20 Foods That Freeze Surprisingly Well...and 20 That Don't.

by Chris Gardner

Contents of freezer door, Flickr

The fall harvest, prolific gardens, bulk discount stores, or weekend cooking frenzies. We often find ourselves with an abundance of deliciousness, but full bellies. So what to do with long-term leftovers and extra ingredients? As it turns out, your freezer is just as suited to hold fresh ingredients and homemade dishes as commercial pizza rolls and popsicles.

DIYLife lists twenty foods that freeze perfectly, and twenty that won't fare...

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Turning Pants into a Purse -- Plus, Winnie from the Wonder Years...

by Sustainable Suppers

I should be packing right now, as we leave for John Denver country in just a few hours, but I decided it would be much more fun to talk to you. (I'll be researching restaurants for my upcoming grassfed/organic travel guide, Sustainable Suppers on the Road. I love jobs where you get to eat!)

Also. I wanted to tell you about this purse:

created at: 2009-09-18


I made it from a pair of pants that finally quit on me after five years.  Here's the...

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How To: Make an Easy Circular Bookshelf for Under $6.00.

by Chris Gardner

One contractor grade cardboard tube + a bit of time = nearly instant bookshelf.

From Kootoyoo: "I had originally purchased only 1 tube to make a toy box for the smallest...it kicked around the floor of the craft room for a while & I'd done nothing with it.All the while I'd been enjoying posts from this tumblr.

...then I got to thinking how they'd be wonderful as a bookshelf & that's what I've done...

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Make Your Own Chalkboard Paint.

by Chris Gardner

Historically, they were called blackboards, and then sometime in the mid-20th century, they became green, and thus chalkboards. Now, you can turn anything chalkable, but are mostly limited to the original black.

Until now.

"The Craft at Home blog has a recipe that makes any acrylic paint of your preference chalk-friendly, though darker colors are still more effective as an actual writing surface. That recipe requires powdered tile grout and...

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