DIY Yourself a Typographical Tote

by Mod Home Ec Teacher

created at: 2009/11/30

Don't get me wrong, I'm not one for ripping off someone else's great idea for personal gain.  However, taking the essence of this typographically delightful tote and making a unique bag for your own green trips to the market might not ruffle the ethics committee.  The Little Factory sells a limited selection of typographical paraphernalia for your writing, blogging, reading and digit doting friends.

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How To: Build a Stowable Upholstery Workbench

by Mod Home Ec Teacher

created at: 2009/11/25

How are you all ever going to get that chair reupholstered without a proper upholstery height workbench?  The right tools are a must. You see, upholstering on the floor is no good. You get up and down and have to flip and lift furniture to get all around it. A normal table height is no good either, a chair is way too high up to get the leverage you need.  Now there's an answer. Just follow my simple instructions and photos of the Mr. making...

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Alexander Girard Nativity Set.

by Chris Gardner


The new Curbly "Make It! Mid-Century Modern" publication features a fun how-to to create Alexander Girard-inspired wooden characters. Since it's the holidays, go grab a copy, and then apply the technique to something a little more seasonal, like this Nativity Set by Girard. "It's a new design based on a Girard illustration that hangs in his son’s house and in homage to man who apparently amassed a huge collection of nativities in his later years...The set has 13  solid maple (and non-toxic) pieces, ranging from 1-inch to 7.75-inch tall, along with an 11.75-inch stable and a special reusable storage box."

I know what I'm doing this four-day weekend.

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Fantastic Faux-Floor Illusions.

by Chris Gardner

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  Nlb2Iavxqvs Rlmphyc4Xoi Aaaaaaaaa9Q 7O1Fixjz60G S1600 The+Painted+Bathroom+Floor+Illusion





In his later years, my grandfather took to intricate wood carving and burning, and he used one of these magnifying headband visor to see all the details. The siblings and cousins and I would sneak into the workspace and put it on, and then look down at the floor with our skewed depth perception through and below the lenses, making a seemingly ten-foot vertical drop off, into which we would fearfully step...

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Make It! Mid-Century Modern Giveaway #2

by DIY Maven

Update: Contest is now closed. Stay tuned for contest winner announcement, and a new contest starting this week!

The release of "Make It! Mid-Century Modern" (a mid-century-modern how-to manual), is fast approaching! And here at Curbly, we continue to celebrate its imminent arrival with another fantastic giveaway. This time the prize is everything you need to make Chris’s Atomic Ball Clock and a free download of “Make It! Mid-Century Modern”.

CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE ABOUT "Make It! Mid-Century Modern"

created at: 2009/11/23
Chris pays homage to George Nelson with this contribution to “Make It! Mid-Century Modern”, which is just one of twelve MCM how-to projects you’ll find within its pages.

To win the materials needed to make an Atomic Ball Clock and a copy of “Make It! Mid-Century Modern”:

- Leave a comment below saying where and how you would use the clock.

- INCREASE YOUR CHANCES OF WINNING by including in your comments a link to a tweet or blog post you make telling people about this contest (must link to this page).

Sunday at midnight (CT) — that’s November 29th, 2009 — we’ll gather all the entries, including those in the comments here AND those on your blogs and in your tweets and pick a winner. So go forth and comment, blog and tweet, tweet, TWEET! And, once again, GOOD LUCK!!!!!

Update: Contest is now closed. Stay tuned for contest winner announcement, and a new contest starting this week!

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Master Precision Tie Dyed Class

by Createcass

created at: 2009/11/24
created at: 2009/11/24
created at: 2009/11/24

Hosted by Shani Sheryl Asantewaa Strothers

created at: 2009/11/24

Saturday December 5th and Sunday December 6th

11am - 1pm

Bese Saka

351 Bala Ave

Bala Cynwyd, PA

Fee: $100


Class 1a Saturday We will focus upon:
the various permutations of lines and circles. which are the basis of a whole school of tie-dye thought.
How to execute the precision repeat.
We will use a...

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