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The ‘Iris’ Coffee Table

By: Diy maven Apr 24, 2008

Michael Bihain’s new ‘Iris’ coffee table is made from a single sheet of steel. The shape is laser cut and then bent accordingly. Bending the top three ‘petals’ down to form the legs seems so simple and yet incredibly innovative. Stackable, 'Iris' can be uses indoors or out. Via.

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The Eccentricity-Scented Candle

By: Diy maven Apr 24, 2008

If you’ve ever wondered what eccentricity smells like, you might want to get one of these candles. Its scent is said to capture those one might encounter while ‘riding in London’s Hyde Park on a spring morning.’ A light breeze combined with bergamont, petitgrain and herbs with a little saddle leather thrown in--but minus the horsey smell. Available through St Eval Candle Company, the 60 hour candle will set you back… Continue Reading

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DIY: Ten Minute Grommet Workshop

By: Modhomeecteacher Apr 23, 2008

created on: 04/23/08

While helping a friend with her booth for a trade show, we learned how to install grommets simply and frustration-free.  If you are needing grommets installed for  a craft, drapes, shower curtains, drawstring totebags or your handsewn tent, DO NOT think that a grommet kit from a fabric store will be sufficient. Try to get a semi-industrial kit from the hardware store.  They are heavier duty and the pricing is more… Continue Reading

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30 Simple Ways to Go Green

By: Diy maven Apr 23, 2008

Thanks to Green Girl Atlanta, here's 30 easy ways to extend Earth Day into Earth MONTH! Some tips we may not have considered include:

  • Reduce waste when ordering takeout by telling them what you won't need, like requesting them to hold the plastic flatware if you're going to be eating at home.
  • Make a 'Two Degree Pledge' with your thermostat, meaning determine where it feels comfortable and then set the thermostat 2 degrees higher… Continue Reading
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Curbly Video Podcast: How to Make Maven's Mosaic Flower Pot

By: Diy maven Apr 23, 2008


created on: 04/23/08

Several years ago I made a mosaic flower pot as a shower gift. Everyone at the shower went a little ga-ga over it. Their enthusiasm got me thinking. Would people actually like to learn how to make such things and pay me to teach them how to do it? Apparently so, because a few months later I was teaching the technique at several local adult education programs. Here, my fellow Curblians, is a complimentary tutorial, just for you!

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Think Spring Contest Almost Over!

By: Bruno Apr 23, 2008

It's not too late! Friday is your last day to post your favorite spring pic on the Curbly Forums for a chance to win a $100 Amazon Gift Card.

All you have to do is be one of the first 50 people to post your favorite spring photo on this thread.

Here are some of the great submissions we've have so far (collage-style):

created on: 04/23/08

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Planting A Garden? Buy Bonnies Plants!

By: Diy maven Apr 22, 2008

Why look for Bonnies plants at your gardening center this planting season? Because the Alabama based plant wholesaler uses biodegradable pots for its plants, which eliminates all those plastic pots from going into the landfill. Besides being incredibly green, using such biodegradable alternatives also prevents ‘planting shock’.

The company uses two kinds of biodegradable pots in which they sell their plants. One is made of peat… Continue Reading

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Red Balloon Lamp

By: Diy maven Apr 22, 2008

Made of white polypropylene, this balloon glows red thanks to a red LED bulb and two lithium-coin batteries. Perfect for nighttime parties on the patio. Although, when I look at it, I can't help singing the opening lines of Roxanne. From Design Boom, the lamp will set you back $30, which includes shipping.

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13 of the Most Luxurious Bath Products Out There

By: Diy maven Apr 22, 2008

The latest trend for bathrooms is turning them into private spas. As you can imagine, the transformation can be rather spendy. Here’s just some items that scream ‘spa’ as well as ‘I have enough disposable income to splurge on stuff like this.’

Translucent Bathtub from Jason International, $10,800.

Art Deco Mirrored Vanity by Maitland-Smith.

Programmable Shower from Kohler.

Illuminated… Continue Reading

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Origami Side Table

By: Diy maven Apr 21, 2008

This side table by Mio Culture was inspired by its namesake. ‘Composed of two laser-cut and slotted sheets of steel, the Origami tables ship flat and require no tools or hardware to assemble. One sheet is the negative of the other, which eliminates waste during production and gives the tables a balanced, yet dynamic, form. The petal-like surfaces are sturdy and spacious, making a practical and sculptural side table, night stand or plant… Continue Reading

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