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How To: Make a Reversable Headband.

By: Chrisjob Jun 16, 2008

If I were a girl, I'd make these by the dozens. "The Long Thread has a simple pattern for a reversable headband -- essential wear for sticky, summer days.

Here's what you'll need:


• Fabric scraps (about 18″ long)
• Elastic (about 6 inches of 1/2″ width)
• Fusible interfacing (optional, but recommended)"

Read the full tutorial here.


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10 Easy Household Time Savers.

By: Chrisjob Jun 16, 2008

Here's ten excellent ideas to cut down on major house and life-cleaning projects. I especially like the leaving the dishwasher open while cooking, provided it's not a safety hazard.

Picture of Clock -

  1. Keep the dishwasher open and fill with dirty dishes as you cook. Have a sink full of hot soapy water to hold the hand wash items so they can soak and be easily cleaned.
  2. Sort the silverware as you fill the dishwasher, each type of … Continue Reading
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Another Recycled Plastic Bottle Lamp.

By: Chrisjob Jun 16, 2008

The Howell sisters of THIS Gallery have created a unique entry into the drinkware/light category: THIS LIGHT is created from 50ish plastic beverage bottles, hardened with a fusion process that makes the lamp more durable and look, well, less like a buncha plastic beverage bottles. And if you send them three cases of plastic bottles, they'll knock a hundo off the price tag.

From Inhabitat.

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Feng shui your front hall and gain wealth!

By: Diy maven Jun 16, 2008

Domino has a quick and easy tutorial on how to feng shui your front hall, and because ‘the first thing you lay your eyes on when you enter your home relates to your money’ your front hall needs particularly good energy. (Hey, in these tough economic times, why not give it a try?) And for more feng shui info, check out this post, and this one too!

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Unique and beautiful uses for Velcro

By: Diy maven Jun 16, 2008

Although Velcro is generally thought of as a utilitarian–albeit noisy–fastener, Luis Eslava saw the hook and loop as a sort of art medium. In vibrant red, it makes a gorgeous lampshade.

In classic white, it makes one interesting room divider.


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Make a “Tipsy” Flower Pot Tower

By: Diy maven Jun 16, 2008

So cute and easy to make, this tower will add interest and verticality to any garden. Supplies are minimal and include:

A tall, sturdy rod about 66" tall.
1 - 12" round clay pot.
4 - 10" clay pots.
Potting soil.

To assemble the Tipsy Tower, first drive the metal rod into the ground; then thread the pots onto the rod, starting with the 12" pot and filling with soil as you go. Add your favorite plants and you're done! For the entire tutorial, go… Continue Reading

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10 Tips For Mastering a Messy Home.

By: Chrisjob Jun 15, 2008

I grew up in that house that never had the get-togethers or sleepovers, and I was never able to invite my backyard playmates inside. Why? Our home was enternally cluttered, and it was embarassing. Now that I get to make the rules, I keep a mostly spotless lifestyle, and these ten ideas from TipNut are useful, indeed.


   1. Regularly Junk Hunt.
   2. Create Necessary Storage Solutions.
   3.… Continue Reading

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DIY Modern Birdbath.

By: Chrisjob Jun 15, 2008

Here's a great DIY project that allows you to create a contemporary (no Doric columns here) birdbath with only $20 in materials from your local hardware store. It seems quite large as well, and won't break your back when moving or restyling your patio.


  • 1/2" galvanized pipe
  • 1/2" galvanized floor flange
  • Recycled glass bowl
  • Plumbers epoxy
  • Scrap wood
  • Large, heavy hammer

For the full… Continue Reading

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Print Your Own Fabric.

By: Chrisjob Jun 15, 2008

Chapel Hill, NC based Spoonflower is posed to grant every crafter's dream: custom, oneshot, and personalized fabric. Check out their bio and FAQ for all the good details. At $18.00 a yard, it's not cost prohibitive, though you'll need to be careful to not make any mistakes.



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Sensational Sun Shade From Upcycled Umbrellas.

By: Chrisjob Jun 15, 2008

Crafty Crafty writes about this portico made from 'cycled 'brellas. "The team over at craft portal ReForm School created this giant sunshade almost entirely out of recycled brollies. The end result was achieved by simply sewing the edges of each umbrella together, then adding eyelets around the perimeter. It worked a treat during a party they were throwing for fellow crafters and lent a really festive look to the patio."

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