How to make your own Irish Cream Liqueur

by DIY Maven


From what I've been told, when temperatures fall, liquor stores start selling more Bailey's Irish Cream and Kaluha and such. For people like me, who don't partake, I feel like I'm missing out on a popular cold-weather activity. So, when I came across this recipe for homemade Irish Cream Liquour, via Bon Appetit, I thought I could finally join in the fun. The entire recipe follows, but omitting the whiskey would still make a deliciously creamy, chocolaty coffee flavoring.

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And so it begins...

by Krasdale

created at: 2010/01/11
My fiance and I recently closed on a one bedroom apartment in Clinton Hill, Brooklyn (yay!). Though I won't go into any of the messy details of buying an apartment, which was mostly terrible, I will go into the details of our planned renovations.

The building is a co-op across the street from Pratt. It's part of a two building complex that went co-op in the mid '70s to stop Pratt from kicking all the tenants out and turning the buildings...

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How To Make Olive Penguins.

by Chris Gardner

Try floating one of these in your next Ultimate Arctic Martini.


From Serious Eats: "These are probably meant for six-year olds, but they still provide me with gobs of joy. All you need is a black olive (for the penguin head), a bigger one (for the bulbous bod), a little carrot medallion (with a triangle sliced out for the beak), and a mozzarella ball (or cream cheese works). Extra credit if you can make them an edible igloo. It's...

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23 DIY Switch Plate and Outlet Cover Tutorials.

by Chris Gardner

White walls and off white lightswitch covers...blech. Here's a quick and inexpensive way to overcome the blandness of home center materials, and a perfect way to customize a rental or other tough to personalize space.

From Red Thread DIY "Switch plates! [We] wanted all of our switch plates to match, so we literally unscrewed all of the old switch plates and installed brand new ones. I was about to throw away the old ones because I...

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The Very Mid-Century Flyer Saucer Bowl

by Chris Gardner

After World War II, attentions turned to outer space, adding a fun and exploratory sense to mid-century decor. Thus, these flying saucer bowls from the incredibly named Museum of Robots add a beautiful and playful appeal to any modern decor.


"The iconic flying saucer shape lands on the tabletop in this multi-functional two-piece bowl set. It can be used as a covered bowl, or rest the top on its antennae-feet as a second bowl. Natural Acacia Wood bowls on jewelry-quality stainless steel Flying Saucer Base."

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