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6 Ways to Use Carpet Scraps (With bonus tips.)

By: Diy maven Apr 07, 2008

created on: 04/07/08

Last week we had new carpeting installed in the lower level of the house, and it looks marvelous. The scraps left behind, however, do not.

What to do with these rolls of leftovers? Well, you’ll want to keep some for insurance in case you need to ‘patch’ (God forbid) a spot in the future, but for the rest of it Mrs. Fixit has these suggestions:

“1. Hang a patch of carpeting on the wall in your garage where your car… Continue Reading

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Bureaustoel CW: The desk with a chair in it.

By: Chrisjob Apr 07, 2008

The Bureaustoel CW, designed by Studio Wolf Brinkman, might be translated as DeskChair: the desk includes a built-in chair, not to sit in and accomplish work, but to sit with your back to your paper and computer, relax and reflect.


Via Design Spotter.

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The Double Vision Clock

By: Diy maven Apr 07, 2008

For some, this clock might be too much like a visit to the eye doctor’s office; for others, it’s just plain cool! Using red and green transparent disks, the viewer is able to read both the hour an minutes at the same place on the clock’s face. It would certainly make watching the clock at work more interesting. From Perpetual Kid, the 16" in diameter timepiece will set you back about 40 dollars.

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Print Your Own Free Pinhole Cameras.

By: Chrisjob Apr 07, 2008

"Pinhole cameras use a tiny hole instead of a lens to cast an often unpredictable image onto film. They're relatively simple to build, which makes them ideal DIY projects. To help you out, stock photo agency Corbis has commissioned a series of fanciful pinhole camera designs. Each camera comes as a pdf download that includes instructions to turn a simple sheet of paper into a real camera."


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How To: Twelve Steps to Create a Sleep Haven.

By: Chrisjob Apr 07, 2008


Ahh...sleep. Everyone loves it, needs it, and could do it more effectively. These twelve tips - mostly free, but including a couple of new purchases - can help you be rested and create the perfect sleep haven.

1. Buy a new mattress.
2. Bask in comfort: Buy silky, natural tree-fiber sheets in a soothing color.
3. A quick spritz of soothing lavendar water on your pillows helps calm your exhausted mind.
4. Chill Before Bed and… Continue Reading

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Make Your Own Temporary Tattoos.

By: Chrisjob Apr 07, 2008

Here's a secret: Tattoos are permanent, and they hurt! The idea of the temporary tattoo - for costumes, children, or just to pretend your alot more hardcore than you are- is mighty fine, but stock designs are generally tacky and unbelievable. Makezine highlights temp-tat inkjet paper, which is "come in twos: one printable A4 sheet and one adhesive film. The process is quick and easy as well as painless (even if you have sensitive… Continue Reading

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Hack shoe racks into a modern shelf!

By: Diy maven Apr 04, 2008

Our friends over at BHG decided to put together two inexpensive laminated shoe stackers and make this very cool shelving unit. It’s one of those things that make you say, ‘Why didn’t I think of that?’

Basically you start with one shelving unit, turn it upside down, attach a separate piece of white laminate on the top of it, and then attach a second shelving unit to the top of that. The tools needed are pretty basic as well… Continue Reading

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Turn Your Photos into a Sculpture

By: Diy maven Apr 04, 2008

This simple yet refined frame from Umbra ($14) is a 'city-scaped-themed photo holder'. Simply slot the accompanying acrylic photo holders into the wooden base and you transform your photos into a three-dimensional sculpture. Lovely!  Via.

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Beyond Carbon Neutral: Plant-able Mail!

By: Diy maven Apr 04, 2008

Some car makers seem to get it; some don’t. Honda is trying to be one of the former, and to prove themselves, they have sent customers of their lawn and garden products letters that have been printed on papers that contain flower seeds. The letter encourages the reader to plant the letter ‘to help neutralize the carbon in the atmosphere.’ Not only were both the envelop and paper made completely of recycled products, they… Continue Reading

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‘DIY Quick Fix’: A DIY manual for newbies.

By: Diy maven Apr 03, 2008

Billed as a ‘must-have for every first-time homeowner or novice DIYer put off by the market’s large DIY manuals’, 'DIY Quick Fix' tackles the most common home improvement problems. According to a reviewer on Amazon, the book, which comes from DK, a publisher know for its high-quality photographic illustrations, includes topics such as:

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