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'Dress for Dinner' Napkins

By: Diy maven Jul 02, 2008

New from the Spoon Sisters are these paper 'Dress for Dinner' napkins, so even the t-shirt loving male population can look presentable at the table with minimal effort. A package of 20 will set you back about 6 bucks, but how about taking squares of cloth, finishing the edges and then embellishing them with fabric paint? Or applique cloth in tie-like prints on to them?

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The First Rotating Skyscraper: Dynamic Tower

By: Diy maven Jul 02, 2008

Most rotating floors of a high rise are relegated to the topmost floor, which is usually a restaurant. Not so for David Fisher’s Dynamic Tower. EACH of its 80 floors rotates. It will take up to 3 hours for a floor to make its 360 degree trip. The tower will generate its own power from photovoltaic solar cells and 79 wind turbines, one of which will be located between each floor. The estimated cost for one of these buildings clocks in… Continue Reading

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Ingenious Planters

By: Lilybee Jul 02, 2008

Saw these brilliantly up-cycled planters on the walk to my local farmers market. Love the chair!

created on: 07/02/08created on: 07/02/08

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Smart Lamp....

By: Lilybee Jul 01, 2008

It's called Smart (Actually it's got those dot thingys over the 'A' but I don't know how to do them on my computer) and it is...

I Found this fellow whilst perusing Ikea for a desk lamp. I was astounded. It doesn't look like a 20 Dollar lamp. It looks well, designery. It comes in various different patterns and it's mouth blown, and awesome.

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Free 4th of July Templates from Martha!

By: Diy maven Jul 01, 2008

Independence Day is just around the corner, and if you’ve run out of time to indulge your holiday craftiness, Martha has two free download-able templates of the red, white and blue variety.

First up are her two charming Fan Templates. The instructions on how to assemble them are on the Stars-and-Stripes Fan Template.

Next are her cute little can cover templates.

For more 4th of July decorating ideas, visit Martha's 4thContinue Reading

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How to make your own liquid soap out of bar soap.

By: Diy maven Jul 01, 2008

Making our own liquid soap out of regular old bar soap is easier than it might first sound, according to Casa Sugar. We can leave out the chemicals and add our own custom scents. Plus, it’s a great way to use up those soap slivers that disintegrate down around the shower drain.

Props you’ll need:
one 4 oz bar of natural soap
a food grater
1 gallon of distilled water (or rose hydrosol)
1 large pot
a hand mixer
essential oils for scent,… Continue Reading

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20 Things You Can Use Before Tossing

By: Diy maven Jul 01, 2008

Tip Nut has an excellent list of 20 things you can use before you throw them away. Some of my favorites are refrigerating butter wrappers to use to ‘grease’ baking pans, using tissue boxes as plastic bag dispensers and turning plastic strawberry baskets into totally awesome homemade bubble machines! For the entire list–including links–visit Tip Nut.

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Make quick and easy paper roses!

By: Diy maven Jul 01, 2008

This paper flower by Dozi Design is super fast and easy to make. And, best of all, it's beautiful!

Supplies needed:

  • a square of 4" x 4" paper
  • a pencil
  • a scissors

Steps taken:

  • draw a spiral on the sheet of paper
  • cut out the spiral
  • starting on the OUTSIDE, roll up the spiral and keep rolling until there's no paper left

And you're done!

For more images from Dozi Design, check out her flickrContinue Reading

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Wanna Hang Out? Clotheslines YAY or NAY?

By: Lilybee Jun 30, 2008

"There's a whole generation of kids growing up today who think a clothesline is a wrestling move," 
    Dalton McGuinty, Ontario's Premier, (on lifting Ontario's clothesline ban.)

created on: 06/30/08

Clotheslines have a lot going for them, they're free, they make things smell nice, they don't use fossil fuels, you don't have to plumb or plug them in, you don't have to sit in a non-air conditioned laundry room guarding … Continue Reading

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The Night Owl Illuminated Headboard

By: Diy maven Jun 30, 2008

The Night Owl illuminated headboard was crafted by Lucky Luke Design with small spaces in mind as it eliminates the need for bedside lamps. Each side of the headboard has a dimmer independent from the other. No info on the price, which we all know is code for a lot, which leads me to it DIYable?? My vote is yes.




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