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Home Plate Doormat

By: Diy maven Feb 19, 2008

Yesterday the Twins' pitchers and catchers reported for spring training. And even though we've said goodbye to Johan Santana, we're still looking forward to the new season. To make the wait a bit more bearable, we just might need this home plate doormat. If anything else, it'll make us fee safe. Get Nevermind. Available at the Lighterside for $24.98.

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How to Make A Ghost

By: Diy maven Feb 19, 2008

The supplies are minimal and the instructions are simple. First: buy yourself some chicken wire. Second: shape the chicken wire into a human figure. (I’d don a pair of work gloves for this part.)

Third: set your ghost in quiet corner somewhere outdoors and wait for Ghost Hunters to show up.

(P.S. If you're worried about your ghost getting rusty, you might want to consider spraying it with a clear coat sealant.)


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How to Foam Home

By: Diy maven Feb 19, 2008

The best thing about coffee shop coffee, if you ask me, is the foam. Here's a quick and easy way to get a little frothy goodness at home.

What you need:

  • A liquid tight container. This little fella will do nicely.




  • Some skim milk
  • An un-frothed beverage of your choice

What you do:

  1. Pour some milk into your container, and seal tightly.
  2. Shake the container vigorously. The longer you shake, the frothier your milk will get, but… Continue Reading
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How To: Handmade Hardwood Bookmark.

By: Chrisjob Feb 18, 2008

I was squaring up a block of mahogany, and I shaved off several “scrap” strips: thin, almost flexible sheets of hardwood. I couldn’t let something so interesting go to waste. “Business cards?” I thought… No, I don’t really have a business. “Name plaque for my office door?” No, I don’t really have an office. "A bookmark, perhaps?"



o Thin sheet of
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The Amazing Staircase

By: Diy maven Feb 18, 2008

London-based Levitate Architects created this remarkable staircase to solve a big book storage problem in a small space. Via.

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Nine Great Garden Gadgets.

By: Chrisjob Feb 18, 2008

So, there still may be snow on the ground, but soon enough, your plants will be going into the ground. Here's nine cool products that may come in handy for you this season.

1. Garden Cart/Lawn Buddy

2. Coil Hose

3. Hose Connectors

4. Watering Wand

5. Multipurpose Electronic Soil Tester

6. Garden Staples

7. CobraHead Weeder

8. Quick-Ties Velcro Tape

9. Compound Action Tree Pruner


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A Room With a Better View

By: Diy maven Feb 18, 2008

Finnish designer Elina Aalto of Flasko Design has created Better View window blinds that turns the most uninteresting views into something spectacular. Basically, the blinds have cut-outs that depict cityscapes. When the blinds are drawn, light from outdoors twinkles through revealing the sky lines of Helsinki or Tokyo, for example. Although the blinds don’t appear to be in mass production (they’re part of a traveling exhibitionContinue Reading

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Parade of Tree Homes

By: Diy maven Feb 18, 2008

From Weburbanist, check out these companies setting the trends in tree house construction.

Baumraum Treehouses

Free Spirit Spheres


TreeHouse Workshop

02 Sustainability Tree House

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The Bug Vacuum

By: Diy maven Feb 15, 2008

Do you feel bad when you nab a bug in a tissue, pinch together and hear that distinct crunch? Do you wave goodbye to spiders as they’re sent off spinning down the toilet vortex? If so, maybe you should just vacuum them up. Oh, sure, you could use a Dust Buster to take care of those pesky box elder bugs and silver fish, but this Bug Vacuum would be waaaaaay more fun. Using pneumatics, the little sucker doesn’t even need electricity. If… Continue Reading

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Did you wet yourself or did you sit in something?

By: Diy maven Feb 15, 2008

Even if people have never asked you that question, if you’ve accidentally sat on a wet bench, you know they’re thinking it. To avoid such embarrassing speculation and ensure a dry bottom, a cadre of designers have put their collective creativity together and come up with The Rolling Bench. It’s fitted with a handle on the side, which, when you crank, rotates the seat revealing the dry underside. Via.



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