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Vintage Sears Mail-Order Homes

By: Diy maven Sep 29, 2008

created on: 09/29/08

Ordering a home out of a catalog might seem odd, but back in the day, it was a very popular practice. After perusing Sears’s on-line archives of homes offered by mail-order from 1908 to 1940, complete with floor plans, I think Sears should resurrect the catalog home. Of course, their advertized prices would be a bit higher. For instance, Model No. 187 (circa 1913) pictured above sold for $1,273, which included, according to the originalContinue Reading

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Solistone’s Stainless Steel Stones

By: Diy maven Sep 29, 2008

created on: 09/29/08
These stone-shaped stainless steel tiles from Solistone lend an organic feel to this very modern kitchen. They’re available in 8 different colors, including a gold-ish, coppery, graphite and watery blue, among others. For more information, visit Solistone’s Metal Collection.

created on: 09/29/08

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Freshen Up Billy... Change Up an Ikea Staple

By: Lilybee Sep 28, 2008

This can barely even be described as an Ikea Hack, as essentially I just slapped a bit of something on the back board of a slightly disreputable Billy bookcase that a friend passed along to me.


I took the back of the Billy off and taped a large map onto it, I didn't even cut it to size, just folded the corners over and taped, then tacked it back on with new nails. An alternative would be to print outContinue Reading

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The Unkillables... House Plants For The Black Thumbed

By: Lilybee Sep 28, 2008

House plants are not safe around me. I've managed to kill yet another one outright and my Peace Lily is looking like it might buy it any minute. I don't know how it happens, since the houseplant apocalypse of aught seven I've been much more careful with the watering and the feeding and the light requirements and not saying mean things to them... but still they die.

With that in mind I've compiled a list of plantsContinue Reading

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Clothes Pin Lamp

By: Lilybee Sep 28, 2008

Over a Readymade they have instructions for this interesting lamp. It might be equally at home over at weebabystuff as it's creator was inspired by the idea of diapers hanging out to dry. He says that it casts baby-soothing shadows in his little girl's nursery.

created on: 09/28/08

To make it you'll need:

  • Medium-size wire tomato cage
  • Small roll of 16-gauge wire
  • Ceramic socket
  • Hose clamp
  • 3 3/4” zinc plated D-rings
  • Continue Reading
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Blu Dot Show!

By: Lilybee Sep 26, 2008

Blu Dot, they make good stuff with clever names, what's not to love? And now they have an exhibition! They'll be showcasing their lovely lovely things as well as packaging, prototypes and a bit about their design process. Sounds brill, if you happen to be in St. Paul swing by, it's at the College of Visual Arts Gallery, it starts today and runs through till October 18th.

Don't tell my sweetie, but I have an enormousContinue Reading

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How to make a witch’s broom out of yard waste.

By: Diy maven Sep 26, 2008

created on: 09/26/08

A few days ago a storm blew through and left behind a plethora of fallen branches and twigs. As I set about to tidy up the yard the other day, I noticed some particularly fine specimens, and since I hate to see good twigs go to waste, I decided to make something out of them: A witch’s broom.

I started with a straight-ish 5' long branch, roughly the circumference of a broom handle. Now, you might think a broom-head made of straw would be theContinue Reading

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How to Make a Fabric Bulletin Board

By: Diy maven Sep 26, 2008

I’ve always wanted to give one of these fabric bulletin boards a go but just haven’t gotten around to it. Now, with Amy’s fabulous tutorial over on Sew, Mama, Sew! I have no excuse not to get on the ball, as they say.

Supplies you’ll need to make one:

  • 1 stretched artist canvas, any size
  • 1 piece of background fabric, cut 2 to 3" wider than the canvas on all sides
  • 1 piece of lightweight quilt batting, cut to the same size as theContinue Reading
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The Obama Craft Project

By: Diy maven Sep 26, 2008

Crafters are showing support for the candidate of their choice and Josh and Sarah at Sewer-Sewist are documenting it via their flickr group, The Obama Craft Project. Rather than being a commercial endeavor, their focus is to highlight ‘work created for personal use in support of the Obama campaign.’ For more information about the project, visit this page. Via.

Note: In the spirit of ‘equal time’, a search was made for such groups inContinue Reading

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Belt Up... Things To Do With Old Belts

By: Lilybee Sep 26, 2008

Holding up pants is honorable work but it's possible that your belt is actually aspiring towards some other job, like organising jewellery, or being a handle on a storage box or even forming the seat of a sassy little stool. Readymade Magazine has the know-how to put your belt on a different career path.

Box Handles:

Add flair to basic storage boxes—and make them easier to pull down from your shelves—withContinue Reading

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