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Curbly's Guide to 2008 Holiday Gift Guides

By: Modhomeecteacher Nov 20, 2008

created on: 11/20/08's fun 2008 Holiday Gift Guide got us thinking about how to get through all the Holiday Gift Guides out there. So here's a comprehensive summary to the best 2008 Holiday Gift Guides we could find, organized by topic, just for you!

Use it as a "guide to gift guides", to help find what you're looking for. I've started with the obvious interests of Curbly readers. If you're looking for foo-foo-y girly gifts or a nice warm robe for Grandma, you'll need to do a little online research. 

If you have other obvious categories you'd like to have reviewed, feel free to leave a comment for consideration. 

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Make Snowflake Gift Soaps

By: Diy maven Nov 20, 2008

Two things that make a perfect handmade gift include its level of sweetness and its degree of easiness. These snowflake soaps score high on both points.

Ingredients you'll need to make them:

  • "Silicone muffin pan (6-cavity)
  • Approx. 20 oz. Goat Milk Soap Base
  • Cornflower Blue Mica
  • Peppermint Essential Oil (second distillation)
  • Small Metal Snowflake Cookie Cutter
  • Alcohol in a Spray Bottle
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Sky Planter: The 21st Century Version of a Hanging Plant

By: Diy maven Nov 20, 2008


A new twist on the macrame hangers of the 1970's, Boskke's Sky Planter is an upside down planter. (Much like the inverted tomato plant idea, I'm guessing.) It locks in the soil so there's no mess below, and because you water from the top down, there's no water lost to evaporation. Its 'internal reservoir system' means you water less often too. A conversation starter, no doubt, that will save precious floor space. Not bad! Via.

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It's hip to be square...

By: Diy maven Nov 20, 2008

if you're a wreath, that is. From Williams-Sonoma, the boxwood (get it? BOXwood??) wreath measures 18" square and comes with a red ribbon. A little pricey at $59, but it is a lovely, modern take on the traditional round variety. Via.

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Make Teacup Candles

By: Lilybee Nov 20, 2008

Teacups with saucers make the world more ladylike and dainty and thus brilliant. If you combine teacups and saucers and candles you get either a tea party waiting for a place to happen or these:created on: 11/20/08
Teacup Candles! Guest blogger Kate over at Design*Sponge made these lovely little fellows.  So cute, and I think they might be what ModHomeEcTeacher was talking about in her post about repurposing thrift store stuff to makeContinue Reading

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E is for Eames

By: Lilybee Nov 19, 2008

This poster rather occupies the space between curbly and weebabystuff, sure it's an alphabet poster, but WHAT an alphabet poster.


created on: 11/19/08

While most of us are pretty familiar with our ABC's it's nice to have a visual reminder of our Aalto, Bertoia and Castiglioni's complete with a silhouette of their iconic pieces.

The handprinted poster measures 11" x 17" and will set you back a very reasonable $35 find it here

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How To 'Make' Soap Cupcakes

By: Lilybee Nov 19, 2008

created on: 11/18/08

I love the idea of making soap but am totally scared off by the complex-science-molten-fat part. These cupcakes are super easy to do, as technically you reshape soap as opposed to making it.

Before we start I have to say that I know the 'icing' on these is pretty lame, certainly no Bakerella creation, but that is more to do with me than the technique. I am infamously horrible at cake decoration. Every Continue Reading

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How to make star garland out of plastic bottles.

By: Diy maven Nov 19, 2008

Seriously, who would have imagined these stars started out as plastic bottle bottoms?? And to make this project even better, it's super easy to do!

To make a garland consisting of 5 stars & 3 snowflakes, you'll need:

  • 8 plastic bottles
  • a scissors
  • a needle or small hole punch
  • string
  • clear beads

For the entire tutorial, go to Esprit Cabane. Via.





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3D Puzzle Christmas Tree

By: Diy maven Nov 19, 2008

Made from 100% recycled cardboard, Pop Deluxe's new laser-cut Snowflake Tree puzzle ($17) comes is kraft brown or white. It measures 10 x 10 x 13, and although they can be decorated with paint, glitter and such it seems unnecessary. Their simplicity is rather elegant.


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Sewing Paper: A Tutorial

By: Diy maven Nov 19, 2008

Julia over on Belle Papier has an excellent tutorial explaining how to use a sewing machine to sew paper to paper. This practice is popular among those of us who make greeting cards, but it could be a fantastic way to fabricate an art piece.

Some of Julia’s suggestions:

  • If you don’t have an electronic sewing machine automatically corrects tension, check your tension on a scrap piece of paper, and adjust as necessary.
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