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7 Deadly Sins Series 7 Chairs.

By: Chrisjob Jan 17, 2009

Thomas Von Staffeldt has adapted seven of Arne Jacobsen's Series 7 chairs to reflect each of the saligia, the classic 'deadly' sins.

Read more at MocoLoco.

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Vintage Quick Tricks Using 7-Up.

By: Chrisjob Jan 17, 2009

TipNut has scanned a vintage cookbook from 1961 offering some clever and alternative uses for 7up. I imagine they'd still apply with a bottle of fresh soda.

* Tangy 7up Cubes
* Pork butt or ham glaze
* Mock champagne punch.
* 7up basted fish fillets
* Chocolate sauce for ice cream
* Zip up fresh fruit
* As liquid in fruit pies


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Interior Design App for iPhone & iPod Touch.

By: Chrisjob Jan 17, 2009

created on: 01/17/09


"Created by interior designer Mark Lewison, Mark On Call™ for the Apple® iPhone and iPod Touch, lets the interior design professional, their clients—and do-it-yourselfers alike—plan, preview and carry out their design visions while staying organized and within budget."

So, it seems that Mark Lewison has a bit of an ego issue, but I can certainly see this being useful when at the hardware store or when shopping forContinue Reading

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9 Ways To Create A Creative Space

By: Lilybee Jan 16, 2009

created on: 01/16/09

If this time of year gives you an organisational/creative kick in the pants you could do a lot worse than start with Amy Shearn's 9 great tips for making a creative space

1. Choose a Space - ('choose'might be a bit of a stretch for those of us who are still apartment dwellers.) but finding a nook and designating it is a good idea.

2. consult the masters - she's talking feng shui not something creepy.

3. go on border patrol - meaning define your space with a screen or even just a rug
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Toilets with integrated sinks.

By: Diy maven Jan 16, 2009

created on: 01/19/09

Flushing your toilet with sink water isn’t new, but it’s never been this elegant, which means people might actually choose such an item for aesthetic reasons rather than ecological ones. Either way, Mother Nature will be pleased.

From Caroma, which should be available in North America this year. Via.

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Making Natural Wood Buttons

By: Diy maven Jan 16, 2009

Esprit Cabane gets back to nature with these very easy to make wood buttons. They suggest the best applications for them are decorative ones, like embellishing a cushion or a hand-made purse.Continue Reading

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Artist Shepard Fairey on Colbert

By: Diy maven Jan 16, 2009

created on: 01/16/09

Even if you don't know who Shepard Fairey is, you've probably seen his work. He's the artist who created the Obama 'Hope' poster. And he was on Colbert last night (1/15/09), where the duo revealed a new work by Fairey, which is sure to become iconic for other reasons! You can see the segment on Colbert Nation's home page (the fourth clip in the line-up) or you can go to this page to see the entire episode. The interview begins at 16:46.

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A Stay at The Custom Hotel

By: Modhomeecteacher Jan 15, 2009

 created on: 01/15/09

 A stay in LA can get rather expensive, so the frugal Mr. Mod found The Custom Hotel right near the airport for a very reasonable nightly rate. I'm still trying to figure out the place. It's billed as a boutique hotel. The grazing, stuffed sheep in the lobby, the painted black hallways and the oversized photobooth faces in the elevator just kept me wondering...what's the deal? Continue Reading

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Using Linen Packaging for Yarn Storage

By: Diy maven Jan 15, 2009

You know those heavy duty plastic bags that duvet covers, quilts, shams and etcetera come in these days? One way they can find a second life by keeping your yarn stash tidy.

If you currently keep your yarn stash in a big plastic storage container, you know that the individual balls or skeins find a way to become a tangled mess in no time.You reach in, dig around, balls unravel.

created on: 01/15/09

However, plastic bags that hold queen and king-sizedContinue Reading

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Could you do your 'business' in a see-through public toilet?

By: Diy maven Jan 15, 2009

Constructed by Monica Bonvicini, this public toilet, called 'Don't Miss a Sec.', is made of 2-way mirrors. In Monica's own words '"Don't Miss a Sec." is about the desire and failure to "see it all" which is a strong trait in modernism. This work absurdly pushes at the limits of what is public and what is private and offers a perfomative element in which inside and outside are blurred together.' But back to my question: Could you do yourContinue Reading

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