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DIY: Fabric Party Garland.

By: Chrisjob Sep 01, 2008

created on: 09/01/08

Everyone loves the festive touch of hanging stuff from the ceiling. But the premade, disposable options are, well, disposable, and well, ugly. Handmade paper garlands are a much better option, but if you're making the effort, why not go all out and create a fabric option, which can be used again and again with no tearing, ripping, or crinking...well, maybe a little crinkling, but nothing a hot iron and a few seconds can't fix. And what aContinue Reading

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How-to: Plotting the Knotty Pine Demise

By: Modhomeecteacher Aug 31, 2008

created on: 08/31/08

I did it! A brain dump of everything necessary to complete this project in the most efficient and successful manner gave way to a tidy little To Do list.  This morning I did my research on paint sprayer rental vs. paint sprayer purchase and the decision to purchase won.  The promise of a $50.00 rebate on a $199.00 sprayer enticed me to buy instead of borrow.  I may bemoan this decision, but I knew I would have to rent a sprayer for at leastContinue Reading

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Cheap Flowers, Huge Impact

By: Lilybee Aug 30, 2008

First I should say that I know that flowers aren't really a Curbly thing, but I saw these and was blown away by what a simple clever idea it was. So I figured I'd share.

It's about $5's worth of carnations and some foliage, poked into a potted evergreen. Simple as that, these were taken about 4 days after I first saw them there, and not being in water didn't appear to be doing the carnations any harm. 

created on: 08/30/08

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How To: Wake Up from a Knotty Pine Nightmare

By: Modhomeecteacher Aug 29, 2008

created on: 08/29/08

Help!!!! My sewing studio (basement) is a knotty pine nightmare.  The room where I teach sewing is large, low ceilings and KNOTTY PINE everywhere.  In two weeks the ladies will return to make their children's custom Halloween costumes.  They prefer sewing in my studio, don't ask me why, but it's got to get better than this for me to get excited about it.  I reviewed online comments this morning about painting the paneling and, from what IContinue Reading

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Fresh, Fabulous & Functional Office Spaces!

By: Diy maven Aug 29, 2008

Decor8 pulls out all the stops in their article devoted to pretty and functional office spaces. The pictures are luscious and their advice is invaluable. Here's just a sampling of what awaits you at Decor8!

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Ooh La La... Know a Little French?

By: Lilybee Aug 29, 2008

Actually you don't have to know any french at all to shop at Coming B the French home/deco/STUFF website (think Anthropologie with a french accent).

Sure the exchange rate is a kick in the pants, but they deliver and are considerably cheaper than a shopping trip to Paris, here are some of my favorite finds:

Love Paris in the springtime?  Show your amour with an Eiffel Tower garland,30 Euro

created on: 08/29/08

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Easy Button Projects

By: Diy maven Aug 29, 2008

Check out these cute as a button button projects from Scrapbooks Etc.


A plain old lampshade gets a lot of personality, thanks to a colorful collection of buttons!

created on: 08/29/08


Who knew you could turn buttons into flowers and with such darling results?!

created on: 08/29/08

An easy finishing touch to a photo could be a button frame.

created on: 08/29/08

Big buttons add a lot of fun to this tab curtain window topper.

created on: 08/29/08

To learn how to putContinue Reading

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Pantone + Overstock = 2008 Fall Decor

By: Diy maven Aug 29, 2008 has deciphered Pantone’s 2008 fall color palette using real life examples. With names such as ‘High Profile,’ ‘Recollection’, ‘Wellspring’, and ‘Savories’, Pantone doesn’t give much away. So, here’s a thumbnail description of each–with some luscious images, courtesy of Overstock–that depict Pantone’s vision.

High Profile: This group is could also be called ‘Regal’ as it includes white, ebony black, chocolate browns and silver-graysContinue Reading

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Pirate Furniture....ARG!

By: Diy maven Aug 28, 2008

Crate & Barrel’s Taka Trunk isn’t being billed as pirate furniture, but, as NotCot points out, it could certainly be at home in Jack Sparrow’s captain’s quarters. C & B is marketing this funky trunk as an ultimate coffee table multitasker. It has three–count ‘em, THREE– hinged lids that reveal secret, but ample, storage areas. And if that wasn’t cool enough, it also has a small front drawer for clickers and things and the lidContinue Reading

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The Stella Rug

By: Diy maven Aug 28, 2008

This is a swooner! The Stella Rug, new from Hidden Art Shop, seems to have been inspired by lace, but it has been taken in a completely modern direction. Made of 5mm thick felted wool, the rug is 120 cm in diameter and will set you back a cool £350. (That’s about 47 inches and about $640 US.)


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