $2.00 in materials and an hour of work, it's surprisingly simple to create custom brackets for mounting them on walls and ceilings.

created on: 01/10/09

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What a Zero-Energy Residence Looks Like

By: Diy maven Jan 12, 2009

The Department of Energy at Cornell University prompts architects to design energy efficient homes via competition. In 2005, Zero Energy Design put together this zero-energy residence, called the Solar Decathlon House. According to Freshome, "The one bedroom, one bathroom home uses photovoltaic and thermal systems, rain-water recycling, and water-efficient fixtures...." Living off the grid has never looked lovelier!Continue Reading

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Recycled Yellow Pages Card Holder

By: Diy maven Jan 12, 2009

Doug, over on Green Upgrader finds a very clever way to recycle the Yellow Pages. With the help of an empty Miller Lite can, he turned one into a card holder. His inspiration was a product by Afroditi Krassa.

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5 Green Resolutions for '09

By: Diy maven Jan 12, 2009

Ecofabulous offers up 5 easy and do-able ways to make '09 your greenest year yet.

  1. "I will stop using plastic bottles and vow to carry my reusable bottle of choice at all times."
  2. "I resolve to answer the 'paper or plastic?' question with a BYOB solution."
  3. "Waste: the light green resolution - I will recycle."
  4. "I resolve to change my transportation habits."
  5. "I resolve to consider where my food comes from and how it isContinue Reading
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How-To: Make Fancy Rosettes

By: Modhomeecteacher Jan 11, 2009

created on: 01/11/09

Sometimes nothing else will do but a rosette. Now add a fancy button or vintage piece of costume jewelry and WOW! Continue Reading

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