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Don’t paint it; Post-it!

By: Diy maven Feb 12, 2008

This wall has been covered in Post-its. Not only does it lend vibrant color to the space, but texture as well. 


Photo Credit:
Post Typography
Post-it Note wall installation, 2007

Even a bit more ambitious, perhaps, are these images of Ray Charles and Elvis.


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How to fold an origami heart envelope.

By: Diy maven Feb 12, 2008

This is an easy fold and perfect for sending a love note to your Valentine!

What you need:

  • a piece of origami paper--preferably red on one side, white on the other.
  • glue or tape

What you do:

Start with the white side of your paper up. (Square base.)

Fold in half, top to bottom:


Unfold and repeat, folding left to right.

Unfold and turn paper over.

Fold in half, top to bottom.

Unfold and fold in half left to right.

Unfold. Your paper should… Continue Reading

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10 Alternative uses for Bananas

By: Diy maven Feb 11, 2008

People are using bananas to make some weird stuff, let me tell ya. But, in the interest of spreading the knowledge, from the not-so-odd to the head scratchers, here goes:

10. Aphid deflector: Burying dried or cut-up bananas peels a few inches deep around the base of your rosebushes to detract aphids.

9. Fertilizer: Potassium rich, bananas are great for us as well as our gardens. Dry out leftover peels over the winter months. In the spring grind… Continue Reading

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Control your own destiny with Fabric Fortune Cookies.

By: Chrisjob Feb 11, 2008

If you're like me, you can never bear to eatfortune cookies after boxfulls of rice and stirfry veggies...and probably wouidn't even unwrap it if you didn't wanna see how unapplicable the "future" actually is. Next time, choose your own future by creating it yourself. And it'll be calorie free.



fusible fleece
fabric marker
wire cutters
coordinating ribbon
craft glue
paper word strips
circle pattern - approx.… Continue Reading

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Say "I Love You" with bleeding heart cupcakes.

By: Chrisjob Feb 11, 2008

Anatomical hearts are indeed the rage this V-Day, and nothing captures the sentimental irony better than these Bleeding Heart Cupcakes. Make a batch, and really share your heart, oozing and all, with loved ones.




20 glass marbles or small balls of tinfoil
1 recipe batter for white cupcakes
2 to 3 cups strawberry jelly or smooth strawberry jam
1 recipe vanilla butter cream frosting
Red and blue food coloring
Pastry bag and medium… Continue Reading

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Polaroid to stop making its signature instant film.

By: Chrisjob Feb 11, 2008


A year ago, Polaroid stopped making its quick developing cameras. And as soon as they've manufactured enough of their instant film to last through 2009, they will stop producing that as well. As several clever journalists have remarked, Polaroid is getting out of the polaroid business. After Polaroid shuts down its remaining three factories (with a loss of 450 jobs), Fujifilm will be the only company producing instant film.

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Hans Wegner’s 1951 Sawbuck Chair–A Room & Board Exclusive

By: Diy maven Feb 11, 2008

Hans Wegner's sculptural Sawbuck Chair has been reissued exclusively for Room & Board by Carl Hansen and Son. R & B describes it as ‘a striking contrast in woods’ as its rounded armrests, back and seat are constructed of robust American walnut, whereas the legs are made of the more subtle European oak. This beautiful yet comfortable chair will set you back 2,550 bucks. Ouch.

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We Have a Winner!

By: Bruno Feb 11, 2008

Last week we introduced our new Curbly Forums, and asked you to help us kick-start the action by introducing yourselves on this thread (the first 50 people to post were entered in a drawing to win a $100 gift card to 

Well, we selected our winner at random this morning, and it's mandyduren! Cograts, mandy!

If you haven't checked out the forums yet, what are you waiting for!? We'll be running more forum contests in the future, and… Continue Reading

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Drink Cup Food Container Mash-Up

By: Diy maven Feb 11, 2008

The Col-Pop is the creation of the South Korea fried chicken chain BBQ Chicken. A multi-tasker indeed, the Col-Pop is a cup and food container combo, and it’s just what the world needs: a means to encourage even more fast food consumption. Via

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New from Blik Wee Re-Stik

By: Diy maven Feb 11, 2008

Blik, those purveyors of wall decals, have some new Re-Stik’s for the Wee crowd. Removable and repositionable, like all their Re-Stik’s, these high-contrast geometric shapes and friendly, hand-drawn animals are said to be fascinating to new-borns, older kids and their parents. The $38 packages include 31 decals for the Dino collection, 47 decals for the Garden collection, and 78 decals for the Jungle collection. Visit Blik for… Continue Reading

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