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15 Alternative Uses for Lemons

By: Diy maven Aug 20, 2008

When life gives you lemons, make....acne remover????? Apparently so. But if acne isn't a problem for you, maybe one of the other 14 alternative uses for lemons might be useful.

1. Fingernail Cleaner

2. Acne Remover

3. Guitar Cleaner

4. Sore Throat Treatment

5. Food Preservative

6. Antibacterial Soap

7. Natural Insecticide

8. Stain Remover

9. Cheese Grater Cleaner

10. Metal Shining Solution

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How to clean every surface in your house.

By: Diy maven Aug 20, 2008

Real Simple says that with just one bucket of supplies you can scrub every surface in your home squeeky clean. Their 18 handy-dandy tips include:

  1. How to Clean Butcher Block
  2. How to Clean Ceramic Tile
  3. How to Clean Cork Flooring
  4. How to Clean Glass
  5. How to Clean Granite
  6. How to Clean Hardwood Cabinets
  7. How to Clean Hardwood Flooring
  8. How to Clean Limestone
  9. How to Clean Marble
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Hobbit Homes for Sale. Cheap!

By: Diy maven Aug 20, 2008

Ron Meyers might be a bigger Tolkien fan that Peter Jackson. Mr. Meyers built his own Shire in the form of a housing development and not in New Zealand but Bend, Oregon. Only one home, complete with its own hobbit hole, has been sold in the Shire-themed neighborhood--for $650,000 and to one of the designers of the project--since the community broke ground in 2006. Now facing default, Mr. Meyers expects the bank to whom ownership hasContinue Reading

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Wee Baby Stuff

By: Bruno Aug 19, 2008

By now perhaps you've noticed the big ad in the side bar for Wee Baby Stuff (if you don't see it, try refreshing the page a couple of times). It's no secret that getting ready for a baby means researching, pricing, and buying a lot of gear. Wee Baby Stuff is a community dedicated to helping new and expecting parents figure out what to buy, and where to get it.

Alicia, Lilybee, and ModHomeEcTeacher have taken the lead, writing some greatContinue Reading

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Stair Porn

By: Diy maven Aug 19, 2008

If you thought stairs were just a way to get from one floor to another, check out Stair Porn. Fans of Curbly will see a familiar image or two amongst this extraordinary collection. Via.

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How to make magnetic bookmarks. (Free template included!)

By: Diy maven Aug 18, 2008

These fold-over bookmarks are so cute and so easy to make thanks to Martha. Just download the PDF, print out the templates onto heavyweight paper, fold as indicated, adhere magnets and you're good to go! For the complete tutorial and free template, visit Martha's website.

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How to turn egg cartons into flowery fairy lights.

By: Diy maven Aug 18, 2008

created on: 09/24/08

Who says cardboard egg cartons are only good for making fire starters? These sweet little flower 'shades' are actually constructed of the section between the cups themselves. All you need to make them are several empty cardboard egg cartons, a scissors, a paper punch (optional) and a string of LED fairy lights.


For the entire tutorial, visit Esprit Cabane (via Crafty Crafty)

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HORRIBLE Movie, GREAT Apartment

By: Lilybee Aug 17, 2008

Gotta love the in-flight movie. Or really really not. Over Her Dead Body was burned onto my retina's on a flight this summer. It really is a genuinely horrible film. But there was one good thing about it, Whatsherface's apartment had really pretty lantern-style lampshades.

created on: 08/17/08

See? Pretty. But really the only good thing about the whole film. You can find similar lanterns/lampshades right here

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How To: Make a Book Rack from a Wire Hanger.

By: Chrisjob Aug 17, 2008

Here's a clever and useful way to reuse those ineffective wire hangers that come from the dry cleaners: a repositionable book or magazine rack. Don't be alarmed, the instructions are in Portuguese, but the photos make the process clear. Or, if you speak Portuguese, don't be alarmed, because you can read the instructions.

Via Craftzine.

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The Solar Powered Handbag.

By: Chrisjob Aug 17, 2008

"This Solarjo Power Purse packs more than just good looks. Appearing at first like any designer handbag, this classy clutch is studded with enough solar cells to charge a cell phone battery in just two hours....The purse has a battery tucked away inside its lining with an attached USB cable that can be used to charge just about any device."

Designed by Joe Hynek, who also proves that men can create cool handbags. :)Continue Reading

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