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Turn a book into a picture/card holder.

By: Diy maven Feb 13, 2009

Take one old hardcover book. Fold the pages in half. Tuck in pictures, post cards, etcetera. To see another not quite as charming example of a folded paper card holder, go here.

From Sweet Paul. Photo by Ellen Silverman.

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How to Install ANY Flooring

By: Diy maven Feb 13, 2009

Find Any Floor has assembled one of the best--if not the best--floor installation guides available to DIYers on the net. Continue Reading

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The Coffee Table Turns Into a Dining Table

By: Diy maven Feb 13, 2009

Go from this:


To this:

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Great Green Valentine's Day Gifts.

By: Chrisjob Feb 12, 2009

"Valentine’s Day is a sweet time for couples, but is often associated with the more negative elements of luxury and consumerism. Between cut flowers and irresponsibly-mined diamonds, the excessive consumption of the holiday can lean towards damaging — rather than preserving the earth." So enjoy time with the ones you love eco-friendly style with this list of romantic red/green treats from valentine, green valentines day, green valentine’s day, eco valentines, sustainable valentine

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Felt Dandelion Tutorial.

By: Chrisjob Feb 12, 2009

According to Puxatony Phil, and that other one, we still have quite a few weeks until everyone's favorite and tastiest weed pops up in parks and front yards. So, until then, you can make a way more adorable, but less edible, version with this fine tutorial from Echoes of A Dream.Dan2


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How To: Decoupage Your Ceiling.

By: Chrisjob Feb 12, 2009


One boring weekend, Mr. Peacock decided to collage. And oh, what a collage he collaged. Using some library books, photocopies, and some handy scissor work, Mr. Peacock decoupaged the nonsense out of his ceiling. And with his handy how-to, you can too!

1. Pick your pattern

2. Find the images

3. Xerox

4. Cut

5. Clean your surface

6. Glue




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Intro to Digital Photography: Week 6 (composition continued)

By: Diy maven Feb 12, 2009

created on: 02/12/09

Last week we covered composition, which we’re extending into this week as well. For more ideas when composing a good picture, our instructor suggested we try a few or all of the following:

1. Eschew centering everything. To focus on your subject but placing it off-center, practice with the ‘hold-focus’ feature on your camera. This is when you press the shutter half-way down (which holds the focus), re-frame your shot and take the pic.

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The Hug Me Pillow

By: Diy maven Feb 12, 2009

No Valentine to snuggle? Significant other not a cuddlier? No worries now that the world has the Hug Me Pillow.Continue Reading

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Frame that turns into a table.

By: Diy maven Feb 12, 2009

Perfect for small spaces, the Picturetable from Verena Lang goes from frame to table in about a second. It looks like those fabulous side supports are slipped into and out of holes drilled into the legs when they are extended. For a DIY attempt I'm thinking 1/4" rod banged into 45 degrees at the ends. A piano hinge on the bottom and two smaller ones for the legs....hmmmm.


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Curbly Registration Changes

By: Bruno Feb 11, 2009

Curbly is more than just a blog; it's a community. From the start, Curbly has been different from other sites because we allow people to sign up and write blog posts that appear on our the front page along with those from our featured writers.

But lately, we've received more spam, self-promotional, and off-topic posts than good ones. And too many of the new user registrations are incomplete or inactive.

So, to preserve the high quality and integrity of the Curbly community, we're making new registrations available by invitation only, starting now. We'll also begin marking old, incomplete, and inactive user profiles for deletion (don't worry, you'll be notified before your account is deleted). In conjunction, we're turning off most advertisements for logged-in users.

From now on, to become a part of the Curbly community, you'll need to be invited by an existing member. We also have an invitation wait-list for people who want in, but don't know an existing member.

I want to encourage the involvement that makes Curbly different and special, and hope this move helps filter out the bad apples, while letting the community continue to grow.

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