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How to Avoid Splintering and Tearing when Cutting Plywood.

By: Chrisjob Feb 13, 2008

The thin layers of plywood can often splinter and chip when cut with a power saw, resulting in an ugly edge that looks like this:

To prevent your cut line from tearing:

1. Always use an appropriate blade for plywood, and be sure that it’s sharp. The blade that came with your saw – whether you bought or rented it – is likely inadequate.
2. Be sure the good face of your plywood is closer to the outside of the blade. So on a table… Continue Reading

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Recycled Wine Barrel Side Table

By: Diy maven Feb 13, 2008

This sweet side table was made from a recycled white oak wine barrel. Wine barrels are usually scrapped after a few years of use. Such a waste, considering this hand-made re-incarnation. Available through Uncommon Goods for a rather reasonable $350 each.

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Outdoor Wallpaper

By: Diy maven Feb 13, 2008

Susan Bradley’s collection of what she calls ‘Outdoor Wallpaper’ might be the perfect way to add visual interest to bland exteriors everywhere. Although, they’re so pretty, I’d be tempted to put them indoors too. To see products and more of her portfolio, visit her website.

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Interactive LED Coffee Table

By: Diy maven Feb 13, 2008

The top of The Wave coffee table is outfitted with LEDs that are activated when they see motion. ‘Using a network of 32 active and passive near-infrared optical sensors and a clever fully analog circuit design, the light patterns sweep outwards from your motion with perfect fades, glowing stronger the closer the movement is, rippling across a pool of 480 super-bright white LEDs. It works in full sunlight or total darkness.’ Each table… Continue Reading

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7 Ways to Triple Your Refrigerator's Lifespan.

By: Chrisjob Feb 12, 2008



  • Cleaning the dust from your refrigerator's compressor coil once or twice a year will help it last twice, if not three times as long.
    • Use a special coil brush, around $5 from the hardware store
    • Lacking this, use a broom or compressed air.
    • First remove the grill, then clean the coil.
    • Then, clean the grime and dust on the fan blades, then replace the coil.
  • Replace your gasket: if a dollar bill slides freely between the rubber gasket strip and… Continue Reading
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Embracing a Paperless Home.

By: Chrisjob Feb 12, 2008


In Sunday's New York Times, Hannah Fairchild highlighted the home of Chirs Uhlik, a Google engineering director, whose home has become essentially paperless."Going paperless was a conscious decision by the Uhliks. But many families may be closer to entering a paperless world than they realize. Paper-reducing technologies have crept into homes and offices, perhaps more for efficiency than for environmentalism; few people will dispute the… Continue Reading

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How to Make Intricate Paper Cuttings.

By: Chrisjob Feb 12, 2008

Heather, an illustrator and designer from Cape Town, offers a how-to for creating these fine and incredibly detailed paper cuttings. Be sure to check out the rest of her site and Etsy shop for more ideas and inspiration.




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Valentine's Day Photo Ideas.

By: Chrisjob Feb 12, 2008

From Photojojo:

"Here it is almost Valentine’s Day, and once again you’re searching for that grand romantic gesture (GRG).How, you ask yourself, how can I impress my one and only Schmoopy armed with only a camera and my boundless creativity?

Not to worry dear chum, Photojojo’s got your back.

We’ve got some great ideas to save the day and leave your S.O. positively chuffed. (Plus a little something for the anti-Valentines… Continue Reading

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All The Furniture for One Room – In a Box!

By: Bruno Feb 12, 2008



Via TreeHugger

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The Spaghetti Plate

By: Diy maven Feb 12, 2008

Frank Martin’s melamine spaghetti plate has a center ‘crater’ that serves as a twirling station, which means you can say goodbye to the spoon and twirl your pasta one-handed. Available at retromodern for  12 bucks.

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