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Curbly Recession Busters: Getting Buyers Through The Door

By: Lilybee Oct 23, 2008

I'm absolutely not a real estate expert, but I am something that seems far rarer these days. I'm a first time buyer. If you've got a house to sell in an increasingly stagnant market here are a few cheap or free things that you can do to get me (or folks like me) through the door. 

Curb appeal.

I know that you know this but it really can't be stated strongly enough. As buyers our first view of most houses isContinue Reading

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Curbly Recession Busters: Subway Tile Backsplash for Under $95.00

By: Modhomeecteacher Oct 23, 2008

created on: 10/23/08

My tiling project in the kitchen that cost less than $95.00 and one weekend opens up all sorts of new decorating possibilities.  Constrained by the in-your-face handpainted tiles of a decade ago, there was limited flexibility in color choices. Keeping permanent fixtures neutral and changing up paint, art, and kitchen chair upholstery makes much more sense, both financially and visually.  I even feel a little smug that I'm living with myContinue Reading

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The Walking House

By: Diy maven Oct 23, 2008

You know how people sometimes do stuff just to see if they can? This seems to be one of those times. Designers from N55 in Copenhagen built a walking house. They figure it can out run rising waters. Of course, at 60 meters an hour, it's not actually running. More like crawling. In terms of making a break for it, give me an RV any day. Anyway, interesting to see in action. Via.

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Cactus Clothesline Poles

By: Diy maven Oct 23, 2008

My mother has always been a proponent of hanging clothes on a wash line to dry. Even in the middle of winter, she’d skip the drier and opt for the clothesline. She’d bring in the linen, which was frozen stiff, let it thaw and then iron it. Yes, it was a lot of work, but if you’ve never slept between freshly laundered sheets that have been dried on a clothesline, well, you haven’t lived. These days, many neighborhoods actually ban the use ofContinue Reading

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The Light Card

By: Diy maven Oct 23, 2008

About the size of a credit card, powered by a small cell, this glowing light's only function might be its ability to produce fabulousness. Yanko Design suggests using Hyun Jin Yoon & Eun Hak Lee's creation the next time you have a bright idea--you know, hold it over your head and bing! A metaphoric visual reenactment of inspiration. Or something like that.

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Spooky Food!

By: Diy maven Oct 22, 2008

CraftyCrafty has assembled a gallery of eery edibles. Some cute, some creepy and some downright gross!





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The Paperclip Radiator

By: Diy maven Oct 22, 2008

People have been trying to put lipstick on the pigs that are radiators since they started wheezing heat. The Italian company Scirocco has turned the corner on the cosmetic + barn animal metaphor with their utterly awesome collection of radiators. Case in point, the Graffe, which is available in no less than 23 finishes. Yes it’s still a pig, but what a pretty pig!



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Making Contemporary Luminarias Out of Tap Lights

By: Diy maven Oct 22, 2008

created on: 10/22/08

Paper Studios puts a contemporary spin on the traditional paper bag luminarias using handmade paper and Tap Lights.

What you need:

  • fancy handmade paper
  • a ruler
  • a craft blade
  • sticky-back tape
  • and a Tap Light or two

What you do:


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Halloween(-ish) Silhouette Votives

By: Lilybee Oct 21, 2008

Now I love a Dwight pumpkin and fluttery bats as much as the next guy (assuming the next guy loves them A LOT) but I came across these fellows here and was practically overcome by their awesomeness.created on: 10/21/08 

They are vintage Carew Rice Tumblers, and their very lucky owner uses them to decorate for Halloween. A quick cherche around the internets got me nothing but the impression that I REALLY couldn't afford to buy my own. Undeterred, I decided toContinue Reading

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DIY PhotoPumpkin Carving Techniques.

By: Chrisjob Oct 21, 2008

I remember the first halloween that 'art' pumpkin carving books became widely available...everyone in my neighborhood carved the same three patterns...witch-on-a-broom profile, three ghosts with boo, or cutesy scarecrow face. So, while they weren't the old triangle-eyes and toothy smiles of yesteryear, the variety was as hollow as the pumpkins themselves.

Certainly, modern books have improved on the patterns, but sometimes, you justContinue Reading

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