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A Curbly Girl's DiY Holiday Wish List

By: Modhomeecteacher Dec 11, 2008

created on: 12/12/08Aside from my family, my favorite things in life are my camera, my sewing machines, and my beloved power tools.  If there's ever a doubt about what to buy a DIY Girl, at least one of these tools should keep her happy and busy for a couple of days.

These are just the tools I have right now. I'm not promoting any specific brand.

First up, Portable drill.  You can't say enough about a good, heavy duty portable drill, lots of drill bits and an extra battery.Continue Reading

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Book Shelf + Reading Lamp + Book Mark

By: Diy maven Dec 11, 2008

The seriously cool Lili Lite from Studio Smeets Design is a reading light, bookmark and bookshelf all in one. To turn off the light, you must put your book over the 'bookmark' as shown in the picture to engage a sensor. When you lift the book off, the light will come back on again. Available at lili lite for 99 euro, but--you know what I'm thinkin'--something similar would be DIYable, sensor and all. The only tricky bit would be to find aContinue Reading

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Make a Cocktail Umbrella Lamp

By: Diy maven Dec 11, 2008

I came across Heather Wells and her Cocktail Umbrella Lamps about a year ago and fell immediately in love. So you can imagine how excited when I saw Heather actually showing us how we can make our very own!

What you need:

  • pre-made cylinder lamp with modified base and self-adhesive shade
  • cocktail umbrellas with tips that have been dipped in glow in the dark paint
  • clear glue
  • sharp little scissors
  • spray lacquer
  • Continue Reading
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Will you be giving hand-crafted gifts for the holidays?

By: Diy maven Dec 11, 2008

created on: 12/11/08

In our local paper this weekend, there was an article entitled "GIFT TRIMMING: No money for gifts? No Problem. Here are some ways to fulfill your holiday gift list without resorting to stealing or crafting" complete with a picture of a cute, little, hand-knitted cell phone cozy. My first and only thought was resorting to crafting? I immediately copped an attitude and turned the page. I didn't even want to read the author's penny pinchingContinue Reading

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Dress Up the Kitchen

By: Lilybee Dec 11, 2008

My (very brave) mum is hosting a dinner party for 35 this month. There will be a ginormous tree and a roaring fire, carefully grouped seating and good music. Of course the guests probably won't hear or see any of that, they'll be hanging out in the kitchen, all 35 of them.

Here are a few ways to extend your decorating in to the most used space in the house


created on: 12/10/08

Artfully arrange (or carelessly toss) a few baublesContinue Reading

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Creative Stimulation at The Selby

By: Modhomeecteacher Dec 11, 2008

created on: 12/11/08

Before everyone goes all ORGANIZATION and starts decluttering on January 1st, get a load of these homes and spaces of interesting people and other creative types.  We routinely see the tidied up, photography-ready, static, empty room pictures in magazines and blogs, but Todd Selby captures the real life, inspiration-laden environments of the creatively gifted on his website, The Selby.

Continue Reading

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And The Nominees Are... The Brit Insurance Design Awards

By: Lilybee Dec 10, 2008

This time of year there's always a glut of 'round up's', 'best of's' and retrospectives, AND we're gearing up for award season. So exciting! The design world is no different. The Brit Insurance awards call themselves 'The Most Comprehensive Deign Awards In The World'. They cover the whole gamut with categories in architecture, fashion, furniture, graphic design, interactive, product and (phew!) transport. The furniture shortlist includes:

The Nendo Cabbage chair

created on: 12/10/08

Fig Leaves by Tord BootjeContinue Reading

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How to make a photo transfer with packaging tape.

By: Diy maven Dec 10, 2008

created on: 12/10/08

Melissa at Scrapbooks etc shares a technique of using ordinary packaging tape to make photo transfers. Very cool!

What you need to make them:

  • A laser printer copy of a photo, preferably with one with high contrast
  • Regular old packaging tape, or sheet laminate if using a large photo
  • A basin of warm water
  • A scissors

What you do to make them:

Click on this jump to see Melissa in action!

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Curbly Video Podcast: How to make woven fabric hearts.

By: Diy maven Dec 10, 2008

Danish woven hearts are part of every kid's childhood. (Or they should be.) If you were like me, your hearts ripped as you wove them or as you filled them. Either way, they lead to heart ache.  Making them out of fabric, however, will save you countless tears. They'll last for many Christmases and Valentine's days to come and they'll never break your heart. (Over use of puns intended.)

What you need to make 'em:

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Garage Door Headboard

By: Diy maven Dec 10, 2008

Okay, this isn't just any garage door. It's an old garage door with loads of character. Jenny K, a contributor at Junk Market Style, carefully stripped and sanded the door, which she discovered was constructed of fir and pine. She then simply propped it up behind her king-sized bed for an amazing statement.

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