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Growing a Crystal Chair

By: Diy maven Oct 13, 2008

Her name is Venus. She is a chair. Her creator, Tokuji Yoshioka, submerges her 'polyester elastomer skeleton' into an aquarium and gradually grows her natural crystalline epidermis fit for the goddess she is. Glorious. Via.



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'Wood' Lampshade Inspired by David Trubridge

By: Lilybee Oct 12, 2008

David Trubridge's Coral lampshade has been around for a while. I saw it first in Elle Canada and it's been popping up everywhere (it's in this month's Domino, where they have labeled it incorrectly as being a Arne Jacobson piece). While it barely registered at first I am now completely consumed by it... wake-up-at-four-in-the-morning-thinking-about-it style consumed. The trouble is that I don't have $500 to spend onContinue Reading

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Noguchi Style Table, With Books!

By: Lilybee Oct 11, 2008

I spotted this Coffee Table at an open house this afternoon.created on: 10/11/08

It has that Noguchi Table vibe but would cost considerably less than $1,299. I like the quirky humour that uses coffee table books as, well, coffee table books.

The staging company who did the house just stacked up books that the homeowner already had then jammed the tempered glass on top. I'm not completely convinced by the dead cow rug (I like my dead cowContinue Reading

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Get The Sticky Stuff Off A Mason Jar

By: Lilybee Oct 10, 2008

Sure it sounds simple, but I've just spent HOURS picking and peeling and breaking my nails. Does anybody have a fool-proof, no-picking-required method for getting the paper residue and sticky goo off of jars? I know that I could just buy empty ones but I have A BUNCH hanging around and I need to unpeel them to use for the flower arrangements at Ted's Naming Ceremony. Help me Curbly-Wan you're my nail's only hope!

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How To: Water Balloon Lumaries.

By: Chrisjob Oct 10, 2008

Here's a simple how-to for making elegant lumaries or tea-light holders from paraffin wax. Simply melt the wax in a double boiler, fill the balloons, coat the outside, pop the ballon, and light 'em up. I wonder if this would work with animal balloons...hmm.


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How To: Maintain Your Microwave.

By: Chrisjob Oct 10, 2008

From reheating last night's leftovers to making traditional prep faster to creating your own microwave popcorn, the microwave has become an essential piece of contemporary kitchen kit. So maintain your investment by keeping everything clean and functioning with this collection of tips.

  • Interior cleaning
  • Exterior cleaning
  • Safety
  • Making it last



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Flat Pack, 1830's Style

By: Lilybee Oct 10, 2008

Got to love the Shakers, what with the clean-lined furniture and the glossolalia. has some seriously lovely stuff, lots of which is reproduced from patterns used by an original family workshop. The really cool part is that you can buy an unfinished kit for considerably less than the finished piece and put it together and then stain or paint it yourself.

There are a huge variety of different stain andContinue Reading

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Free Printable Ornament Thingys

By: Lilybee Oct 09, 2008

Designing invitations for my baby's Naming Ceremony has had me thinking about fonts, clip art and ornaments obsesively, 24/7, for three days! Briar Press has tons of lovely things of that ilk to download for FREE. Like these little fellow's:

created on: 10/09/08

and these two rather dashing chaps:

created on: 10/09/08

Via How About Orange (Ms. Jones always finds the nicest stuff!)

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Ribbon Up Your Bathroom

By: Lilybee Oct 08, 2008

Realsimple has a cute way to use up the squillion meters of ribbon that you might happen to have tucked away. (Compulsive ribbon buyer? Moi?)

created on: 10/08/08

Whip your old shower curtain hooks off and replace them with lengths of ribbon, tie them off and snip the ends at an angle. Practical? Maybe, maybe not, but it's cheap, has big impact and it's super easy to change when you get bored.

A spot of the same ribbon sewn onto the bottom of a fewContinue Reading

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Like Cribs, But Classy!

By: Lilybee Oct 08, 2008

Architectural Digest has a Hollywood special in it's November issue. The print edition is jam-packed with drool worthy interiors including Matthew McConaughey's revamped Airstream but over at the website they have slideshows of homes owned By Howard Hughes, John Wayne, Woody Allen, Dennis Quaid and uh, Ryan Seacrest (bless 'im!)

I particularly like this shot of John Wayne's Sitting room, check out the lovely informal grouping ofContinue Reading

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