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What decorating ‘fads’ should we avoid?

By: Diy maven Jul 11, 2008

Okay, now we know that one of the top 25 decorating mistakes is following ‘fads’. To avoid this mistake it means we need to know what current decorating ‘fads’ ARE. So, I’d like to throw out the question. What do you think is a current ‘fad’ to avoid?

Unfortunate 80's hair 'fad' pic, courtesy of artybees.

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25 Biggest Decorating Mistakes

By: Diy maven Jul 11, 2008

Recently I caught a re-run of a special that had appeared on HGTV a while back. A panel of decorators discussed the 25 biggest decorating mistakes people make. From least offensive to most, here’s the experts’ list.


25. ‘Contour’ toilet rugs

24. Too many photos displayed

23. Ignoring your entry way/foyer

22. Exposed cables—of the media variety

21. Out of place,… Continue Reading

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How To Make a Rocking Horse Stool.

By: Chrisjob Jul 10, 2008

The Ample Sample 2008 contest challenged designers to come up with creative and recyclable uses for the standard carpet sample. The winner was Vala Abolghasemy, who created this rocking horse stool, perfect for media rooms, college dorms, and kid's rooms. The instructional PDF can be downloaded here (though the text is a little garbled on my computer, the pictures'll get you there.)


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What You Should (and Shouldn't) Buy Organic.

By: Chrisjob Jul 10, 2008

Organic foods and produce are healthier for consumers and the environment, but they can be expensive and acrue large transportation costs. Greenopolis has collected a list of those things that are worth buying organic, and those that its best just to try to buy locally when possible.

No Need:

  • Avocado
  • Banana
  • Pineapple
  • Kiwi
  • Mango
  • Papaya
  • Asparagus
  • Broccoli
  • Cabbage
  • Onions

Yes, Indeed:

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Flatpack To Go: IKEA Debuts Bike Trailers.

By: Chrisjob Jul 10, 2008

Those brilliant, brilliant Danes, who've given us Jacobsen, Panton, Lars Von Trier, aebleskivers, Hamlet and Beowulf, are now providing IKEA shoppers with no-charge bicycles and trailers to cart their flatpacked goods home. "IKEA initiated the program upon finding that roughly 20% of their Danish customers ride their bicycles to the stores, even though most of them live outside of the city. Now for a nominal deposit they can borrow… Continue Reading

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How To: The Ultraviolet Nightlight and Message Board.

By: Chrisjob Jul 10, 2008

Give your soldering skills a workout with this glowtacular UV mini-message board and nightlight. Using safe near-UV LEDS, your eyes and flesh will be kept safe while under the soft neon glow of a message from your friends, sweetheart, or yourself, reminding you of that important appointment the next day.


1) 5VDC/300mA Unregulated Power Supply (Wall Wart)
PWR1258 @ $1.49 each from BG Micro

(1) 2.1mm 2.1mm Barrel… Continue Reading

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Build your own mobile home with FREE vintage designs!

By: Diy maven Jul 10, 2008

created on: 07/10/08

For the DIYer who has a penchant for vintage and wanderlust, nothing could be cooler than making your own classic trailer. Not to be attempted by the faint of heart, I’m guessing, but what a cool  project! I’m partial to the ‘lemon drop’, pictured above, but the ‘teardrop’ below is pretty sweet too. For links to these designs and others, visit Uncooped.


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Tentacle Building

By: Diy maven Jul 10, 2008

From the minds of DeviantArt's Filthy Luker and Pedro Estrellas, comes the tentacle building. Located somewhere in France, Filthy Luker's cheeky title for the building is, "Octo-pied Building: a house with tentacular cancer." Via.

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31 Cheap Decorating Tips

By: Diy maven Jul 10, 2008

Domino has put together a slide-show of 31 cheap and creative decorating tips. Some are easier than others, but all are inspirational. Two ideas that really appealed to me....


Lavanya put a softboard up inside the chimney of her non-working fireplace. She then wrapped wire around toothpicks that she slipped under the softboard. From the wires, she hung glass balls into which she placed tea lights. Lovely effect!

created on: 07/10/08

Sandie… Continue Reading

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The Solar-Powered Television!?!

By: Chrisjob Jul 09, 2008

Hmmm....Harnessing the power of outside to stay inside?  "A 26-inch solar-powered LCD television that can be powered by a thin-film photovoltaic panel! Sharp’s plan is to distribute the TV and solar module to areas that have no easy access to grid power. The triple-junction thin film solar cell module is the cost effective panel to date that is being mass produced by Sharp.... The television itself is an ultra… Continue Reading

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