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All About Aloe: Growing and Usage Tips.

By: Chrisjob Jul 03, 2008

Ahh...aloe. It's natural, spiky, and modern, and with usefulness built right in. Check out some of these buying and growing tips, and all its healthful benefits. And, apparently, you can eat it if you're so inclined.

•    Buying Tips

•    Growing Tips

•    Watering

•    Repotting

•    Symptoms Of Poor Plant Care

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12 Quick Around-the-House Fixes

By: Diy maven Jul 03, 2008

Sometimes we're so busy around the house with the big stuff that we disregard the little stuff. Follow This Old House’s advice to fix the latter to bring harmony home.

  1. Take the Squeak out of Squeaky Floors and Stairs
  2. Unclog a powder room sink.
  3. Clean your stainless and keep it spotless.
  4. Hide scratches in woodwork.
  5. Tighten a loose set screw.
  6. Mask a musty smell (via your furnace!).
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Quick and easy hardware updates!

By: Diy maven Jul 03, 2008

This month's Workbench Magazine has a nice tutorial on how to refinish hardware. BUT you don't have to buy the mag to get the details. Just head on over to this Workbench page and then click on the 'online extras' that appears to the left of the article. Of particular interest is the process of making shiny brass hardware look bronze with brass aging solution.

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Mid Century Modern Makeover: The Back Cushions

By: Modhomeecteacher Jul 03, 2008

created on: 07/03/08

Making the back cushions was the only complicated part of this project.  Once I figured out the length of the tabs and how to set the snaps, it was a breeze.

1. The first thing I did was take apart the old back cushion and trace it on the new fabric.

created on: 07/03/08

created on: 07/03/08

2.  Make the snap tabs using the old pattern.

created on: 07/03/08

3.  Cut bias strip 1 3/4" wide for welt cord.  See my welt cord tutorial.

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How to Turn Milk into Glue

By: Diy maven Jul 03, 2008


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Tutorial: How To Use Metal Rivets.

By: Chrisjob Jul 02, 2008

Lisa from U-Handbag offers a detailed tutorial on using metal rivets. Her well-photographed overview offers tips on tools, technique, and application. Just a bit of knowhow, and all sorts of possibilities. Via.

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How To: Attach Stuff to Walls without Drilling Holes.

By: Chrisjob Jul 02, 2008

Instructables user HighwayKind wanted to keep his kitchen a little more organized: "I didn't want to ruin my

kitchen tiles and wall by drilling a giant hole through it, but I did want to hang my knife and paper/foil thing to the wall. Solution: superglue and magnets."

Check out the process here...I'm not quite sure whether it's any more wiser to superglue stuff to the wall than to drill into it, but clever, nonetheless.

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DIY:Ten Minute Snap Workshop

By: Modhomeecteacher Jul 02, 2008

created on: 07/02/08

You thought the DIY: Ten Minute Grommet Workshop was easy, this makes that look like Rocket Science. Oftentimes you'll come across something that needs a snap added or replaced.  Snaps are...well, a snap.  A snap tool and components are available at fabric stores and they are work fine. 

The only trick here is to remember which parts go where.  For simplicity sake, I will call the top of the snap Top A and its… Continue Reading

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The “Oh wow that was totally easy!” Skirt-Making Tutorial.

By: Chrisjob Jul 02, 2008

I can't (or shouldn't) even wear skirts, and this has even got me excited. Create a custom and perfectly summery skirt with just a bit of clever measuring and an elastic waistband. These can seemingly be made in under a half an hour with no wasted fabric.

Step 1: Measure yourself.

Step 2: Calculate the fabric. 


Step 3: Cut! 

Step 4: Side seam. 

skirt tutorial with trena

Step 5: Finish your edges. 

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Refurbish Appliances With Stainless Steel Contact Paper

By: Chrisjob Jul 02, 2008

Still jonesing for stainless, but can't quite commit to painting your appliances? Then take an even less permanent approach, and cover 'em with stainless steel contact paper.

Grab a toothbrush, an effective cleaning solution, a stiff card, and your contact paper, and say goodbye to your harvest gold, awful cream, or ugly 90s black appliances.


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