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How to turn a plastic jug into a modern pendant lamp.

By: Diy maven Jul 29, 2008

RePlayGround was inspired by a lamp project in the January ‘07 issue of ReadyMade and came up with this eco-friendly alternative. The ReadyMade version uses paperwood whereas this clever option uses a 1-gallon plastic jug of the vinegar or windshield washer fluid variety. Other ingredients you’ll need include:

  • 2 pairs of chopsticks (leftover from take-out night)
  • fishing line
  • 8 #47 O-rings or small black rubberbands
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How to turn old socks into groovy potholders.

By: Diy maven Jul 29, 2008

Here’s a superb way to make use of leftover socks bereft of their mates: turn them into potholders! All you need is one of those old school potholder weaving looms and a bunch of lonely cotton socks cut into 1/4" thick loops. Jen at Re-nester bought her loom at a craft store, but she suggests you could make your own by nailing some brads spaced 1/4" apart into a scrap piece of wood that’s the size of an average potholder. For an… Continue Reading

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The Ethereal Rug

By: Diy maven Jul 28, 2008

The Ethereal Rug is from Top Floor Designs and it makes me swoon. Via.

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Gift: Bottle of Wine with a Handmade Bonus

By: Modhomeecteacher Jul 28, 2008

created on: 07/28/08

Is it only me, or do others feel like a mere hostess gift needs a little something extra to make it personal? I usually try to write a short, funny poem to accompany a gift that may come up a bit short.  Instructables, has a simple, quick tutorial to make a necklace out of your favorite wine cork.  I see it working like this:  You buy two bottles of wine, pop the cork on one for the necklace, have a few glasses… Continue Reading

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How to make a jewelry pegboard.

By: Diy maven Jul 28, 2008

created on: 07/28/08

I grew tired of not wearing my jewelry because I couldn’t find it in my jewelry box. A display pegboard seemed like a good alternative to the messy box.

Props you’ll need:

  • a large wooden frame (I used an 16" by 20")
  • a piece of MDF veneer or plywood to fit inside the frame. (I used a piece of 1/4" scrap pre-finished MDF maple veneer leftover from a kitchen remodel we did awhile back. But you could cover a… Continue Reading
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Turning Milk Crates Into....

By: Diy maven Jul 28, 2008

A chandelier

A bench

Tables and chairs


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Make A Laptop Messenger Bag

By: Modhomeecteacher Jul 26, 2008

created on: 07/26/08

Made from Anthropologie-looking fabric, the Laptop Messenger Bag has  a smooth chocolate brown recycled leather strap (from an Ann Taylor skirt) and a back pocket cut out of a recycled bomber jacket.  To be perfectly honest, I did take the outside pocket right off of my original Placemat Hack: Flaptop Laptop Cover.  This handy messenger version is easy to carry, quilted on the inside and has the added details of… Continue Reading

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How-to: Wrap Gifts with Fabric

By: Modhomeecteacher Jul 25, 2008

created on: 07/25/08

Years ago I used some cute upholstery fabric to wrap a baby shower gift, it only seemed natural.  I tied it and made a bow out of real ball fringe or something darling.  As I remember, it was very difficult to figure out a way to make the wrapping say put.  Happily, the wrapping got more applause than the gift (justifiably, if I do say so myself).

The Ministry of Environment-Government of Japan has a… Continue Reading

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The Loopy Lu

By: Diy maven Jul 25, 2008

Lothair Hamann’s Loopy Lu pendant light reminds me of those plastic 6-pack can rings. Only pretty. And less of a threat to marine life. Described as ‘a vibrant character designed to give colour and light to your living space,’ the Loopy Lu is available through Hidden Art Shop for £39.50 or about 79 bucks.

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Curbly Video Podcast: How to Make a Zen Garden on a Budget

By: Diy maven Jul 25, 2008

created on: 07/25/08

My sister Barbara was shopping for a zen rake, and it occurred to her that I should make a zen garden for Curbly. Well, here it is...a zen garden on a budget. (Thanks for the idea, sis!)

Stuff you’ll need:

A thick-ish picture frame; 8" x 10" works well. (I found the perfect specimen at the thrift store for $2.80. Sweet.)

A glue gun and glue sticks

Beach sand (Since I don’t live in an area notorious for its lovely beach sand, I had… Continue Reading

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