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How To: These DIY Tropical Leaf Coasters Are Simple and Stunning

by Jessica Gregg

tropical leaf coasters and a cup of coffee with a yellow background

My family and I just returned from a sunny, beach trip to Florida. My kids packed an abundance of shells to bring a piece of the beach home with us, but the tropical plants and trees I longed to bring home were too big and deeply rooted to pack in my suitcase. Plus, the dry, cooler climate of Colorado (combined with my lack of growing skills) would have doomed the plants upon their arrival.

So naturally I went to the next best thing for tropical vibes in my home - DIY tropical leaf coasters. Now, I can enjoy my cup of coffee in the morning, or a cocktail in the evening with a touch of the tropics on my table.

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Gift Guide: 10 Beautiful Last Minute DIY Gifts for Mom

by Stephanie Lee
10 Beautiful Last Minute DIY Gifts for Mom
Photo: eHow

Still stuck on what to get your mom for Mother's Day? Not to worry, I've got a whole swag of beautiful gifts that you can handmake in the space of a day (most in under an hour) that'll leave your mom feeling super spoiled. In fact these projects are so lovely she probably won't even realise they're DIY! Get ready for some fun Saturday crafting in preparation for Sunday's festivities...

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Round Up: 24 of the Best Low Maintenance Plants for Your Garden

by DIY Maven

low maintenance garden plants


For me and just about every gardener I know, low maintenance garden plants are first and foremost perennials. Plant them once and reap their benefits for years to come. (Equally important for me are plants that are deer/pest resistant. Check this post out to see what I mean.) Therefore, when I began putting together this roundup, perennials were the focus. 

Other than the perennial requirement, I decided to break the list into

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