How to: DIY Faux Mercury Glass Vases

Hello Lidy


DIY Faux Mercury Glass Vases | Hello Lidy for Curbly

This winter, I'm sticking to my two neutrals: black and white. But, I want touches of glitter and natural elements added to the mix! As much as I love to go out and shop for new holiday decor, it's always nice to come up with ways to create those pieces in the comfort of your own home. 

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Make It: Printable "To Go" Pie Boxes

Stephanie Lee
Printable pie boxes

With Thanksgiving around the corner and Christmas not far behind, I thought it'd be a good time to start thinking about all those desserts that will be leftover in the wake of the festivities. Because at this time of year there always seems to be too much food, despite my best efforts to eat everything in sight! 

These pie boxes are perfect for handing out the extra pieces after the party's over; and best of all, they're so easy to make that you could put them together while the turkey's roasting. Click through for the full tutorial...  

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Eye Candy: 10 Modern Yet Cozy Cabins That Will Make You Want To Escape To The Woods

Jennifer Farley
Source: Decoist via Webber Studio; On Site Management

I don't know about you, but the holidays bring out my desire to snuggle up and just be with my family. Maybe it is because of the busy nature of the season, but I long to cozy up with my hot cocoa and escape. Here are 10 modern rustic cabins that make you want to live life in the woods...for good.      

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Before and After: A Dresser's Resurrection

Diy Maven
Photo: Saw Nail and Paint

This makeover comes with a lesson: No matter how bad a piece of wood furniture looks, it can be resurrected. Sure, it might take some repairing, replacing, and stripping, but it can be done. Most people might have balked, thinking the dresser was a hopeless cause as the finish was peeling, the wood was chipped, and parts were missing altogether

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