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Light-Emitting Wallpaper.

By: Chrisjob Apr 12, 2008 illuminates this light-emitting wallpaper by Jonas Samson. Though the technology hasn't quite been revealed,"this Light-Emitting Wallpaper harkens back to recent products exploring digital paper by Miquel Mora, part of the Flat Futures project– developed by the Royal College of Art Design Interactions Department– showcased at the MoMA’s ‘Design and the Elastic Mind’ exhibition. By using developments… Continue Reading

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How to Make an Herbal Dream Pillow.

By: Chrisjob Apr 12, 2008

Abi from CraftyCrafty muses, "Dream pillows were used in olden days for fairytale maidens to rest their heads on as they slept. Nowadays, they're just great for anyone with the sort of full-on, stressful lifestyle that leads to insomnia. Using the fabric of your choice...cut two equal sized sheets depending on the shape you want your pillow to take, stitch along three sides of the material, then turn it right the… Continue Reading

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35 Free Patterns for Reusable Grocery Bags

By: Chrisjob Apr 12, 2008

created at: 03/27/2013
The reusable grocery bag is no stranger to Curbly, but we've never featured this many options. Featuring sew-able options, some for knitters, and plenty you can crochet,  will getcha away from those disposable plastic monsters in no time.

Sewing Grocery Bags & Totes

  1. Fabric Grocery Sacks: Replicas of plastic grocery sacks made from vintage sheets and pillowcases (any fabric will do!). These also make… Continue Reading
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Sweet Dreams or Nightmares??

By: Diy maven Apr 11, 2008

Apartment Therapy culled photos, all of which share a ‘natural woodland theme’,  from the Korean decor website, CASA Korea Interior. They picked this shot as one of their favorites. For the entire woodsy portfolio, visit Apartment Therapy.

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Hack a Lack Headboard

By: Diy maven Apr 11, 2008

Michael used a couple Ikea Lack shelving units to hack together this very pleasing headboard.

Michael says, “I bought one lack shelving unit full price from Ikea, and found the other for cheap in the returns/damaged department. One unit turned out to be slightly darker than the other one. In order to frame the bed, I made measurements, and had plywood cut to make up for the difference in length of shelf unit versus bed. I chose a stain… Continue Reading

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Garbage Architecture

By: Diy maven Apr 11, 2008

Jan Forbes makes some very interesting objects out of garbage. According to the designer’s website, the projects are inspired by looking at waste materials in a different way. The portfolio is especially inspiring. Via materialicio.

This bench/sofa is made out of cardboard tubes.

A tire-chair that actually looks comfortable and incredibly durable!

And for something a bit meatier, these stairs were constructed out of recovered floor… Continue Reading

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The Flybrary Bookshelf

By: Diy maven Apr 10, 2008

Designer Satina Turner has created a unique shelf to hold your hardcovers. Canadian House & Home took it one step further and added a tray, an alarm clock and a petite vase of flowers to make a lovely and interesting bedside table. The Flybrary Shelf is available through for a rather reasonable $26.50. Via Poppy Talk.

Photo courtesy of Canadian House & Home

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15 Gravity Defying Homes

By: Diy maven Apr 10, 2008

Point Click Home has assembled 15 of the most extraordinary homes ever constructed, all of which defy gravity. Here’s some highlights, but for the entire portfolio, visit

Floating Castle, Ukraine (photo credit:

Cactus House, Rotterdam, Netherlands (photo credit ucxarchitects)

Cube House, Rotterdam, Netherlands (photo courtesy of

Wozoxo Apartments,… Continue Reading

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Make a trivet and coasters out of wine corks.

By: Diy maven Apr 10, 2008

Cute and simple to make, these coasters and trivet are a great way to re-purpose wine corks. All you need is about 5 or 6  natural corks, needle and thread, a utility knife, hammer, wire brad or nail and Modge Podge. Instructions are easy to follow as well. Go here for the entire tutorial. Via DIY Life.


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Curbly Video Podcast: How to Make a Handbag out of a Recycled Book

By: Chrisjob Apr 10, 2008

created at: 03/29/2013

I have a penchant for purchasing stuff that’s cool, but for which I don’t have specific plans or use. Case in point: I have piles of pulp and sci-fi novels from the 40s-60s. The art and colors are amazing, and the language provides for ridiculous quotes for ages. But after I slice out the illustrations, and force my way through the first and last chapters so I can say I ‘read’ them, these dimestore masterpieces don’t escape from their cardboard homes often.… Continue Reading

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