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The Rubber Band Bookcase

By: Diy maven May 27, 2008

The Elastico Bookcase ($110)  by Arianna Vivenzio is made out of an ‘elastomeric’ band that is wrapped around two metal pegs which are in turn secured to the wall. The band’s tension will form to any shape. Interesting: absolutely. Trustworthy: not so sure.

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How to Hem Wooden Shades

By: Diy maven May 27, 2008

Ready-made Roman shades of the wooden variety come in many widths, but their lengths are generally about 72". That’s long, especially if your window is only 38". Although the shades work fine for any length, that’s a lot of weight to which to subject the shades’ mechanisms. Plus, there’s excess bulk at the bottom of the window. You don’t have to live with ill-fitting shades like this. You can hem them, and it’s… Continue Reading

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Save BIG BUCKS at the Gas Station

By: Diy maven May 27, 2008

Tell The Drive Smarter Challenge the make and year of your vehicle and they’ll ‘challenge’ you on how to save significantly at the gas station. TDSC also encourages us to spread the word and invite 6 friends to take the challenge.  Not only do these tips have an immediate effect on our own pocketbooks, if everyone in the U.S. rose to the occasion, we might even be able lower the price of gas ourselves.


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Easy-To-Make Floor Cushions From Old Sofa Pillows.

By: Chrisjob May 26, 2008

The Associated Content circuit has published this useful how-to to make floor pillows from old couch cushions, perfect for on-the-floor dining, video games, or to seat a roomful of little ones. The design is a variation on the envelope pillow, which allows the cushions to be removed and the covers washed, or switched out. The instructions include measurement and pattern making… Continue Reading

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Kyoeul Umbrella Stand Waters Your Plants.

By: Chrisjob May 26, 2008

From Inhabitat:

"Sick of rain-slicked slippery floors? Looking to take your rainwater recycling to the next level, while simultaneously improving your green thumb? This Umbrella Plant Pot by Kyouei Design offers a beautiful solution to the soggy umbrella dilemma, and allows you to turn that excess, unwanted rain water into nourishment for a plant! It’s a simple ceramic umbrella jar with an ingenious twist… Continue Reading

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Wall Art/Furniture...DIYable???

By: Diy maven May 23, 2008

Designer John Nouanesing’s Fix It On The Wall Furniture is a piece of art and, when you need it, a coffee table and four cushions, and I’m thinking it’s DIYable. Picture it, you fabricate your cushions, table top and legs, and then you trace their images on a piece of plywood. (Maybe even sandwich two together to get some depth.) You cut out their shapes with a jigsaw and then apply that to another piece of plywood. A… Continue Reading

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50 Indispensable Kitchen Tips

By: Diy maven May 23, 2008

From how to restore stale bread with celery to why you should soak your popcorn kernels before you pop them to using mustard to treat a burn, this list includes some crazy kitchen tips I hadn’t heard of before but will definitely keep in mind form now on! For the complete rundown, visit LifeHackery.

'Eat at Mom's' courtesy of themekitchen.

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Sew a Vintage Pocket Hanger Cover

By: Diy maven May 23, 2008

Another blast from the past via TipNut are these instructions to sew a pocket hanger cover, circa 1945. (It would go perfectly with the vintage laundry bag.) Materials are minimal and include the following:

½ yard quilted cotton
½ yard–1" wide satin ribbon
Double fold bias tape
And a hanger

For all the details, visit TipNut.

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10 Strategies for Masterful Food Preparation in Minimal Time.

By: Chrisjob May 22, 2008

Making the time and mess to cook healthful meals at home is essential in our contemporary culture, especially with all the junk possibilities that bombard us on the way home from work. Cooking well shouldn't be a special occassion, but a daily experience. Here's ten tips to work and eat well.

1. Preparation, preparation, preparation!
2. Stock up the supplies.
3. Weekend prep.
4. Tidy your workspace.
5. Find inspiration.
6. Delegate tasks.
7.… Continue Reading

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Build Your Own Blender Lamp.

By: Chrisjob May 22, 2008

It was only a matter of time: it's size, shape, and inclusion of the clear carafe makes the kitchen blender a perfect candidate to recycle into a lamp. So, good work to Defpotec, who has written a clear and excellent instructable on doing just that.

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