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How To: Handcut Felt Mural.

By: Chrisjob Jun 28, 2008

Designer Mariana Leung spent all her funds purchasing and renovating her new home, leaving very little to decorate her new space. So, she turned to her fabric scrap bin to create this handmade wall mural out of leftover felt. And with some felt, painter's tape, and scissors of your own, you can follow her tutorial and do such yourself.

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The House Stays in the Picture...

By: Lilybee Jun 27, 2008

created on: 06/27/08

Last September Ed Norton and chums were filming some scenes for the new Hulk movie on Yonge Street in Toronto, about half a block away from our flat. Whilst watching the movie we played 'spot the subtly altered landmark'.

It got me to thinking, how does one get one's house in the movies? A bit of research came up with this info.

I'd say it's probably easier to be a pushy stage parent to your house if you… Continue Reading

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Tutorial: Noren - Traditional Japanese Fabric Dividers.

By: Chrisjob Jun 27, 2008

Japanese sewing machine company Janome offers a great tutorial and a bit of info on noren (æš–ç°¾) : traditional japanese fabric dividers that are hung on walls, windows, doorways, or in between rooms. Simply join the pieces, hem, then reinforce by sewing a triangle. They provide tips for adding traditional embroidery, but I think they look mighty sharp in a basic mod fabric, as below, from Whip Up.

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DIY Magnetic Whiteboard Speech Bubble.

By: Chrisjob Jun 27, 2008

Chris Burke states, "I needed a new whiteboard so I found some paint at Home Depot that allows you to paint a whiteboard anywhere you'd like. I figured why not put a layer of magnetic paint underneath it. The only thing left to do is paint my face underneath the arrow." It took Chris around five coats to get a smooth finish ready for markers.

Easy enough.


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Hitting the Big Time...

By: Lilybee Jun 27, 2008


Over at Ohdeedoh they have a post about oversize baby bottle lamps, with a link to a company called

Now I LOVE stuff that is either comically large or perfectly miniature. (I clutch the tiny booze bottles on airplanes and pretend to be a giant... for hours... sometimes out loud.)

Here's a roundup of the house ware type stuff you could acquire if you are similarly afflicted.

A… Continue Reading

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Programmable Sky Ceilings

By: Diy maven Jun 27, 2008

Sky Factory, the guys who brought us faux skylights, now has a programmable version. It simulates sunrises and sunsets, bringing a little life to the cubical set. It has medically therapeutic benefits as well.  Fabulous! Via.

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A House with a Drawer Bedroom

By: Diy maven Jun 27, 2008

Located in Gelnhausen, Germany, the Living Room house by Seifert Stoeckman has 52 windows and a sliding drawer bedroom, just in case you want to sleep under the stars. 

created at: 03/27/2013

Talk about a unique piece of architecture! Head on over to Coolboom to see more photos of this unusual building.

Wanna check out some other modern spaces? Take a peek at these contemporary bedrooms. 

created at: 03/27/2013

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Why you should buy stemless wine glasses.

By: Diy maven Jun 27, 2008

created on: 06/27/08

If you’re in the market for new drinking glasses, buy stemless wine glasses. Why? Because they are incredibly versatile, that’s why! They’re even great  for people who don’t partake of the grape. Check it out....

Besides making a modern statement when sipping or serving Merlot, they do non-alcoholic quite nicely.

created on: 06/27/08

They also make lovely votive candle holders,

and even vases.

A stemless… Continue Reading

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30 of the Hippest Hotels in the World

By: Diy maven Jun 27, 2008

I have a theory that anyone who uses the word ‘hip’ isn’t, but since this list of the Top 30 Hip Hotels in 2008 is coming from Trend Hunter, I’ll suspend my belief this one time. As for me, I’d pass on my local FantaSuite and book a stay at Airstream Europe, which is in rural France, near Mirepoix. For the entire top 30 list with links, visit Trend Hunter.

Image of the 'Full Moon' in Baku, Azerbaijan, aka… Continue Reading

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Snickarper Doors From Sweden.

By: Chrisjob Jun 26, 2008

Absolutely. Freaking. Incredible.


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