Refinish Your Wood Front Door

by Mod Home Ec Teacher

created at: 2010/02/08

Photo Images: Kit Latham

Long ago, I watched out next door neighbor painstakingly strip the paint off, sand, stain and seal his west-facing front door.  The next year he was sanding and refinishing it again. What gives? I wondered. He said the hot afternoon sun had fried the finish. He was now wiser and decided to try marine Spar, a urethane varnish used for boats. He then made it through 2 full summers without

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25 Biggest Renovating Mistakes

by DIY Maven



HGTV asked their experts and they have spoken. These, ladies and gentlemen, are the 25 Biggest Home Renovating Mistakes renovators make. From least biggest (?) to the biggest of the big, here they are:

25. Gutting Everything

24. Buying Cheap Materials

23. Excessive Use of Duct Tape 

22. Inaccurate Measurements

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'Slim' Bookcase Turns Books Into Art

by DIY Maven



As the saying goes, you can't judge a book by its cover, but sometimes the covers are so pretty. For the amount of effort that goes into producing such things, it really is a shame to hide them on traditional book shelves. With the clear acrylic Slim bookcase, available at Yanko Design, we can now flaunt all those covers. Yes, it's a bookcase, but it displays titles in a way that transforms them into wall art.

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How To: Add Some Flair to Your Valentine's Day Dinner Candles

by Chris Gardner

Got some special dinner plans come February 14th? A homemade candlelit dinner, perhaps?


Then, show your sweetheart that she or he is extra special by giving those tapers a little flair, with the help of your trusty hot glue gun.

"All you need is some transparent paper, thin wire and some glue.Cut out a heart in the paper and glue the wire all around the edge of the heart.You can also use a hot glue gun. Leave a long part of the wire at the end of the heart. Take the long part of the wire and twirl it around the base of the candle, making sure the paper is not to close to the flame."  

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