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Easy Pop-up Flower Card

By: Diy maven Feb 02, 2009

created on: 02/02/09

Is a gigantic box of Godiva chocolates and a dozen roses not in the budget this Valentine’s Day? Then how about making this very easy, one-piece-of-paper pop-up flower card for your sweetie?


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A warning to all GPS owners.

By: Diy maven Feb 02, 2009

created on: 02/02/09

Recently, a friend of a friend had his car broken into. The thieves stole his GPS and garage door opener. Before the guy could get home to change his garage door opener code, the thieves had found ‘home’ on the GPS, opened the garage and cleaned the guy out. So, if you absolutely need to have ‘home’ as one of your waypoints, perhaps a code name for it might be in order. You might want to skip that little house icon too.

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Sayonara Domino Magazine

By: Lilybee Feb 01, 2009

Domino Magazine is the latest casualty of the crazy economy (and arguably the rise of Internet journalism). March's issue will be the last on newsstands and WORSE they'll be turning the lights out on their awesome and always inspiring website. I'll be heading over to the 'site to peruse and grab inspiration before it's gone. If you need a quick reminder of what was so awesome about Domino how 'bout:

$1 design finds...

created on: 02/01/09

Before and After living roomsContinue Reading

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The Ikea StyleMeter.

By: Chrisjob Jan 31, 2009

The fabulous flatpackers at Ikea are here to help you. With nine 'choose your fave' categories, they're offering to declare your design taste with the least in the three 'styles' they claim to provide. Apparently, I'm 80% Scandanavian, 20% Modern, and not a darn bit country. So, limited, yes, but fun, none the less. I wonder how "Stylemeter" translates from Swedish...

created on: 01/31/09


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Free, Downloadable (and Adorable) To-do and Grocery Lists.

By: Chrisjob Jan 31, 2009

Kodak designer and blogger Jenny C. designed these excellent AND FREE downloadable list stationaries: one adorable in animals and vegetables, and one mod with dots. Get 'em from Kodak here.

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2 Ways to Make a Doormat Cooler

By: Lilybee Jan 30, 2009

created on: 01/30/09

Doormats, they're the first thing most folks will see as they step into your house, and in the winter they are the front line between horrid mud-melty-snowy boots and the rest of your place. So why aren't they more awesome? Well they CAN be.... Martha has not one but TWO techniques to give a bog-standard mat a little va-va-voom (sure they're relatively similar, but still...)

First a technique for adding a door number or lettering,Continue Reading

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Badge Pin Self Portrait

By: Diy maven Jan 30, 2009

Artist Egor Bashakov used 1" diameter, black and white badge (or button) pins to create a self portrait. Seeing it the work in its entirety from a distance provokes one reaction; when viewed close-up, so the observer can read the individual buttons, it provokes another and another and another.... Very cool. Continue Reading

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Recycled Kitchenware Lighting

By: Diy maven Jan 30, 2009

Paris-based designer Gilles Eichenbaum, aka 'Garbage', transforms antique kitchen items into some gorgeous lighting fixtures.

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Make Homemade Conversational Heart Cookies

By: Diy maven Jan 30, 2009

Most people find conversational hearts charming, but that chalky texture? Yeah, not so much. If you make these cookies, you can keep the conversation going while still enjoying a charming and sweet Valentine treat. It all starts with your favorite shortbread recipe. If you don’t have one, check this, this or this.Continue Reading

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11 DIY Lighting Hacks for Digital Photographers

By: Diy maven Jan 29, 2009

Digital Lighting School put together a list of 11 different lighting hacks that just might turn you into an okay photographer into a good or even great one. In case you missed them, they are:

  • A Multi-Super-SB-Ring Light, made out of six speedlight flashes and a coffee can.
  • Next, a Poor Man's Ring Flash, fashioned out of a used plastic milk jug.
  • Or how about an inexpensive light tent?
  • And the can't-get-much-simpler PartyContinue Reading
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