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Turkey Origami

By: Diy maven Nov 26, 2008

Skip the meat and pass the paper! This Papercraft Turkey dinner pattern is available in a PDF. A color printer is a necessity for 'authenticity's' sake. Go here for the assembly instructions and to view the original source, check this out. Via.

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Holiday Gifts for Any Budget

By: Diy maven Nov 26, 2008

From presents to under a $1 to everyday luxury items and extraordinary indulgences, Domino has something for every budget. And if you can't find just the right holiday gift in their collection, don't forget Curbly's gift guide resource!

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Fold A Napkin Turkey

By: Lilybee Nov 26, 2008

Martha appears to love her some turkey effigies, (check out her hilariously brilliant turkey baby costume). These elegant little fowl would make an inexpensive, effective centerpiece.

created on: 11/26/08

Made from 3 linen napkins and some tinfoil, the instructions are really clear and easy to follow. Though I'm thinking that an iron and some spray starch would be needed to get the edgesContinue Reading

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Curbly Recession Busters: Free Alternative Christmas Trees

By: Diy maven Nov 25, 2008

created on: 11/25/08
Christmas trees are the conifers of cut flowers: Beautiful but with short life spans. And, of course, they can be expensive. Just because you don’t have the bucks to spend on a tree this year doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the tradition of a Christmas tree.  Let’s think about this for a minute. What says ‘Christmas tree’ to us? First and foremost, the scent. Next might be their green-ness and conical shape. Of course they support ornaments–whichContinue Reading

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DIY Snow Globes

By: Diy maven Nov 25, 2008

Readymade has a fast and so-easy-a-kid-could-do-it tutorial showing us how to make our own custom snow globes. Start with a recycled glass jar--they suggest using a Grey Poupon empty--then use epoxy or glue that won't dissolve in water to attach figures to the underside of its lid. Fill the jar with water and a couple of pinches of glitter. When the glue has fully dried, replace the lid and make it leak-proof by applying a bead of glue orContinue Reading

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The Day After, Fixing Common Thanksgiving Stains

By: Lilybee Nov 25, 2008

created on: 11/25/08

You know the person at big family gatherings like Thanksgiving, (or my Aunty M's christmas bash) who can't be trusted not to score a messy direct hit on cherished linens, upholstery or carpet? The person you kind of wish you could put at the kid table complete with a drop cloth?

That person would be me. Hi. Sorry.

Luckily I come quipped with knowledge of how to deal with spillage disasters. Continue Reading

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36 Easy Handmade Christmas Card Ideas

By: Diy maven Nov 25, 2008
created at: 03/22/2013

For the past dozen years or so I’ve been making my Christmas cards. Sometimes they’re labor intensive, but they don’t have to be. Case in point: these suggestions from Scrapbooks Etc.     

A collection of different sized circle punches, some glue and a bow makes up this clever card.

created on: 11/25/08

A few strips of paper--or ribbon--and you have yourself a Christmas tree card.

created on: 11/25/08

A few snowflakes,Continue Reading

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Color-Your-Own Wallpaper.

By: Chrisjob Nov 24, 2008

Admit it: more than once you've thought, "I'm totally gonna learn how to screen print and make up my own wallpaper for the ultimate custom room!" Okay, well, at least I've thought of it. But, that's a heck of a lot of work and is rife for potential error.

Enter a happy medium: color-your-own wallpaper. It works just like a coloring book: black line drawings on white paper, ready to be customize as you see fit. £40.00 per roll, sold atContinue Reading

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Fake Trees Go MCM

By: Lilybee Nov 24, 2008


I am a big fan of real Christmas trees (see here for an article about real V fake) but I could be swayed by something that looks like this:

created on: 11/24/08

Charles Eames' Chair Leg Christmas tree (check out the man himself hanging out beside it) the picture's from here.

Or this fellow, The Possibilitree, by Richard Babcock is $360 (yikes) from DWR.

created on: 11/24/08

They beat green plastic any day!


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Junk to Jadorable: Card File Ottoman

By: Diy maven Nov 24, 2008

dewey13 over on Junk Market Style just posted pics of a recent project: an old card file--found in a warehouse--turned ottoman. Added were large casters and an upholstered seat cushion. Jadorable, oui?

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