DIY Modernism: Is It possible?

by Plastolux

DIY Modern, is it possible? Why yes, OF COURSE it is!

I believe that modern may just be one of the easiest styles to DIY due to the clean lines and geometric shapes. I am very fond of modern credenzas. Here are two Ikea hacked credenzas I made for my own home:

modern furniture DIY Ikea hacker

After seeing a similar version of the hack which was basically one Lack shelve turned on its side with castors underneath and no doors, I figured I would get two and super size it. We found one Lack in the scratch and dent and bought another new. I left three vertical supports in the middle. I did have to cut one inch off them and set them back to make room for the door rails, which I picked up at the local big box store. I drilled new holes for the screws/hardware and mounted the silver track with screws. I had the plexiglass cut and holes drilled for me at a local plastics shop. I bought the legs from

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Infusing Turquoise Into Your Color Palette

by Mod Home Ec Teacher

created at: 2010/01/26

All Photos: House of Turquoise

Remember, turquoise is HOT! The beautiful thing about it is that you're not really in a bind if you want to drop a dollup of turquoise into your decor to freshen things up. Once you peruse this entire blog  dedicated to the use of turquoise of some form, you'll see its' versatility and calming effect in a room, no matter what the color scheme. House of Turquoise has gathered up quite a catalogue of turquoise interiors from the blogosphere, take a look at a few more unexpected combinations that feel like a breath of fresh air.

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Misspelled Cakes

by DIY Maven

"Your an idiot!" "Moroon!" We've all seen these unfortunate spellings in blog comments. They always make me chuckle, because, seriously, if you're going to call somebody a moron, at least spell the words right. And if you're going to celebrate someone's achievement with a cake, the sentiment on the cake should also be spelled correctly. Case in point, these classic missteps courtesy of Cake Wrecks.

"Can you spell 'redundancy' teacher?" Also, teacher's #1 what? Or is the teacher #1?

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Incredibly Wasteful Food Packaging

by DIY Maven

packaged cheese=

Julie over at The Daily Green News reminds us NOT to buy in individual portions with an eye-opening show-and-tell of some of the most wasteful food packaging available. Some of the products that have been individually wrapped for our convenience are actually laughable. Example: pickle-chip cups. Anyway here's a quick rundown:

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What is your mid-century modern style?

by Plastolux

Of course, lots of Curbliers identify as fans of mid-century modern. But even withint that set, there are all sorts of trends and movements and aesthetics.

So, what is your mid-century modern style?

I personally like a mix of mid-century modern and other current clean lined elements. There are deals to be had on some vintage mid-century modern pieces, but the more savvy others become, the more expensive they get. Mixing high and low cost items, vintage and new, as well as throwing in some handmade projects, is a great way to keep things stylish AND affordable.

mid century modern design plastolux

In my office/den I have a good mix of these elements. Vintage George Nelson desk with a Herman miller Aeron chair make for a great contrast.

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