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Curbly Video Podcast: How to Turn a Take-Away Container into a Decorative Storage Box

By: Diy maven Jun 06, 2008

created on: 06/06/08

Tarting up a take-away container with paper is a fun, fast and easy project. They make beautiful gift boxes, but equally pretty storage boxes as well!

The supplies you’ll need:

A clean takeaway container (to forego the lingering scent of vegetable lo-mein, you can buy new takeaway containers at your local craft store for about a dollar.)
Decorative paper
Spray adhesive
Craft knife
2 metal brads
One large needle
A cutting mat and… Continue Reading

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12 Indispensable Grilling Tips

By: Diy maven Jun 06, 2008

If your last project on the BBQ came out less than appetizing, you might want to check out TipNut’s 12 indispensable grilling tips before your next attempt. Some I hadn’t thought of include wrapping fish, steaks and burgers with bacon before tossing them on the grill (I don’t know many meat eaters who don’t like bacon). And the next time bratwurst are in the queue, they just might get stuffed with onions and peppers! Photo… Continue Reading

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10 Eco-Cheap Items

By: Diy maven Jun 06, 2008

You don’t have to sacrifice style OR your hard earned cash by going green. These products, all under 25 bucks, make great gift ideas too!

Solar powered shoji lanterns ($24) from Gaiam Post Update: the price of these lanterns is now $29 each, according to Gaiam's website.

Mats made of recycled flip-flops ($23) from ReModern

100% organically grown bamboo salad servers (set of 5 for $12) from Branch Home

AnContinue Reading

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LED Shower Light

By: Diy maven Jun 05, 2008

If, for any reason, you've ever showered in the dark, then you'll know just how wicked awesome this LED Shower Light is. From Think Geek, the shower-head-light ($40) fits your standard shower pipe. When you first turn on the shower, the light glows blue, indicating the water is chilly. When the light turns red, it means the water has heated up to a very comfortable 89 degrees. It installs in minutes and there's… Continue Reading

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5 Very Good Things to Make Out of Seashells

By: Diy maven Jun 05, 2008

Seashell season is upon us. Instead of bringing them home from the beach and simply depositing them in a clear glass bowl, we might want to try a few of these really cool ideas from the Queen of Good Things.

How about making seashell string lights?

Or perhaps seashell candles?

created on: 06/05/08

Keepsake place cards for a beach side wedding--or beach-themed party--couldn't be more appropriate!

Large shells would make fabulousContinue Reading

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Did you know a roof garden can....

By: Diy maven Jun 05, 2008

created on: 06/05/08

Triple the life expectancy of a roof membrane? How about reduce air-conditioning load up to 25%? Besides these cost-saving factors, garden roofs also reduce noise pollution, reduce stress via horticultural therapy, provide habitat to wildlife and a spot to grow food. These are just a few reasons,  that we might consider greening up our roofs. And if you think you need a flat roof for a garden, you’d be wrong. Apparently rooftops… Continue Reading

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Show the World Your Ugly Door and Win a $5000 Door Makeover!!!

By: Diy maven Jun 05, 2008

The folks at ThermaTru Doors are having an ugly door contest and the grand prize for the fugliest of the fugly wins a five thousand dollar door make over. To peruse the rules and enter, go to The contest closes July 1, 2008, so don’t dilly dally if you desire those decorating dollars!!

Last year’s winner before:

created on: 06/05/08

Last year’s winner after:

created on: 06/05/08

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DIYable Beach Sand Letters

By: Diy maven Jun 04, 2008

created on: 06/04/08

From Seaside Inspired, these 6" letters of the alphabet are covered in Cape Cod sand and then clear-coated. They’re 18 bucks a piece, but you can find paper-mache and wooden letters at your local craft store for next to nothing. A slathering of craft glue, a dip in some sand from a nearby beach (or from the craft store) and a spray of fixative and you’d have a viable knock off.

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The Most Versatile Soap in the World

By: Diy maven Jun 04, 2008

After spotting Home Soap Household Cleaner at the co-op, I decided to give it a try. After all, it’s purported to be the most versatile soap ever made. What does it clean? Just about anything you can think of, but the label suggests trying it on:

the car
the barbeque grill
paint brushes
the dishes
counter tops
the stove
and the dog

Made of ‘a blend of purified water, coconut derived surfactants and… Continue Reading

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How to Properly Fold a Fitted Sheet

By: Diy maven Jun 04, 2008

Okay, I’ll admit it. My folded fitted sheets look more like rectangularly shaped pillows rather than neat squares. Here’s a 4 stage method to help me make folding these confounding pocketed contraptions do-able, which will also make my linen closet look more orderly. The steps, according to BHG, go something like this:

“1. Folding fitted sheets works best on a flat surface, such as a table or bed. Lay the sheet right side down,… Continue Reading

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