Monday Afternoon Makeover: Side Tables

by Mod Home Ec Teacher

created at: 03/01/2010

You all know that many hideous side tables lurk in the furniture section of secondhand shops. Although, occasionally you'll find some not-so-hideous side tables that would be fine left as is. Much to the dismay of many blog readers, painting wood really sometimes is  "A Good Thing". Mother and daugther design team, Suzanne and Lauren of Good Bones Great Pieces, show you what they found  and exactly how they handily freshened them up to merge into a light, bright, airy room.   

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How to Turn a Closet into an Office

by DIY Maven

Got a closet? Need a home office? No worries. With some advice from Country Living you can transform a closet--like the one pictured above--into a home office--like the one pictured below.


Advice from the pros:

  • Your new desk can be nothing more than a couple of standard filing cabinets (shot with Krylon) with wheeled stands attached to their bottoms for easy moving. 
  • ...

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Make Natural Food Coloring

by Simplyfunstuff

Say Goodbye to Red #40 and Yellow #5

I am on a quest to find ways to dye food naturally rather than using mystery chemicals in traditional food coloring.

Recently, I decorated these cupcakes using an easy buttercream frosting and berry powder blend. mmm...


created at: 02/27/2010

created at: 02/27/2010

Click here for more info and then find out how to make blue and purple food coloring using red cabbage over at the Eye Candy Food Blog!


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Designing with Color

by Marvin Windows

mLuxe Pictures 011

Every time I come to a garden center or nursery in the spring, I'm always dazzled by all those beautiful flowers and varied colors. I find myself wanting to take them all home, but that's really not the best approach for the well-designed garden. 

To help me focus, I let color be my guide. A simple rule of thumb I follow is to choose plants that either have blooms or foliage in the same color family. The good news is that there are lots of...

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