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Spaceless: Hideaway Deck Furniture.

By: Chrisjob May 12, 2008

Designer Sandy Lam is a master of the obvious but the not yet done, what some may call the "why didn't I think of that" approach. Case in point: Spaceless, deck furniture requiring no storage space. Goodness, I hope this is DIYable. I have high hopes...if I ever get to own a deck. Via.

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How to Make Silk in 6 Steps

By: Diy maven May 12, 2008


Designboom has a fascinating pictorial of the traditional silk making process of the craftspeople in a small  village in north-east Tailand. Starting with silk worms, which aren't actually worms, and ending with luscious fabric, the photos illustrate the proceedure in 6 steps.

Step 1: Raising silkworms & harvesting cocoons.

Step 2: Thread extraction:

Step 3: Dyeing.


Step 4:Continue Reading

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Shop at Oprah’s New Boutique

By: Diy maven May 12, 2008

Uber talker Oprah Windrey has opened a store in Chicago’s West Loop. According to The Washing Post, ‘The Oprah Store dishes up 900 of Oprah Winfrey’s favorite things.’ The store manager, Darcy Rogers says that the store is filled ‘with all the colors she loves and a clean, urban, loftlike look.’ The shop occupies a 5,500 space at 37 N. Carpenter Street, which is near her studio, and ‘features… Continue Reading

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2 Carat Cup

By: Diy maven May 12, 2008

You could describe this as a cup with a built in 2 carat diamond ring, or as a diamond ring with a built in cup. Either way, it's a fun and glamourous way to sip your morning java.  Available with 'gold' or 'platinum' rings, the mug comes packaged in an oversized flip-up ring box, which, when opened, only reveals the ring.

The diamond is actually a Swarovski crystal. Available at Spoon Sisters for $15.95.

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Minnow Bucket Luminaries

By: Diy maven May 12, 2008

created on: 05/12/08

I was going through some old decor/craft books recently, and spotted this clever idea of using old minnow buckets as luminaries. Great for those warm summer nights on the patio!

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Rock Beats Dirt, Scissors. Paper Undefeated.

By: Lilybee May 10, 2008

Last year I managed to perpetrate The Houseplant Apocalypse. Our living room was littered with plant corpses, it was pretty gruesome. Now I have New Plants, and in the manner of abusive plant owners everywhere I have promised them that this time things will be… Continue Reading

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Upgrade Your Workshop with Custom Pegboard Tool Hangers.

By: Chrisjob May 10, 2008

Some aluminum mending plates and a hacksaw and drill are all you need make a home for any (reasonably weighted) tool on your pegboard wall. Check out these ideas from Popular Mechanics to create custom hangers for your specific tools.

  • Ball-peen or framing hammers
  • A series of screwdrivers
  • Long, thin tools
  • Myriad pliers, cutters, and snips


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Stained Glass Lava Lamp.

By: Chrisjob May 10, 2008

This Tiffany-esque lava lamp takes the standard shape and twists it with a bit of deco stained glass. The built in lava shapes highlight its tongue-in-cheekness, just in case you didn't get it the first time. Via.

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Scrap Happy: More than 100 things to do with Fabric Remnants and Scraps.

By: Chrisjob May 10, 2008

If you work with fabric at all, you've got an ever growing collection of leftovers in your craft space, just lying there with their frayed edges, waiting to be called upon for some new cleverness.

For a little inspiration, here's more than one-hundred ideas to give them new purpose.

    Scrap Happy Vol. I

    Scrap Happy Vol. II

Ideas include:

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Retro Modern Step Ladders

By: Diy maven May 09, 2008

Calling these designs from Retro Modern step ladders doesn’t do them justice. Oh sure, they’re beautiful, but they're no Little Giants.

The Upper Folding Step Ladder, available in citron yellow, cobalt, crystal clear and orange red, measures 18" x 23" x 24" and will set you back $380.

Flow Step Ladder is make of anodized aluminum, is available in anthracite and orange, measures 19.75" x 4" deep x 36.5" high when closed and… Continue Reading

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