Inspiration: Amazing Melt Bead Art

by DIY Maven
melt bead art feature image
Melt beads to the right; future melt bead masterpiece to the left.


I've always had a soft spot in my heart for melt beads, often known by brand names Perler, Hama, Fuse, Melty, Nabbi & Pyssla beads. But after seeing a darling greeting card made with melt beads, that soft spot turned into a bit of an obsession. Their inherent pixilated, cartoon-y effect would be perfect for kiddos' birthdays and baby shower cards, right?? Since realizing this, I've been binging on Pinterest ever since. In addition

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How To: Transform Christmas Garlands and Make Them Look More Expensive

by Jennifer Farley

How to make inexpensive Christmas garland look expensive

I love Christmas garlands; I drape them on doorways, my fireplace, and even my staircase banister. A few years ago, I decided to buy all fresh evergreen garlands, and I worked hard to drape them everywhere, following all the instructions to make sure they'd last. But two weeks later ... my garlands were dead and done.

The heater vents and the heat from our fireplace fires killed that greenery dead. Everyone told I should have waited until two weeks before Christmas before hanging real greenery, but I want my home to be decorated all Christmas season! I needed something a little more permanent, and the custom "fake" options where not cheap, ranging from $80-$300. So my solution was to take an inexpensive garland and make it look full, expensive, and as "real" as fake could possibly look.   

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The One Crazy Thing My Wife Did That Makes Me Want to Get Into Risky Business

by Bruno Bornsztein

Niche Boutique - Minnesota fashion and lifestyle pop up shop

Don't worry, this post is rated G (sorry if you were hoping otherwise). But although there's nothing racy that follows, there is a pretty inspiring story. As I mentioned last week, one of my big goals for the coming year is to push myself to do things that feel completely, totally crazy and out of my comfort zone. 

This is not my natural tendency, at all. I always like to say I'm a small thinker, and maintainer, a...

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This Simple DIY Advent Gift Calendar Is Perfect for Adults

by Alicia Lacy

Adult ADvent Calendar DIY project idea - materials

I'm going to use this platform to declare this: advent calendars are kinda the best. They capture all the excitement building in the hearts and minds of children and they temper it by delivering it in small doses the 24 days leading up to Christmas. Growing up, the method my parents employed was a drug store calendar filled with tiny poor-quality milk chocolates that my brother and I retrieved by poking our fingers through a small...

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