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Arne Jacobson at McDonald's?!!!!?

By: Lilybee Aug 04, 2008

created on: 08/04/08created on: 08/04/08I spotted these on my way through Dublin airport, and was torn between abject horror and abject 'huh?'.  Around here the decor in McDonald's is heavy on the beige plastic, bolted down chairs and despair.

When I spotted these Arne Jacobson-style chairs, I looked around for an Italian Cafe or posh sandwich shop, but there was no getting round it, they were the McDonald's seating area.

created on: 08/04/08

Now, McDonald's = TheContinue Reading

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Make Your Own Power Bars

By: Modhomeecteacher Aug 04, 2008

created on: 08/04/08

My husband tries to bake his version of a Power Bar using GrapeNuts and peanut butter.  Do you know how hard GrapeNuts are to chew even BEFORE you bake all the moisture out of them? Let me tell you, after they cool they're as hard to chew as, say, a piece of wood.  To save my pearly new dental veneers, I'm going to copy this recipe and tape it to our pantry door.  KC at PracticalHacks has provided the power bar recipe to save you money andContinue Reading

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Religious Bookshelf

By: Diy maven Aug 04, 2008

Juxtaposed: Religion was designed by Mike and Maaike. The shelf brings together 7 of the world’s most influential religious texts. Note how they are at the same level. Very cool. Offered in a limited edition of 50 it’s available through blankblank for a hefty $2500, which, I’m assuming includes the texts. As usual, I’m left to consider its DIY-ability. A big ol’ slab of wood, a table saw & dado blades for roughing it out and then a dedicatedContinue Reading

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Make Cake Not War

By: Diy maven Aug 04, 2008

Soon to be available from Fred & Friends is the Peace of Cake cake pan made of pure food-grade silicone. Visit Fred’s page to find an on-line retailer.

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Find the right CFL color for you!

By: Diy maven Aug 04, 2008

Switching over to CFL light bulbs can be a bit startling. First there’s the cost. You just have to remind yourself that they’re going to last A LOT longer than regular incandescent bulbs and use less energy to get over that one. Next is the color. When CFLs first came out, they emitted a fairly harsh blue light. Luckily, now there are a variety of CFLs on the market including ones that produce a softer, more incandescent light.

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Fabric-Free Quilting–Or Making Patterned Fabric with Paint

By: Diy maven Aug 01, 2008

In my ongoing effort to create patterns in fabric that combine the unlikely partnering of caramel and white, my attention turned to quilting. But not in the traditional sense. I saw this idea on All People Quilt and thought, of course! My inspiration was a decor fabric that I found at the store that had combined celery green, yellow ochre (which looks like a dark caramel) and robin’s egg blue in its pattern. Robin’s egg blue? Yup. But, sadly, noContinue Reading

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How To Make a Contemporary Message Center Cabinet.

By: Chrisjob Aug 01, 2008

The key to an organized home is simple: find a place to put everything, and then remember where it is. Message centers allow you to store your mail, bills, lists, keys, and assorted office supplies in one reasonable spot. Here's an attractive DIY option from Sunset magazine, which includes a corkboard door for posting memos and ideas. The instructions are clear and totally approachable for even the most novice DIYsters. Via.

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DIY Cardboard Cat Chaise.

By: Chrisjob Aug 01, 2008

1Apparently, cats have this thing where they like to install themselves in cozy spaces: spots like drawers, behind furniture, and if its available, an appropriately-sized empty cardboard box. So, take advantage of their penchant for nookery, and make them do what they do in style.


  • Large sheets of corrugated cardboard
  • Hot glue gun
  • Markers
  • Utlity knife
  • Cutting mat or scrap surface

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LED Solar Wind Chime

By: Diy maven Aug 01, 2008

This wind chime uses two of our greatest resources to great advantage. It chimes in the wind and has the added feature of solar crackle-glass globe. For an added little something, the globe's LEDs, which are charged via photocells on the top of the chime, cycle through 3 different colors. Available at X-temegeek for about 30 bucks.

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How to Make a Mosaic Tiles out of Aluminum Cans

By: Diy maven Aug 01, 2008

Check this out...a very clever crafter cut up a bunch of aluminum cans and made mosaic tiles out of them. She cut them into squares, flattened them out, folded over the edges (to make them ‘safe’) and then nailed the tiles into place with tacks. Fabulous! To find out how she made the frame pictured above, go to Bean-Sprouts. Via Crafty-Crafty.

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