Shepard Fairey’s Modern office for Studio Number One

by Berryberr

These pictures of Shepard Fairey’s Modern office are new to me so sorry if they are old to you. It is amazing how much birch plywood was used through his office. I really like the conference table, the thing is soooo think and burly. Who wouldn’t love all the art work all over the place. Hopefully INTERIOR DESIGN won’t be mad at me for using these photos by Joshua White and Art Gray. Make sure to make the jump and read details about all the...

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What to Do with Your Post-Holiday Waste and Wrapping Paper.

by Chris Gardner

Christmas on a Friday means lots of things - four day weekends for many 9-5ers, a few days after New Years before the kids head back to school...and that you have to hang onto your wrapping paper and waste until at least Monday when the sanitation department people get back to work. But, of course, you'd never just lug it to the curb and send if off to landfill land.

But what should you do with it?

Here's two...

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10 For 10: Interior Design Trends

by Mod Home Ec Teacher

created at: 2009/12/27

Photo Image:

No need to be frightened by the word "trend" when reading about what's coming in the world of interior design in 2010.  You can use the essence of a trend simply by adding more texture to your room in the form of fabrics and materials or, a add in a little unusual vintage vase to a side table. It's like buying a new pair of snazzy earrings to punch up one of your favorite outfits. Anh-Minh Le, writing for The San Francisco Chronicle, collected 10 trends for 2010

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Postcard Pillow

by DIY Maven

Postcard Pillow

Sending this postcard pillow to someone special would sort of be like sending a big hug. Avaliable at Olive's shop on Etsy, each 14" x 11" pillow is customized to your specifications, including message address and post office cancel. For more information about the pillow and to order one, follow this link. ($32)


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