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Glo Canvas Light Fixtures

By: Diy maven Jun 10, 2008

Glo Canvas Light Fixtures are actually digital images of light fixtures printed on cotton canvas that glows from behind via slim flourescent lights. Available through Hidden Art Shop, the glowing images by Duffy London run between £55 to £195 and come in various styles, sizes and colors.




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Free Fun Foldables!

By: Diy maven Jun 10, 2008

created on: 06/10/08

Kids bored already now that school’s out? Tired of reconciling your WENUS? How about folding some paper people just for the fun of it? I’m particularly fond of the harmonica player. Note his Dickies shirt!

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The World’s Most Expensive Watermelon

By: Diy maven Jun 10, 2008

Recently a 17 pound “Densuke” watermelon sold in Japan for a record-breaking $6100. Why so expensive? Because its dark skin and superb taste make it the optimal melon experience. Per the Kyodo News Agency, it was purchased by someone ‘who wanted to support local agriculture.’ Via.

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Pleasantly Plump Utensils

By: Lilybee Jun 10, 2008

Some things are just better plump (babies, puppies and bank accounts, to name a few). You can add kitchen utensils to the list, OXO does a range called GoodGrips that are bordering on the obese, which makes holding and using them much easier.

We discovered these because my brother has reduced gripping ability and slightly dodgy fine motor skills since his accident. While he is not up to cooking he is able to say, open a can of… Continue Reading

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That hollow feeling...

By: Lilybee Jun 09, 2008


This phone, the Thomson Symbio  has to be at least a second cousin (design wise) to the grandfather clock that DIY Maven posted about earlier, so what do we think, delicious minimalist homage or gimmicky ridiculousness? I have to say, I'm not to sure about it's availability, as I spotted it in a french deco magazine.

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Make Linens Smell Yummy

By: Lilybee Jun 09, 2008

Snuffling down between starchy crisp, lavender smelly bed sheets is my own personal version of nirvana.  Lavender oil is a multi tasking wonder, want to relax into a restful sleep while treating your skin complaints and repelling moths and ticks? Lavender is your guy.

I found this recipe for a linen spray while frantically searching for something to make my kid feel better, (he has a cold, not Bubonic… Continue Reading

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Not Your Grandfather’s Grandfather Clock

By: Diy maven Jun 09, 2008

created on: 06/09/08
New from Uncommon Goods is this sliver of a Grandfather Clock ($120). Made of pine and finished in a dark walnut stain, the concept puts a modern spin on a traditional–and bulky–piece.

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Wastebaskets as Lampshades?

By: Diy maven Jun 09, 2008

The Artala Waste Baskets ($18 each) by Umbra are too interesting to be wastebaskets. Available in red, ocean blue and kiwi, the 14"h x 10"d baskets could make marvelous hanging lampshades for some moody lighting. HGTV’s Wastebasket Chandelier project could be adapted to make a pendant!


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10 cool things to make out of dish towels.

By: Diy maven Jun 09, 2008

created on: 06/09/08

Dish towels aren't just for drying dishes anymore. Case in point, TipNut has put together a list of ten clever craft projects using the familiar rectangular cloths.

1. Dishtowel tote bags

2. Dishtowel bibs.

3. Dishtowel chair slip covers.

4. Dishtowl window Valance.

5. Dishtowel potholder.

6. Dishtowel teatime accessories.

7. Dishtowel picnic rolls.

8. Dishtowel Grocery bag holder.

9. Dishtowel… Continue Reading

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Don't Panic...

By: Lilybee Jun 08, 2008

created on: 06/08/08A few things have gotten me thinking about first aid just recently, firstly of all there was DiyMaven's post about disaster readiness kits, (thought provoking stuff that) and then there is the fact that DIY involves lots and lots of sharp objects, power tools and relatively dangerous stuff. Lastly there was a minor incident involving a broken glass and an errant finger. All these things made me realise that a pack of… Continue Reading

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