The Dollar Store Rental Kitchen Makeover - Again

by Lilybee

Once upon a time, way back when, I became enraged with my ugly rental kitchen. Observe the horror:

created at: 2007/02/23

I cursed it, I cried, I shook my fists at it. Then I did what everybody does (surely?), I looked for a solution on the internets.
What I found was Curbly. Inspired by the spirit of Curbly Daring-Do I figured out a solution, and posted pictures of it here..

Three (three!) years have passed. My temporary contact paper solution has withstood all kinds of shenanigans and is, I suspect, INVULNERABLE to anything but Robot Laser Eyes.

BUT, it is a New Year, a new decade even, and that always prods the part of my brain that likes things NEW and CLEAN and SHINY. So I turned a beady and critical eye to my kitchen. And decided it was time for a change.
So I did this.

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Design with Kids in Mind

by DIY Maven

Is kid stuff taking over your place? Do you feel as if you're living in the middle of a Toys R' Us? Does it look as if your decorator is a seven foot tall yellow bird? If you answered 'yes' to any of these questions, you might want to check out these very inspiring interiors from Design is Mine. They're proof that you CAN keep your stylish sensibilities while living the kid-centric life.

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How To: Make Your Own "Team Conan" T-Shirt

by Chris Gardner

DIY Team Conan Tee

If you've ended up on the non-NBC side of last week's titantic Tonight Show decision, then show off your pride with this DIY "Team Conan" t-shirt. Designed by yarnstress Vickie Howell (on whom I have a not-even-a-little-bit-secret crush), it's as easy as download, transfer, and color.


  • Plain T-shirt
  • Tulip Fabric Markers
  • Transfer Paper & Pencil
  • Conan Template (see below)
  • Cardboard
  • Masking Tape

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Salt & Pepper Bots

by Chris Gardner

"Hey, Chris, can you please pass the salt?"

"Why, of course. Just allow me to wind it up for you."

At least, that's what I WOULD say, if I snagged myself a pair of these Salt & Pepper Bots. "[These] condiments have come to life! They will waddle wherever you tell them to,so the next time someone wants the pepper, wind up the key, and pepper they shallhave! Mercilessly marching towards them like the terminator, more of a threat to dull

tastes than the human race."

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by Bruno Bornsztein

I'm happy to introduce the latest member of the Curbly family of sites:



ManMade comes from Curbly's own Chris (Chrisjob) Gardner, who was tired of being told "guys can't knit!". It's a blog that focuses on crafty, creative, artsy and authentic projects that guys (and gals) everywhere will love.

Here's some of what he's covered so far:

  1. Super Crispy Homemade Pizza!
  2. How To: Fused Plastic Belt
  3. Food of the Year: Fried Chicken
  4. Magnetic Coffee Sleeve
  5. Top Ten Most Useful Kitchen Tools

You can also hook up with ManMade on Facebook and Twitter:


Please help us spread the word about this awesome new site!


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Help choosing paint colors for family and breakfast room

by Navywife44

Hi, I'm so happy to be a member of Curbly. I love this Web site so much. Thanks for all the help that you give to people like us. I have a big problem when deciding what paint colors that I should use to paint my family room and breakfast room. Also, I'm looking for some ideas for the wall that's under my countertop. I have no clue what to do to give these room some extra pop. I will take any suggestion anyone can give me. I have my paint brushes ready to use.

Thanks so much!


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